Create a Stunning Hotel Landing Page in Minutes

published on 21 July 2023

As an accommodation business, your landing page is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. It is often the first point of contact between you and your potential guests, and it can make or break their decision to book a stay with you. With Unicorn Platform, you have access to an intuitive drag and drop website builder that allows you to create a stunning hotel landing page in minutes. If you're also looking to build a travel portal, check out our article on why to choose Unicorn Platform for building your travel portal design for more information.

What Is a Landing Page?

As a hotelier, an effective landing page is one of the most important tools in your digital marketing arsenal. A landing page is a standalone web page, separate from your main hotel website, that is designed specifically to convert visitors into customers or subscribers.

For a hotel, a landing page's goal is to get visitors to book a room or sign up for email promotions. You want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to take that desired action. To achieve this, your landing page should have:

  • A single call-to-action like "Book Now" or "Sign Up for Exclusive Deals". Place this prominently at the top of the page to immediately capture the visitor's attention.
  • Captivating visuals to bring your hotel to life, such as professional photos of your property, rooms, amenities, neighborhood, etc. Images are eye-catching and help visitors visualize staying at your hotel.
  • A brief but compelling headline and subheading highlighting your hotel's best features and benefits. Mention amenities, location, services, etc. that make you stand out.
  • A persuasive yet concise message about why the visitor should book now or sign up. Focus on value, scarcity, exclusivity, etc. Keep text to 3 short paragraphs or bullet points.
  • Minimal navigation or links to avoid distracting visitors. A landing page should have a singular purpose and call the visitor to take one specific action.
  • Information about your cancelation and refund policy to mitigate visitor uncertainty. Briefly state your policy in 1-2 sentences at the bottom of the page.

With an attractive, conversion-optimized landing page, you'll turn more website visitors into actual bookings and signups. Take the time to create a stunning landing page, and you'll reap the rewards. Your hotel's bottom line will thank you!

Why You Need a Hotel Landing Page

As an hotelier, a landing page is one of the most important tools in your digital marketing arsenal. A well-designed landing page can generate more leads and drive direct bookings for your property.

There are several reasons why you need a dedicated hotel landing page:

  • Capture visitor information. A landing page allows you to capture visitor contact information through opt-in forms. You can then use this data to nurture leads through email marketing and retargeting campaigns.
  • Highlight amenities and services. A custom landing page gives you space to prominently feature photos of your rooms, highlight amenities like spas or restaurants, and emphasize key services that set you apart. This helps convey your value proposition to visitors at a glance.
  • Improve conversion rates. An optimized landing page can significantly improve your website's conversion rate. By removing navigation links and focusing the visitor's attention, you make it more likely they will complete a desired action like booking a room or signing up for a newsletter.
  • Enhance SEO. A well-optimized landing page helps search engines better understand your hotel and services. This can improve your rankings for important keywords and drive more organic traffic to your site.
  • Retarget visitors. With a dedicated landing page, you can implement retargeting tags to show ads to visitors after they leave your site. This brings them back to your page and keeps your hotel top of mind, increasing the chance of a conversion.

By creating a stylish yet simple landing page for your hotel, you open up more opportunities to attract visitors, capture leads, boost conversions, and ultimately drive more direct bookings. The investment in a custom landing page is well worth the significant impact it can have on your revenue and growth.

Choosing a Landing Page Builder: Unicorn Platform

To create an eye-catching hotel landing page in minutes, Unicorn Platform is an ideal choice.

Simple Drag and Drop Editor

Unicorn Platform offers an intuitive drag and drop editor, allowing you to quickly build custom landing pages without any coding required. You can easily:

  • Add images, text, buttons, and more by dragging elements onto the page.
  • Choose from 100+ mobile-friendly templates to get started.
  • Select pre-designed elements like image sliders, pricing tables, contact forms, and embed video.
  • Customize the look and feel with just a few clicks using the styling options.

Personalize for Your Brand

Make your landing page uniquely your own using Unicorn Platform’s branding features. You can:

  • Upload your hotel logo to display prominently at the top of the page.
  • Choose a color scheme to match your brand colors or select a complementary palette.
  • Select font styles and sizes to reinforce your brand identity.
  • Include custom CSS or HTML code if you want even more advanced customization.

Drive Conversions with Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform provides powerful tools to help optimize your landing page and increase bookings:

  • Create an eye-catching hero image at the top to make a strong first impression.
  • Include persuasive copy and messaging highlighting amenities, packages, and deals.
  • Embed an interactive image gallery or video to bring your property to life.
  • Add prominent call to action buttons like “Book now” or “Check availability” to capture leads.
  • View conversion stats to see how your landing page is performing and make data-driven optimizations.

Flexible and Affordable

Unicorn Platform offers simple and affordable pricing starting at just $12/month. You can:

  • Select a monthly or annual pre-paid subscription plan.
  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any time.
  • Use on unlimited websites and landing pages for your hotel or brand.

For a user-friendly landing page builder and powerful conversion optimization tools, Unicorn Platform is a stellar choice for hotels and accommodations. Create a stunning landing page in minutes to start driving more bookings and revenue for your property.

Pick a Theme for Your Accommodation Landing Page

Choose a Theme Based on Your Accommodation Type

When creating a landing page for your hotel or accommodation, selecting an appropriate theme is key. The theme establishes the overall look and feel, and should reflect the type of lodging experience you offer. For example:

  • Luxury resort: Focus on high-quality imagery showcasing upscale amenities and an elegant design. Emphasize indulgence and exclusivity.
  • Boutique hotel: Highlight unique decor and architecture. Use stylish stock photos or custom images emphasizing chic and sophisticated spaces. Refer to an intimate, curated guest experience.
  • Beachfront villa: Feature bright, airy photos of sea views, palm trees, and coastal decor. Mention relaxation, seclusion, and connection to nature.
  • Ski chalet: Showcase rustic mountain scenes, log cabins, and winter sports. Talk about adventure, coziness by the fire, and slope-side access.
  • Serviced apartment: Emphasize residential comforts like full kitchens, spacious living areas, and home conveniences. Refer to extended stays and self-contained accommodation.

Select a Template to Match

With your theme in mind, choose a template from your landing page builder that complements it. For a beachfront property, select a simple, minimalist template with plenty of image placeholders. For a luxury hotel, pick a sleek template with bold fonts and eye-catching interactive elements. Ensure the template is mobile-optimized so visitors can easily view and book rooms on any device.

Customize With Relevant Photos and Copy

Personalize the template by adding photos that showcase your accommodation's best features and surroundings. Write persuasive copy highlighting the experiences and amenities waiting for guests. Mention nearby attractions to build value. Close with a clear call-to-action to book a stay or vacation package.

A customized landing page with an appropriate theme and optimized content can make a stellar first impression on visitors and significantly impact your accommodation’s online success. Take the time to get the details right, and you'll be welcoming more guests in no time.

Add Your Hotel Logo and Branding Images

To create an effective hotel landing page, incorporating custom branding elements is essential. Adding your hotel's logo and images helps to visually convey your unique brand identity and the experience guests can expect.

Upload Your Hotel Logo

Your hotel logo is the foremost representation of your brand. Upload your logo to prominently display it at the top of your landing page. For optimal results:

  • Use a high-resolution PNG or SVG file of your logo with a transparent background. This allows it to seamlessly integrate with any template or theme.
  • Size your logo to be both prominent yet proportional to the overall page layout. As a general rule, your logo should not take up more than 15-20% of the total page width.
  • Include "alt text" for your logo image to improve search engine optimization (SEO). The alt text should be your hotel name.

Feature Appealing Hero Images

Hero images are the large banner photos behind your page header. They set the visual tone for your landing page and give visitors a sense of your hotel's style and amenities. Some tips for selecting hero images:

  • Choose 2-3 high-quality photos that showcase your hotel's best features like rooms, pool area, lobby, or grounds.
  • For the top hero image, select a photo that conveys a sense of welcome and captures your hotel's unique setting or architecture.
  • Additional hero images can feature guest rooms, dining areas, recreational facilities, or scenic views. - Ensure all photos are high resolution (at least 1920px x 1080px) for optimal quality.
  • Include alt text for each image with a brief description to improve SEO. For example, "Luxury beachfront hotel lobby."

Add Additional Branding Images (Optional)

If desired, you can add additional branding images throughout your landing page to reinforce your hotel's visual identity. Some options include:

  • Images of your hotel's exterior or signature architectural details.
  • Photos of amenities like your pool area, spa, or restaurant.
  • Pictures of guest rooms showing different room types or suites.
  • Images of your popular tourist destination or surrounding area.
  • Your hotel's logo displayed in different sections of the page.

Using custom branding images and following these best practices will allow you to quickly build an attractive, high-converting landing page for your hotel. An esthetically appealing page with strategic use of visuals is vital to conveying your hotel's unique brand and setting the right first impression.

Showcase Hilton landing page

To create an effective hotel landing page in minutes, focus on highlighting the key features and benefits that set your property apart. Use large, high-quality photos to showcase your hotel’s amenities, rooms, and location. Keep copy concise while conveying your hotel’s unique selling points.


Select 3 to 5 visually stunning photos of your hotel’s exterior, lobby, rooms, pool area, restaurant, etc. to feature prominently at the top of the page. Photos should capture the essence of your hotel’s style and atmosphere. For the background image, choose a photo that highlights your location or architecture.

  • Choose high-resolution photos that load quickly
  • Use captions to provide context for images
  • Ensure alt text is added for SEO and accessibility

Concise Copy

In 2 to 3 short paragraphs, convey what makes your hotel special:

  1. Location and amenities: Highlight proximity to local attractions and on-site amenities like restaurants, pools, gyms, etc. Mention room types available.
  2. Experience: Describe the experience guests can expect. For example, “Tucked away in the heart of the city, The Hilton offers a respite from the bustling streets. Guests can expect impeccable service, luxurious amenities, and a peaceful night's rest. ”
  3. Call to action: Include buttons for booking, viewing rooms, or contacting you. For example, “Book Your Stay” or “Learn More.”

Additional Elements

  • Testimonials: Include 2 to 3 guest reviews or testimonials discussing their positive experiences.
  • FAQ: Answer common questions guests may have about rates, parking, check-in/check-out times, etc.
  • About: Briefly highlight your hotel’s history and mission. For example, “The Hilton has been providing world-class accommodations in the heart of the city for over 50 years. Our mission is to deliver premium hospitality and local experiences.”

An effective yet minimal hotel landing page with compelling visuals and copy can capture interest and drive direct bookings. Keep your page clean and avoid clutter to allow key selling points to shine through. With the right elements in place, you'll have a stunning landing page up and running to showcase your property in minutes.

Highlight Marriott Landing Page
Highlight Marriott Landing Page

Highlight Marriott Landing Page

A Customized Design

The Marriott landing page has a clean, minimalistic design with their signature navy blue and beige color scheme. The page is focused on showcasing high-quality images of their hotel properties and destinations to capture the attention of potential guests. By keeping the page uncluttered and drawing the eye to the striking photos, it creates an air of sophistication and luxury that aligns well with the Marriott brand.

Curated Content

The copy on the landing page is concise yet compelling. It highlights the key benefits and amenities of staying at a Marriott property, such as stylish and spacious rooms, premium bedding, high-speed Wi-Fi, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and world-class dining options. Testimonials from satisfied guests discussing their memorable experiences at Marriott hotels are also featured to build credibility and trust. Together, the visuals and messaging clearly convey the value proposition of the brand.

A Seamless Booking Experience

Perhaps most importantly, the Marriott landing page makes it extremely easy for visitors to book a stay. A prominent call to action (“Book Now”) stands out on the page, and when clicked, visitors are taken to a simple yet sophisticated booking engine. They can easily search for their desired destination and dates, view room rates and availability, select room type preferences, and complete the booking, all without leaving the page. This seamless experience, combined with the alluring content, helps to convert interested visitors into paying guests.

Optimized for Mobile

With the majority of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, the Marriott landing page is fully responsive. It automatically adjusts the layout to fit the screen size of the device being used, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Images, text, and CTAs are easy to see and engage with on any device. This mobile-optimized design makes it more likely visitors will complete a booking, no matter which channel they're using.

In summary, the Marriott landing page employs a minimal yet polished design, compelling and concise copy, a seamless booking process, and a mobile-responsive interface. Together, these elements create an impactful digital experience for potential guests. By optimizing each component, Marriott is able to drive more website visitors to complete a hotel reservation.

Include a Prominent Call-to-Action Button

To convert visitors into customers, your hotel landing page needs a clear call-to-action (CTA). A prominent button inviting visitors to book a room or make a reservation is key.

Size and Placement

Make your CTA button large and place it in a highly visible area of the page, such as the top right. A size of at least 150 x 150 pixels is good. The button should be one of the first things visitors see when the page loads.

Compelling Copy

The button text should be persuasive, such as “Book Now” or “Reserve Your Room.” Avoid vague or weak phrases like “Learn More” or “Click Here.” The text needs to encourage immediate action.

Eye-Catching Design

Use a color for the button that contrasts well with your page background, such as red, orange or green. Add an icon to help it stand out, like a bed or key icon. You can also use animation to subtly pulse or highlight the button. These techniques will draw the visitor's eye to this important call to action.

Link to Booking Form

Most importantly, the CTA button should link directly to your online booking form or reservation system. Do not link to an intermediate page. Remove any friction or extra steps in the booking process. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to complete a reservation.

An effective CTA button is one of the most valuable elements you can include on your hotel landing page. Follow these best practices to create a prominent, compelling call-to-action that turns your visitors into customers. With a well-designed CTA, you'll see an increase in direct bookings and a boost in revenue and occupancy rates.

Track and Optimize Your Hotel Landing Page
Track and Optimize Your Hotel Landing Page

Track and Optimize Your Hotel Landing Page

To maximize the effectiveness of your hotel landing page, continuous optimization and improvement are essential. Closely monitoring how visitors interact with your page and making data-driven tweaks will help boost your conversion rates over time.

Track Key Metrics

Pay attention to metrics like page views, bounce rates, and conversion rates. Page views show how much traffic your page is getting, bounce rates indicate how engaging your content is, and conversion rates reflect how well your call-to-action is performing. If any of these numbers seem low, it may be time for an optimization.

Monitor Visitor Behavior

See how visitors scroll, click, and navigate your page using tools like heatmaps, scrollmaps, and clickmaps. Look for any friction points where visitors seem confused or frustrated. You may need to reorganize content, simplify the language, or make the call-to-action more prominent.

Test and Refine

Continuously test different versions of your page to find what resonates most with your audience. You can experiment with different headlines, images, button colors, or layouts. A/B testing different options will show you which performs better so you can make data-driven design choices.

Respond to Feedback

Pay attention to any comments or reviews on your landing page and social media profiles. Look for common themes in the feedback and make appropriate changes. Quickly responding to and addressing any concerns or issues will make visitors feel heard and build trust in your brand.

Landing page optimization is an ongoing process. Regularly check in on how your page is performing and make incremental improvements over time. Small tweaks to the content, design, or user experience can have a big impact on your conversion rates and return on investment. With consistent refinement, you'll have a high-converting landing page that resonates with your target audience.


With Unicorn Platform, you now have an easy way to create a stunning hotel landing page in just minutes. Their simple yet powerful drag & drop builder provides beautiful templates and elements to showcase your hotel, rooms, amenities and surrounding area. You can highlight the best features of your property and location using eye-catching images, videos and callouts. Customize the page with your logo, brand colors and fonts to match your existing website for a cohesive experience. Then, start driving more direct bookings and building your mailing list with Unicorn Platform's built-in forms and lead generation tools. For hoteliers looking to improve their online marketing, Unicorn Platform offers an innovative solution to quickly launch an effective landing page and grow your business.

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