Unicorn Platform’s User: Dikko case

published on 28 August 2023

Carlos Caceres founded DiKKo to share his strategic thinking and results-driven leadership with emerging businesses. He has a broad international background in business development and a passion for customer understanding and innovation. With DiKKo, Carlos aims to empower entrepreneurs and help them drive success and growth.

In today's world, where new technologies and innovative businesses are the core of the revolution, it's crucial for emerging businesses to stay competitive and relevant. DiKKo, a platform founded by Carlos Caceres, aims to help such businesses achieve success by providing them with a range of services to innovate, become digital-driven, and sell more efficiently.

DiKKo's portfolio

DiKKo portfolio includes three main services:

  • The Startup Way helps businesses validate their ideas and search for repeatable, scalable, profitable business models.
  • Business Scale-up enables businesses to grow quickly while reaching new markets by building unique value propositions.
  • High-Performance Teams combines people, processes, and technology for effective competitiveness.

DiKKo uses the SMART:FAST methodology

This methodology delivers timely results by identifying core elements using emerging technologies (SMART) while providing early results through agile methodologies (FAST). And to build and launch the platform, Unicorn Platform was chosen as the foundation for DiKKo. Unicorn Platform offers a ready-to-use platform to create and publish websites faster than alternative tools or hiring web developers without compromising on quality, providing cost-effective solutions.


Empowering Emerging Businesses with DiKKo

DiKKo has a proven track record of helping businesses succeed, and interested parties can contact DiKKo directly for tailored pricing information. With its range of services and the use of the SMART : FAST methodology, DiKKo is a unique platform that supports emerging businesses in their quest for growth and success. Choosing Unicorn Platform as its foundation ensures clients receive timely solutions without breaking the bank. In the words of DiKKo, "Innovate or Die" – and with DiKKo's help, emerging businesses can stay relevant and competitive in today's world.


In conclusion, the case of DiKKo, a platform founded by Carlos Caceres, shows how it provides essential services to emerging businesses, including idea validation, business scaling, and team performance optimization. With the use of the SMART:FAST methodology and a range of services, DiKKo empowers entrepreneurs to drive growth and success. Choosing Unicorn Platform as its foundation ensures clients receive cost-effective and timely solutions, making it a unique platform that supports emerging businesses in their quest for competitiveness and relevance in today's world. With its proven track record, DiKKo offers tailored pricing information to interested parties, making it an excellent option for emerging businesses looking to innovate and succeed.

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