Unicorn Platform was acquired

published on 28 August 2023

What happened?

The Unicorn Platform team joined MarsX on its mission to build the next-generation software building tool.

What will happen to my websites?

All websites will continue operating as usual.

We will continue providing the same support, regularly ship new product updates, and fix bugs. We do not plan to change anything in the way Unicorn Platform serves you. Instead, with the help of Mars, Unicorn Platform will become more powerful, more flexible, more far-thinking and more sustainable.

What about my LTD plan?

The LTD users will not be affected. You will be able to use Unicorn Platform according to your unique plan’s terms.

What has changed inside the Unicorn Platform company?

We got big positive changes. The Unicorn Platform development team has been empowered by 3 technicians from the MarsX team. We are now able to ship more features and updates faster. Also, we can now improve the stability of the servers which became one of our disadvantages over the last year.

What about the founder?

Alexander Isora, the founder, will continue working as the CEO of Unicorn Platform. There is no time boundary, so I will not quit in X years like it traditionally happens after a startup is acquired.

I’m now less focused on the coding process and more on the product vision. My job is now picking new features according to the product vision and your feedback. I will also spend more time on making Unicorn Platform and Mars more adopted by startup founders.

We have a product plan for the next 3 years. The largest update which we are working on right now is white labeling.

Will we use the Unicorn Platform audience to promote Mars?

Well, yes 🙂 I want you to use Mars because I believe using Mars is the best way for anyone to make a web or mobile app. That does not mean we will start flooding your inbox with emails. We will probably mention Mars in our regular monthly newsletters and put its logo somewhere on our website. But I will not abuse your trust and ruin the relationships I value so much.

Besides, Mars is free. So it does not feel like selling.

What is MarsX?

Unicorn Platform solves the landing page problem. It allows for making a nice page in a matter of minutes. We made it easy to use.

My bigger vision was always to bring this experience to other niches too. Besides the landing page, you also have a helpdesk, live chat, email newsletter, FAQ builder, pitch deck, CRM etc.

But making such an ecosystem is just too hard. It is just impossible with the existing software-building approaches. The plan I had even in the most optimistic scenarios would take decades and millions of dollars. And a lot of motivation which is a limited resource as well.

Mars makes it possible.

Mars changes the way of thinking about what SaaS is. About who owns it and who builds it. Mars allows using the power of a network to create new things. A solo player or a team would be always weaker, slower, and, most important, less creative than a network of people.

John Rush, the founder of Mars, found an elegant way to engage strangers who like what you do and participate in your project. Imagine you have instant access to hundreds of creative skilled professionals who contribute to your company and you all will win.

The funniest thing is that the concept already works. Since 2018, Mars has got hundreds of members in the network and has proven that the effect of the network works amazingly. What if this number grows x1,000 times? 🤔

The interconnectivity of brains is not the only thing that makes Mars revolutionary. My current job besides Unicorn Platform is to explain to the world the Mars potential and make it adopted globally.

Will the current Unicorn Platform stack be replaced with Mars?

Yes, definitely. It will allow us to evolve Unicorn Platform in a far more efficient way.

Although, switching to Mars is a long-term plan. Currently, we are working on the current version of Unicorn Platform on a full-time basis.

Where can I learn more?

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