How to Use Social Media to Distribute Content With Unicorn Platform

published on 28 August 2023

As a marketer, you understand the importance of distributing your content far and wide to reach new audiences. While paid advertising and search engine optimization are effective strategies, social media provides a way to organically spread your message at virtually no cost. With a tool like the Unicorn Platform, creating sharable content and distributing it on social networks is easier than ever.

In just a few clicks, you can design an eye-catching blog post or landing page and publish it on your website. But the real power comes in leveraging those social sharing buttons. With options for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, your content can spread through networks of friends, followers, and connections. Before you know it, new visitors will be pouring in from social referrals, eager to learn more about your product or service.

Mastering social media distribution is a skill that will serve you well as you build your online presence. By creating content tailored for sharing and making it easy for readers to spread the word, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and drive new leads to your business. The key is starting with a simple yet powerful platform, like Unicorn. Let your content and social networks do the work for you.

If you're new to web design, check out the Unicorn Platform's blog post on fundamentals of web page design to get started.

Create Engaging Content on Your Website

To maximize the reach of your content, utilize social media platforms to distribute and promote your content. Social media enables you to connect with your audience and build brand awareness.

Choose Relevant Social Networks

Select 2-3 social networks that match your audience and content. For example, if your target audience is business professionals, focus on LinkedIn. For a younger demographic, prioritize Instagram and TikTok. Regularly post on your chosen platforms to stay engaged with your followers.

Share Website Content

When you publish a new blog post, product update or other content on your website, share it on social media. You can share a link directly to the content, or create social media specific imagery and messaging to promote the content. Engage with any comments or questions from your followers.

Be Active and Engaging

Don't just broadcast your messages on social media. Like and comment on other posts in your industry or area of expertise. Reply to any messages or comments on your own posts. Ask open-ended questions to spur discussions. Use humor and behind-the-scenes content to humanize your brand. Staying actively engaged with your audience will make them more receptive to your content and promotional messages.

Optimize Your Profiles

Ensure your social media profiles are optimized to represent your brand. Select a profile photo and cover image that match your brand visuals. Your profile bio should be concise but compelling, clearly stating your value and purpose. Share updates when you release new content or products. Place links in your bio to drive traffic to your website. An optimized, active social profile will make a good first impression on visitors and potential customers.

Using social media to distribute and promote your content is an easy, low-cost tactic to increase traffic, build brand awareness and connect with your target audience. With an active social media presence and high-quality, valuable content, you'll see the benefits of your social media marketing efforts.

Optimize Your Content for Social Media

To maximize the reach of your content on social media, you must optimize it for each platform. Here are some tips to distribute your content effectively:

Focus on visuals. Images, graphics, and video are essential for engagement on social media. Include eye-catching photos, infographics, illustrations or short video clips to bring your content to life and capture attention.

Write compelling headlines. Your headline is the first thing people see, so spend time crafting a headline that is both descriptive and attention-grabbing. Use power words and numbers, ask a provocative question, or highlight the key benefit.

Keep your content scannable. On social media, people scroll quickly through content. Use informative headings, bulleted lists, numbered instructions, and whitespace to make your content easy to scan. Short paragraphs (2 to 3 sentences) are ideal.

Tag influencers. Identify influencers in your industry and tag them in your social media posts. This exposes their audience to your content and may lead the influencer to engage with or share your post, expanding its reach. However, only tag influencers who would genuinely be interested in your content.

Promote your posts. Schedule your content to post at the optimal times for each network, typically when your audience is most active. Then, actively promote your posts by liking and commenting on them with your business account and encouraging followers to engage. Respond to all comments and questions.

Analyze and optimize. Review analytics for your posts to see which content and strategies are most effective. Look at metrics like impressions, engagements, shares, and click-throughs. Then, apply those insights to optimize future content and improve your results over time. Continually testing and refining your approach is key.

With a smart social media strategy focused on visual and optimized content, influencer tags, active promotion, and ongoing analysis, you can achieve maximum distribution of your content to new audiences. Build your followers, increase traffic, and ultimately boost business success.

Share Your Content on Facebook

To maximize the reach of your content on Facebook, follow these best practices:

Share your content as soon as it is published. The sooner you share, the more opportunity there is for likes, comments, and shares, which signals to the Facebook algorithm that your content is engaging. This boosts its visibility in people's News Feeds.

Craft an attention-grabbing preview. The preview is the first thing people see, so make it compelling. Use an interesting image or video, and a caption that sparks interest or curiosity. For example, instead of "New blog post on website design tips," say something like "5 Website Design Mistakes That Are Costing You Customers."

Choose the correct content type. When sharing your post, select either "Article" or "Blog Post" as the content type. This allows Facebook to properly categorize and display your content.

Optimize your post for engagement. In the post composer, select options like "Ask for feedback" or "Invite friends to like and comment." This prompts people to interact with your post, which boosts visibility. You can also add relevant hashtags to make your content more discoverable.

Tag influencers and media outlets. If your content references or links to influential people or media companies, tag them in your post. They may share it with their followers, exposing it to new audiences. However, only tag accounts that are directly related to the topic. Irrelevant tagging is spammy and ineffective.

Boost high-performing posts. For posts that receive a lot of organic engagement like shares, likes and comments soon after publishing, consider boosting them to reach more people. Facebook's algorithm favors content that is already performing well, so boosting can significantly increase its spread. Monitor the results to determine if boosting should be part of your ongoing strategy.

Following these best practices for sharing and optimizing your content on Facebook will extend its reach and help you build a larger, more engaged audience. Be sure to track analytics to determine how people are interacting with your posts so you can continue improving your content and distribution strategies over time.

Promote Your Content on Twitter
Promote Your Content on Twitter

Promote Your Content on Twitter

Promoting your content on Twitter is an effective way to increase traffic to your website or blog. When you publish new content on your site, be sure to share it on Twitter to boost visibility and drive more visitors.

Share New Blog Posts and Pages

As soon as you publish a new blog post or page on your website, share it on Twitter. Include an eye-catching image, an intriguing headline, and a link to the content. Engage your followers by asking an interesting question related to the topic or highlighting a key statistic or fact from the post.

Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags help more people discover your tweets. Do some research to find popular hashtags related to your industry, product, or content topic. For example, if you wrote a post on content marketing, you might use #contentmarketing. Only use 1-2 hashtags per tweet so it does not seem spammy. Track which hashtags drive the most traffic and engagement over time.

Engage With Your Followers

Don't just share your links and disappear. Engage with your followers by replying to their comments and tweets, retweeting content from those you follow, and starting discussions around topics that would interest your target audience. Positivity and constructiveness are key. Build real relationships and connections, not just numbers.

Schedule Tweets in Advance

Use a free tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule tweets in advance. This allows you to space out tweets about your new content over several days or weeks. It also ensures you are sharing at optimal times when more of your followers are active on Twitter. Check your Twitter Analytics to see when your followers are most engaged.

Track Success

Use a URL shortener like Bitly to track how many clicks your tweets receive. See which types of tweets, hashtags, images, and times of day drive the most traffic back to your site. Tweak your Twitter strategy over time based on these insights to maximize the results from your efforts.

By following these best practices, you can leverage Twitter to significantly expand the reach of your content and build more meaningful connections with your audience. With regular use and optimization, Twitter can become one of your most powerful distribution channels.

Post Snippets of Your Content on LinkedIn

To maximize the reach of your content on Unicorn Platform, post snippets and excerpts on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 600 million users, so sharing parts of your content on this platform can drive referral traffic back to your website.

Post Eye-Catching Headlines and Summaries

Craft attention-grabbing headlines and summaries to share on LinkedIn. Mention that the full article can be read on your Unicorn Platform website. For example, you could post:

“5 Ways to Reduce Customer Churn: A data-driven strategy for increasing retention. Read the full article on [Your Website URL]”

Share Relevant Statistics and Key Points

LinkedIn members appreciate content that is backed by research and data. Share interesting statistics, facts, examples, key points or takeaways from your article. For instance, you could post:

“Did you know: Acquiring a new customer costs 5 times more than retaining an existing one? Here are some key ways we reduced churn by over 20%:

  1. Focus on onboarding and customer success
  2. Monitor usage and engagement to predict churn risk
  3. Target customers with special retention offers and discounts

See the data and full strategies in our new article on [Your Website URL]”

Post Images to Capture Attention

Inserting an eye-catching image related to your content is a great way to capture attention and increase clicks. LinkedIn posts with images generally receive up to 3 times more views and comments. When sharing an excerpt from your article, include a featured image from the post.

Add Your Content Link and a Call-to-Action

End your LinkedIn posts with a call-to-action for readers to click through to your full article. For example, say something like: “Read the complete guide with data-backed strategies for reducing churn on [Your Website URL].” Adding a direct link to your content in these posts is key for driving referral traffic.

Following these best practices for sharing snippets of your content on LinkedIn can significantly boost exposure and referral traffic to your website. Be sure to also engage with any comments on your posts to build relationships and connections within your industry.

Repurpose Your Content for Instagram
Repurpose Your Content for Instagram

Repurpose Your Content for Instagram

To maximize the reach of your content, repurposing it for Instagram is key. Instagram is a highly visual social media platform, so focus on eye-catching images and short, engaging captions.

Optimize Your Images

Choose high-quality, high-resolution images that capture the essence of your content. Images with lots of bright colors or an inspirational quote as a focal point tend to perform well on Instagram. You can create images from scratch or repurpose visuals from your original content. Use photo editing software to add text overlays, apply filters and ensure the image is sized properly for Instagram (minimum width of 1080 pixels).

Write a Compelling Caption

Your image caption should entice viewers to click through to your full content. Include an attention-grabbing opening line, highlight the key benefits or main takeaways from your content and end with a call-to-action like “Learn more tips in the full blog post, link in bio.” Keep captions relatively short, around 2 to 3 sentences or 125 to 150 characters.

You can create these captions from scratch or use an AI-powered caption writer to generate captivating captions for your images. These AI tools can help you create great catching captions on the go.

Include Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags help people discover your content, so include a mix of popular and niche hashtags relevant to your content topic and industry. Aim for a minimum of 5 to 10 hashtags per post. Check what hashtags your competitors and industry leaders are using for inspiration.

Tag Other Accounts

Tag relevant people, brands or influencers featured in your images. Not only does this give them exposure, but it also increases the visibility of your post to their followers. Only tag accounts that are directly related to the topic or content in your image and caption.

Link to Your Full Content

In your Instagram bio, include a link to the full piece of content you are repurposing. That way, interested viewers have an easy way to access your content from Instagram. Update the link in your bio as you repurpose new content to keep it current.

Following these best practices for repurposing content on Instagram will significantly expand your reach and drive more traffic to your full content. With stunning visuals, compelling captions and the right mix of hashtags, your repurposed content is sure to capture interest on Instagram.

Start a Discussion About Your Content on Reddit

To start a discussion about your content on Reddit, follow these steps:

Post Share-Worthy Content

The key to sparking engaging discussions on Reddit is by sharing high-quality, interesting content. Redditors value content that is informative, shareable, and conversation-worthy. Ensure your content meets these criteria before promoting it on Reddit.

Choose Relevant Subreddits

Reddit consists of communities known as “subreddits” based on specific topics or areas of interest. Select subreddits that match the subject matter and intended audience of your content. For example, if you published an article on growth hacking strategies, appropriate subreddits may include r/marketing, r/startups or r/Entrepreneur. Posting in unrelated subreddits will likely yield minimal engagement and upvotes.

Share Your Content at an Optimal Time

The time of day you post to Reddit can impact the level of attention and interaction it receives. According to studies, the best times to post on Reddit are:

  • Between 8 am to 11 am EST on weekdays
  • Between 12 pm to 3 pm EST on weekends

Post your content during these periods to maximize visibility. Also, avoid posting after 11 pm or before 6 am EST as engagement tends to be lower during these off-hours.

Engage with the Community

Merely sharing your content is not enough. You need to actively engage with the Reddit community to spur a thoughtful discussion. Respond to comments and questions on your post, upvote high-quality responses from others, and post follow-up comments. Engaging with readers in this fashion shows you value the community and are open to real discussions about the topic. People will be more inclined to interact with your content if they see you participating in the conversation.

Monitor and Follow Up

Keep tabs on your Reddit post and the ensuing discussion. Address any concerns or critiques from readers to avoid the spread of misinformation. Also, look for opportunities to continue the conversation by posting follow-up comments with related thoughts, questions, or content. The more you engage with your audience, the greater the chance of turning them into loyal readers and customers.

With an understanding of Reddit's dynamics and a willingness to become an active member of relevant communities, you can leverage the platform to build brand awareness and spark meaningful discussions around your content. Consistently providing value to Redditors through share-worthy content and genuine interactions can lead to real business impact.

Share a Summary of Your Content on Medium

To maximize the reach of your content on Unicorn Platform, share a summary of your post on Medium. Medium is a popular blogging platform with over 60 million monthly readers. By posting a summary of your content on Medium, you expose it to a much wider audience and gain more traffic.

Find relevant Medium publications

Search Medium for publications related to your industry or topic. For example, if you have a SaaS product, look for publications focused on SaaS, startups or technology. Analyze the types of posts the publication accepts to ensure your content is a good fit. Publications on Medium are run by independent editors and writers, so make sure to follow their submission guidelines.

Write an engaging summary

Write a 300 to 500 word summary of your main post that captures the reader's interest. Include an attention-grabbing headline and opening paragraph. Briefly explain the topic or issue your content addresses and how it provides value to the reader. Use an active voice and compelling language to make your summary impactful while remaining concise.

Include a link to your original post

Prominently feature a link to your full article on Unicorn Platform within the first paragraph of your Medium summary. Encourage the reader to click through to your website to continue reading. The goal of posting on Medium is to drive more traffic to your own content, so make it easy for readers to find your original post.

Promote your Medium post

Once your summary is published on Medium, promote it on social media to increase views and click-throughs. Share the post on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Engage with readers who comment on your post by replying to their comments and questions. An active social media presence and community engagement will make your content more visible in the Medium ecosystem.

Using Medium to distribute a summary of your content is an effective way to reach new audiences and increase traffic to your Unicorn Platform website. With an optimized posting strategy and active social promotion, you can gain major exposure on Medium and significantly boost views of your original content.

How to Use Social Media to Distribute Content With Unicorn Platform

To distribute your content on Unicorn Platform using social media, follow these steps:

  1. Share your blog posts on LinkedIn. This professional network is ideal for promoting business-focused content. When you publish a new blog post on Unicorn Platform, share the link on LinkedIn with an engaging image and caption. Ask your followers to like, comment and share to increase visibility.
  2. Post your content on Facebook. Unicorn Platform makes it easy to connect your website to your Facebook business page. Enable this integration and new blog posts will automatically be shared on your Facebook page. You can then boost the post to reach more readers or run a Facebook ad campaign to distribute your content to targeted audiences.
  3. Tweet about new posts. Connect your Unicorn Platform website to your Twitter account and all new blog posts will be tweeted automatically. You can then retweet the post or compose your own tweet with an eye-catching image, key message and link to drive traffic back to your post. Engage with any comments or questions on Twitter to build your audience.
  4. Share visual content on Instagram. If your blog post includes images, share one of the images on Instagram along with a short caption and link in your bio to the full blog post. Instagram's highly visual and engaged user base will appreciate content with stunning graphics. Use relevant hashtags to make your post more discoverable.
  5. Cross-promote on YouTube. Record a quick video highlighting the main points or takeaways from your blog post. Mention that you have covered the topic in more depth on your website and include a link to the post in your video description. This expands your reach to the massive YouTube audience.
  6. Repurpose on Pinterest. Pin any images from your blog post to relevant boards on Pinterest, along with a link back to the post. Pinterest is a top referrer of traffic to websites, so pinning your content can drive new readers and increase shares and backlinks to boost your search rankings.

Distributing your content across multiple social platforms using Unicorn Platform helps you reach bigger audiences, build brand awareness, and establish yourself as an industry expert. With an integrated social media marketing strategy, you'll gain more traffic, shares, and backlinks to improve your search engine optimization.


In conclusion, Unicorn Platform offers an easy-to-use solution for creating an online presence and distributing your message. By leveraging the power of social media and optimizing your content for sharing, you can expand your reach and build brand awareness. Focus on high quality, engaging content and be active in participating in relevant online communities and conversations. Pay attention to trends and join in on viral hashtags when appropriate. With some time and consistency, you'll gain more followers and greater visibility. Unicorn Platform provides the tools to create clickable content, but you provide the vision. Think big, start small, and go social. Your audience is out there, you just have to find them.

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