[case] How Unicorn Platform Helped Us Outrank Amazon 💪

published on 28 August 2023

Our user, Eugene Bik, tells his story on how Unicorn Platform Blogs helped him achieve great results in SEO.

Say 'hi' to Eugene! 👋


Day One Careers is an Amazon interview preparation service that offers online courses and one-on-one Amazon interview coaching to help candidates prepare for behavioural interviews with Amazon. I started D1C as a side-gig after spending over three years at Amazon as a Hiring Manager and interviewer. Since August 2020, I have served hundreds of candidates and helped secure over 40 job offers.

Over the last eight months, I’ve tried almost every way of generating leads and converting them into paying customers. Given the nature of interview prep products, I found that a high-converting and SEO-optimised blog was the most appropriate mechanism to acquire customers.

I knew that filling a blog with organic search traffic is an SEO job, which had two major steps: figure out which keywords are the most relevant for your niche and generate content that responds to those keywords (aka on-page SEO). However, I knew that as of May 2021, there would be an additional area of concern - page speed.

Google has been recommending web admins to pay close attention to page loading time for a while. They even invented a web-optimised image format - WebP - to help speed up the web and a set of web development tools (e.g. Lighthouse) to help website owners evaluate their website speed objectively. Yet, in May 2021, Google decided to incorporate page speed into their Page Rank model - thereby using organic search rank to penalise slow websites and reward fast ones.

To get my blog ready for what was coming ahead, I started looking for a website platform that could deliver blazing page speeds. I knew that I could achieve this with WordPress and fast hosting, but I was not keen to pay for multiple WordPress speed optimisation plugins that tend to break from time to time.

So I turned to the traditional #nocode platforms like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. Having run their pages through Google Lighthouse, I realised that these platforms were a dead-end as far as page speed. Their pages rarely scored above 10 in Google Page Speed Insights, a shocker given how popular these platforms were. Then I fed a few Medium pages into Lighthouse and received the same result (10-15 points at best).

When I thought that I ran out of options, I discovered the Unicorn Platform (UP). These folks have just moved to AWS and made page speed one of their top priorities. They added an SEO-optimised and straightforward blog CMS to their core platform and even added support for the Google-developed and speed-bound WebP image format - something that even Ghost 4.0 does not yet support. Their blog pages concisely score at 90 for Mobile and above 90 for Desktop in Google Page Speed Insights - a testament to the focus on speed.

I moved Day One Careers blog to The Unicorn Platform in early May 2021, and as of May 10th, I saw an increase in organic ratings (as per the screenshot below). I even managed to outrank Amazon on the “amazon interview” keyword in the US on May 20th - an unintended reward that, I believe, was driven 100% by Unicorn’s page speed.


Even though plenty of website owners will growl at Google’s decision to penalise slow web pages, I support their vision for the World Wide Web that doesn’t make users wait for ages to access the information that they are looking for. And I can only applaud disruptors like The Unicorn Platform, who follow suit in bringing great features for both web admins and end-users alike.

P.S. Search engines are proven sources of quality leads. Invest in SEO to get a constant organic growth of your business.

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