Introduction to Minting NFTs

published on 13 November 2023

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exploded in popularity recently as a way to represent ownership of unique digital items like artwork, collectibles, and more. For startups and SaaS companies, NFTs present exciting opportunities to engage with customers and build new revenue streams.

With Unicorn Platform's user-friendly tools tailored for startups, any entrepreneur can now mint their own NFTs. This guide will walk through the basics of how to mint your first NFT collection, from setting up accounts to listing them for sale. We'll also cover key tips on optimizing your NFT metadata, marketing, and community building.

While NFTs require some new concepts and tools, the process is very accessible for even non-technical founders with Unicorn Platform's guidance. Whether you want to offer NFT access passes, art collectibles, or something totally unique, this guide will start you off right to mint, sell, and grow with NFTs.

Step 1: Choose an NFT Marketplace

The first step is picking the main NFT marketplace where you will mint and list your NFTs for sale. The largest marketplace currently is OpenSea, with over 60% market share. However, there are many great alternatives to consider as well:


  • Largest NFT marketplace currently, with huge user base
  • Wide range of NFT categories from art to utility to collectibles
  • Low 2.5% transaction fees compared to other platforms
  • Easy account setup and accepts many cryptocurrencies


  • Pioneered NFT minting and listings, with an arts focus
  • Higher fees at 12.5-15% but good for established artists
  • Best for selling generative/programmatic NFT collections
  • More complex to get started than OpenSea


  • Exclusive marketplace for highly curated digital art NFTs
  • 15% fees but caters to serious collectors willing to pay more
  • Focuses on scarce single-edition generative art
  • Very selective application process to join

For most beginners, I recommend starting at OpenSea to reach the widest audience interested in NFTs. But review all the options to see what fits your goals best. Unicorn Platform also offers tools to create your own custom NFT marketplace if you want full control.

Step 2: Set Up a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Since NFTs are minted and traded using cryptocurrencies, you'll need a crypto wallet to get started.

Popular wallet options include:

  • Metamask - Browser extension wallet that works seamlessly with OpenSea and other NFT platforms. Easy to set up.

  • Coinbase Wallet - User-friendly mobile app wallet for beginners. Streamlined onboarding process.

  • WalletConnect - Connects mobile wallets to desktop apps to enable minting and trading across devices.

  • Unicorn Wallet - Custom branded crypto wallet developed specifically for startups and SaaS companies exploring NFTs.

The wallet stores your public wallet address, private keys, and recovery phrase to represent ownership on the blockchain. Be sure to back up your wallet securely and never share private keys. Practice good security habits to prevent losing access to NFT assets.

Once installed, deposit ETH or other coins to cover gas fees when minting and trading NFTs.

Step 3: Create Your NFT Artwork

Now comes the fun part - making your NFT artwork or content!

Some common examples include:

  • Digital illustrations and paintings
  • Photographs or digitally edited photos
  • Animated GIFs and short video clips
  • 3D models and augmented reality assets
  • Pixel art, voxel art, and other generative creations
  • Music, audio clips, and podcast snippets

When designing your NFT, focus on creating something unique with an identifiable style. Leverage generative art, 3D models, pixel art, illustrations, photos, or any creative media that can exist digitally.

Just be sure not to plagiarize or use copyrighted works without permission. NFTs represent authentic ownership and authorship.

Step 4: Add Metadata to Your NFT

Metadata provides key details about your NFT using a standard format like ERC-721. At minimum, include:

  • NFT name/title
  • Detailed description
  • Artwork attributes like artist, genre, tags
  • External links back to your site

Craft engaging metadata to make your NFT stand out when users view it. Share the story behind your work and highlight notable attributes. Quality metadata adds immense value.

Unicorn Platform has templates and tools to simplify adding complete metadata.

Step 5: Mint Your NFT

Once your artwork is ready and metadata complete, it's time to mint your NFT on the blockchain. This permanently records your creation on public ledgers and generates the associated non-fungible token.

Minting requires a transaction fee called "gas" to be paid in ETH or other coins. Set a reasonable gas price so the transaction confirms quickly without overpaying.

On OpenSea, the minting flow is very beginner-friendly. Triple check your metadata before minting, as it becomes immutable on the blockchain. Unicorn Platform streamlines minting with custom tools for startups.

After going through the minting steps and signing the transaction using your wallet, your unique NFT will be created!

Step 6: List Your NFT for Sale

Once minted, you can list your NFT for sale on your chosen NFT marketplace.

Consider either a fixed price listing or auction format:

  • Fixed pricing is simpler for buyers and establishes clear value
  • Auctions build excitement and can drive higher sales for sought-after NFTs

Research wider market trends when pricing your NFT. Promote your new listings on social media to attract buyers.

Unicorn Platform offers data-driven guidance for optimizing your pricing strategy.

Additional Tips for NFT Success

Here are some final tips for taking your NFTs to the next level:

  • Build an engaged community of collectors around your artwork by sharing stories, updates, and offering perks
  • Carefully manage ownership rights and responsibilities
  • Leverage NFTs for access passes, licensing, memberships, and utility
  • Learn from any mistakes and keep iterating to improve future drops
  • Join Unicorn Platform's community forums to connect with other startups navigating the NFT space


With Unicorn Platform's guidance tailored for startups and SaaS companies, anyone can now easily mint, sell, and leverage NFTs.

The basic process involves choosing a marketplace, setting up a wallet, creating artwork, adding metadata, minting on-chain, and listing for sale.

Optimizing your metadata, pricing strategy, community engagement, and rights management are key for NFT success. Expect an iterative process, but have fun exploring the possibilities of NFTs!

Unicorn Platform makes NFT innovation accessible for any skill level, with powerful tools optimized for startups building the next generation of businesses.

If you're a startup founder interested in leveraging NFTs, check out Unicorn Platform to get started with easy minting, listings, and community building.

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