Build a Personal Website that Humanizes Doctors

updated on 02 December 2023

Introduction: In today's digital age, a personal website can be an invaluable tool for doctors to build connections and trust with patients. By thoughtfully highlighting your personality, approach, and values on your website, you can create meaningful relationships that go beyond the exam room. In this post, we'll explore tips to design an engaging doctor's website that showcases the human side of your practice.

Introducing Yourself Online as a Doctor

Your website bio and profile are key sections that allow you to present yourself as both an experienced medical professional and approachable human being. Consider including the following elements:

  • Highlight your specialties and credentials to quickly establish your expertise and qualifications. List your medical degree, board certifications, hospital privileges, etc.

  • Share your philosophy of care to give visitors insight into your values and how you partner with patients. Briefly explain your approach and priorities.

  • Include a professional headshot to put a face to your name. A friendly, genuine smile helps patients feel at ease.

  • List your office locations and hours to provide practical information about accessibility. Highlight options for in-person and telehealth appointments.

  • Provide an overview of your journey into medicine to humanize your story. How did you decide to become a doctor? What do you find most rewarding? Adding personal details fosters connection.

Crafting Your Biography

When writing your doctor bio, aim for concise yet impactful details that reveal who you are. Recommendations include:

  • Keep it reasonably brief but include key background like your medical training and passions outside work.

  • Mention your medical school and residency to establish your education credentials and areas of immersion.

  • Discuss personal interests and passions to showcase your personality. Share hobbies, volunteer work or what motivates you.

  • Note any awards or leadership roles that demonstrate your capabilities and achievements in medicine.

  • Consider sharing what draws you to medicine to provide insight into your motivations. Briefly explain your inspiration.

Choosing Profile Photos

When selecting doctor profile photos, opt for natural, approachable images that humanize you. Ideas include:

  • High-quality headshots that feel friendly rather than stiff or overly formal. Smile genuinely.

  • Avoid corporate-style portraits that seem impersonal. Go for sincerity over perfection.

  • Images of you at work to showcase your role. Connect through your facial expressions and body language.

  • Professional attire to inspire confidence while still showing your warmth. Consider scrubs, white coat, or business casual dress.

  • Warm smiles and relaxed posture to convey your sincerity, compassion, and approachability. Make eye contact with the camera.

Sharing Your Approach to Medicine

Giving patients a window into your medical philosophy and approach helps align expectations and forges connections. On your website, consider explaining:

  • Your philosophy of patient care and core values that shape your practice

  • How you partner with patients to develop personalized care plans

  • Any specialties you have and how they influence your diagnostic and treatment methodology

  • Unique expertise, skills or interests that enable you to provide distinctive care

  • What drew you to medicine and your specialty to provide insight into your motivations

Providing Logistical Information

Beyond introducing yourself, ensure your website makes your practice accessible to prospective patients by listing:

  • Office locations, addresses, and maps to convey proximity and directions

  • Hours of operation for in-person and virtual appointments, after hours, weekends etc.

  • Phone numbers, email addresses, and online scheduling/patient portal links

  • Insurances accepted to display the breadth of your coverage options

  • Languages spoken by you or your staff for non-English speakers

Designing with the User Experience in Mind

Optimize your website's design for easy access across devices and for those requiring accommodations:

  • Mobile-friendly responsive design for on-the-go convenience

  • Clear navigation and ample white space for skimmability

  • Accessibility features like image captions for screen readers

  • Legible font sizes and color contrast for readability

  • Optimized page speed for quick loading

Crafting Website Content That Resonates

Your website content should balance medical expertise with relatable details that connect you to patients. Key sections to focus on include:

About Me

Use your About Me page to share what drives you as a doctor, including:

  • Your path into medicine - how did you decide this was your calling?

  • Personal background and interests that make you distinctive

  • Your core values and priorities in caring for patients

  • Special expertise or skills that set you apart

  • Credentials that convey your extensive medical experience


Succinctly communicate what you offer patients:

  • Medical conditions treated, including common symptoms and diagnoses

  • Overview of key procedures and treatments you perform and provide

  • An explanation of what sets your services apart - your approach, subspecialties, technologies used, etc.

  • What the care experience will be like from initial appointment through follow-ups

Patient Testimonials

Spotlight patient perspectives to humanize your care.

  • Uplifting quotes about specific aspects of your care, expertise, and personality

  • Photos, videos or audio clips of patients describing their experience

  • Links to review sites like Healthgrades where prospective patients can read more feedback


Share your medical knowledge and demonstrate your values by covering topics like:

  • Conditions you treat - educational articles about symptoms, diagnoses, treatments

  • Living well with chronic illness - tips for patients to thrive

  • New advances in your field - spotlight innovations you're excited about

  • Preparing for appointments - how to get the most out of visits

  • Your medical philosophy - convey your compassion and priorities in your own words


Guide patients to take their next steps through clear calls-to-action:

  • Online appointment scheduling and patient portal links

  • Request an appointment by phone

  • Sign up for email newsletters

  • Download helpful resources like screening guidelines

  • Follow your social media channels

Building a personalized doctor website with Unicorn Platform allows you to easily showcase your approach, expertise, and values to patients in an engaging way. With pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop customization tailored for healthcare providers, you can create a site that fosters meaningful connections beyond the exam room.

In summary, your doctor website represents a valuable opportunity to form meaningful connections with patients by showcasing your compassion, expertise, and commitment to care. By infusing your content with personal touches, you can establish lasting patient relationships that extend well beyond the walls of your practice.

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