Unlock the Power of AI to Create Landing Pages in 2023

updated on 15 May 2024

You're tired of spending hours designing landing pages and want an easier way to launch marketing campaigns, right? What if you could create custom landing pages in just minutes without needing to know how to code? Well, now you can. Unicorn Platform's AI-powered landing page builder lets you build landing pages faster than ever before in 2023. Their intelligent assistant uses artificial intelligence to do all the heavy lifting for you. Just tell it what you want, and it'll generate a high-converting landing page tailored to your needs. Launch marketing campaigns on the fly and watch your conversions skyrocket. The future is here - it's time to unlock the power of AI and see what it can do for your business. Creating landing pages has never been easier.

AI Has Come to Landing Pages

AI has come to landing pages, and it’s about to change the game for marketers in 2023. With the Unicorn Platform AI landing page builder, you can now create custom landing pages in minutes without code. Our intelligent assistant will help you:

  • Choose from professionally designed templates to get started. Then customize the layout, images, text and more to match your brand.
  • Generate content recommendations based on your industry and campaign goals. Just select what you want to include and our AI will instantly populate your page with copy that converts.
  • Optimize your page for the best performance. Our AI evaluates elements like headlines, images, calls-to-action and page speed to ensure maximum impact.
  • Continuously improve your landing page. Our AI tracks how visitors interact with your page and provides suggestions to increase engagement and conversion rates over time.

In 2023, AI-powered tools will be essential for marketers to keep up with the pace of business. The Unicorn Platform makes cutting-edge AI accessible for companies of all sizes. We handle the complexity so you can focus on what really matters: connecting with your customers. If you want to learn more about how to create high-converting AI landing pages in 2023, check out Unicorn Platform's article on Create a High-Converting AI Landing Page in 2023 With Ease. With an AI landing page builder this advanced yet easy to use, there’s no limit to the campaigns you can create and the leads you can generate this year. The future of marketing is AI, and the future is here—are you ready to unlock its power?

How Unicorn Platform Uses AI to Build Landing Pages

Unicorn Platform uses artificial intelligence to build custom landing pages in minutes. Our AI assistant generates content, optimizes copy, and handles the design details so you can launch marketing campaigns faster.

  • AI-Generated Content: Tell our AI what your landing page is about and it will generate draft content including headings, paragraphs of text, bullet points, and call-to-action buttons. You can then easily edit the content to your liking.
  • Grammar Correction and Optimization: Our AI reviews the content and makes suggestions to improve readability, correct grammar and spelling errors, and optimize wording for higher conversion rates. Accept or reject the suggestions with a single click.
  • Stunning Page Designs: Choose from dozens of mobile-responsive page designs that match your brand. Our AI will populate the content and optimize the layout. You can also fully customize the design by rearranging sections, changing colors, adding images or video, and more.
  • Forms and CTAs Made Easy: Easily add email signup forms, contact forms or other calls-to-action to your landing page. Our AI will generate the necessary HTML code to embed the forms and you can connect them to your CRM or email service.
  • Instant Translation: Want to reach an international audience? Our AI can instantly translate your entire landing page into over 100 languages. The translated content is optimized for regional audiences to drive higher conversion rates.

With Unicorn Platform, creating high-converting landing pages is faster and easier than ever. Our artificial intelligence handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on your marketing strategy and connecting with customers. Launch your next campaign in minutes with our AI landing page builder.

Build custom landing pages in minutes without code using the Unicorn Platform AI landing page builder. Launch marketing campaigns faster in 2023 with artificial intelligence.
Build custom landing pages in minutes without code using the Unicorn Platform AI landing page builder. Launch marketing campaigns faster in 2023 with artificial intelligence.

Why Should Users Use the Unicorn Platform AI?

AI-Powered Efficiency

The Unicorn Platform AI allows you to build custom landing pages in a fraction of the time. With just a few clicks, the artificial intelligence can adjust forms, customize pricing, translate content, and suggest dynamic blocks to enhance your page.

One-Click Form Adjustment

  • Need to add or remove a field from your contact form? Just tell the AI what you want, like "Add the name field" or "Delete the phone number field," and it will automatically update your form.

Pricing Customization

  • Easily adjust your pricing models, change prices, switch currencies, or add/delete options from your packages. A few prompts like "Increase all prices by 10%" or "Add a monthly subscription option" are all it takes for the AI to make the necessary changes.

Dynamic and Personalized Landing Pages

  • The AI provides relevant block suggestions, emojis, images, and more to make your landing page pop. Tell it you want to "Add an emoji" or "Insert a countdown timer," and the AI will suggest options tailored to your page content and style.

Translation for a Global Audience

  • Want to reach customers around the world? The Unicorn AI can translate your entire landing page into any of 14 languages with just one click. Now it's easy to connect with more potential clients and customers internationally.

The Unicorn Platform AI is the key to fast, efficient landing page creation. This intelligent assistant helps you build stunning, high-converting landing pages in a fraction of the time so you can focus on growing your business. Launch your next marketing campaign in minutes instead of days using the power of artificial intelligence.

Customize Your Landing Page With AI Generated Content

AI-Generated Content

The Unicorn Platform AI landing page builder allows you to generate custom content for your landing pages with just a few clicks. Simply enter a few keywords or a short prompt about what you want to convey on your landing page and our AI will generate a draft for you.

  • Headlines: Generate engaging headlines to capture visitors’ attention. Choose from different styles like question headlines, numbered lists, or bold statements.
  • Body copy: Produce persuasive paragraphs explaining the benefits and features of your product or service. The AI will analyze your prompt and keywords to determine an appropriate tone, style, and messaging based on your target audience and goals.
  • Testimonials: Create social proof for your landing page by generating fake testimonials. Select attributes like gender, location, age, and profession to make the testimonials appear authentic. Our AI is trained on thousands of real testimonials to mimic natural language.
  • Images: Choose from our library of stock photos or upload your own images. The AI will automatically add alt text, captions, and image descriptions to enhance your landing page for search engines and accessibility.

The possibilities are endless with AI-powered content creation. You can generate an entire landing page of copy within minutes and then easily customize the results to your liking. Make changes to the wording, re-order or re-format sections, or swap out images as needed. Our AI learns from every interaction to improve its content over time based on your preferences and edits.

In 2023, AI will allow marketers and business owners to create landing pages faster than ever before. With Unicorn Platform's free AI website builder, you'll have a personalized AI assistant ready to help at any time. Launch your next marketing campaign in minutes instead of days using the power of artificial intelligence. The future is here - are you ready to unlock its potential?

If you want to learn more about how to build AI landing pages in 2023 without any coding, check out Build AI Landing Page in 2023 With Unicorn Platform's No-Code Solution.

Launch Your AI-Powered Landing Page and Start Generating Leads

Launch Your Landing Page

You've designed an amazing landing page using the Unicorn Platform AI assistant. Now it's time to get it in front of your target audience and start generating leads!

To launch your landing page, simply click "Publish" in the top right corner. Your page will go live instantly. You can then start driving traffic to the page through:

  • Social media ads and posts
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • SEO by optimizing your page for search engines

Track Your Results

Once your landing page is live, closely monitor how it's performing using the built-in analytics. See things like:

  • Page views
  • Conversion rates
  • Lead capture rates
  • Visitor locations
  • Devices used

Check these metrics regularly and make changes to improve results. You may want to:

  • A/B test different headlines, images or call-to-action buttons.
  • Adjust your targeting to reach high-intent visitors.
  • Improve page load times or simplify the design.

The Unicorn Platform makes optimizing your landing pages easy. Keep tweaking and improving your page over time to generate more and more leads.

Scale Your Success

If your landing page is achieving great results, scale your success. Some options include:

  • Creating similar landing pages for other products, services or campaigns. The AI assistant can generate new pages quickly based on your existing templates.
  • Increasing your advertising budget and expanding into new channels to drive more traffic.
  • A/B testing two versions of the same landing page to see which one converts better before scaling.
  • Translating your landing page into other languages to reach international audiences. The Unicorn Platform supports over 100 languages.

With a high-converting landing page and the right scaling strategy, you'll be generating more leads and growing your business in no time using the power of AI. Let us know if you have any other questions!


So there you have it, a glimpse into the future of landing page creation. AI is poised to transform how we build and optimize landing pages, letting us launch high-converting marketing campaigns at record speed. With tools like Unicorn Platform, creating a custom landing page is as easy as describing what you want to your intelligent assistant. Before you know it, you'll have an optimized landing page ready to start generating leads and sales. What are you waiting for? The future is here - it's time to unlock the power of AI and see what it can do for your business in 2023. The landing page revolution is now.

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