How to Make a Car Repair Website Design Without Coding

published on 27 July 2023

As an entrepreneur in the automotive repair industry, having an effective online presence is critical to reach customers and grow your business. Building a professional website used to require advanced coding skills and web design expertise that many small business owners lack. Fortunately, there are now simple yet powerful website builders that provide an easy drag and drop interface to create a customized site without technical knowledge. With one of these platforms, such as Unicorn Platform as mentioned in their article on building a responsive car dealer website in minutes, you have the ability to make an attractive car repair website design in just a few hours that looks like it was built by a pro.

Why You Need a Website for Your Auto Repair Shop

As an auto repair shop owner, having a professional website is crucial to your business success. Here are a few reasons why you need a website:

An online presence builds credibility. A well-designed website shows you are a legitimate, professional business. It allows customers to learn about your shop, capabilities, and experience before bringing in their vehicle.

It improves visibility. Many car owners search online to find local repair shops. Without a website, your business is invisible to these potential customers. A website, along with optimizing for search engines like Google, makes it easy for people to discover your shop.

It provides convenience. A website gives customers a convenient way to contact you, check hours of operation, request estimates or appointments, and learn about the services you offer. They can get information quickly on their own time.

It boosts revenue. An informational website, especially one integrated with your shop management software, gives customers the option to request services and pay for them online. Offering this convenience can lead to higher ticket totals and more repeat customers.

In summary, having a professional, user-friendly website is essential for today's auto repair shops. It establishes your credibility, helps new customers find your business, provides convenience for both new and existing clients, and can positively impact your bottom line. For any local business, a website is a must. Take the time to create an online presence your customers will appreciate.

How to Choose a Builder for a Car Repair Websites Designs

When choosing a website builder for a car repair business, there are a few factors to consider.

First, look for a builder that offers templates specifically tailored for auto shops and garages. These will have the right layouts, images, and content sections to showcase your services and expertise. Some popular builders like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress offer stylish templates for car repair websites.

Ease of Use

For a small business owner, an easy-to-use builder is essential. Look for a drag and drop interface, pre-built sections, and guidance on how to set up your site. Builders that don’t require any coding knowledge will have a gentle learning curve so you can get your site up quickly.


A good builder will have all the features you need for an effective car repair website like:

  • An appointment scheduling tool to help customers book services
  • A blog to share tips and news
  • A gallery to show off your shop and work
  • Customer reviews and testimonials to build trust
  • Contact forms for customers to reach out
  • SEO tools to help your site rank higher in search engines


Builder pricing can range from free to $50/month or more. For a small shop on a budget, a free or low-cost builder is probably your best bet. Look for a free trial so you can test different builders to find one with the right balance of ease of use, features, and cost for your needs.

With the right builder choice, you'll have a professional website for your car repair shop in no time. Focus on options tailored to your industry, that are simple to set up, include key features, and won't break the bank. Your new site will help bring in more customers and grow your business.

Securing Your Domain Name and Web Hosting

To build your car repair website, you’ll need to secure a domain name and web hosting. A domain name is the URL for your website, such as “” Web hosting provides the online space to store your website files and make your site accessible on the internet.

Choosing a Domain Name

Select a domain name that is memorable, brandable, and relevant to your business. It should be short yet descriptive. Check if your desired domain name is available by entering it into a domain name registrar like GoDaddy, Bluehost, or Namecheap. If your first choice isn’t available, try alternate endings like .net or .co instead of .com. You may also add prefixes or suffixes like “my” or “repair” to find an available domain that suits your needs.

Finding a Reliable Web Host

After securing your domain, you need web hosting to publish your site online. Look for a reputable web host that offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts tailored for business use. They should have 24/7 customer support in case you need help. Some recommended options are Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteGround. Compare plans and pricing to find one in your budget.

Pointing Your Domain to the Host

Once you’ve purchased your domain and web hosting, you need to point your domain to the host. This step, known as DNS or domain name system setup, may be done through your domain registrar and web host control panels. It can take 24 to 48 hours for the DNS changes to fully propagate, so your website and email may not function properly during this time period.

With the domain and hosting set up, you’re ready to build your car repair website. Most web hosts offer website builders and content management systems like WordPress that allow you to easily create your site without any coding experience. You can customize the design, add content, images, and business information to get your website up and running in no time. Be sure to double check that all pages are functioning properly before launching your new website.

Selecting a Template for Your Auto Repair Website on Unicorn Platform
Selecting a Template for Your Auto Repair Website on Unicorn Platform

Selecting a Template for Your Auto Repair Website on Unicorn Platform

When building your auto repair website on Unicorn Platform, selecting an appropriate template is key to conveying your business’s professional image. As a drag and drop website builder, Unicorn Platform offers many customizable templates for auto repair shops and garages.

Choosing a Theme

Unicorn Platform currently offers three template themes suited for auto repair businesses: “Mechanic”, “Car Service”, and “Auto Parts”. The “Mechanic” theme features imagery of tools and equipment, while “Car Service” has a sleek, modern design focused on vehicle maintenance and repair. For parts stores, the “Auto Parts” theme incorporates stock photography of various automotive components.

Editing the Template

Once you have selected a theme, you can fully customize it to reflect your shop’s brand. Upload your business’s logo, change font styles, and alter color schemes using the design tools. Add original content like service descriptions, staff bios, and testimonials. Include details such as your shop’s address, phone number, hours of operation, and the brands you service.

Adding Pages

Expand your site by incorporating additional pages, such as:

  • About Us: Share your shop’s story and mission. Highlight your experience, qualifications, and dedication to quality service.
  • Services: List the types of repairs and maintenance you perform, e.g. brake jobs, tune-ups, diagnostics, oil changes, etc. Briefly describe your work and pricing for each service.
  • Contact: Make it easy for customers to get in touch by providing your phone number, email, social media links, and a contact form.

Unicorn Platform’s auto repair website templates allow you to quickly build a professional site to help your business gain visibility and attract new customers. With some customization, you can craft an online hub to highlight your shop’s capabilities and set yourself apart from the competition. An informative yet streamlined website will make a great first impression on those in need of quality vehicle service.

Adding Your Business Information and Contact Details

To establish your business’s credibility and make it easy for customers to contact you, be sure to provide detailed business information and contact details on your website.

Business Name and Description

Prominently display your official business name and a brief description of the services you offer at the top of your contact page. For example:

ABC Auto Repair - We are a full-service auto repair shop serving the Springfield area since 1995. Our certified technicians perform quality repair and maintenance on all makes and models.

Business Address

Include your shop’s full mailing address to build trust in your business. For example:

123 Main St., Springfield, IL 12345

Contact Information

List your business phone number, email address, business hours and any additional contact methods. For example:

Phone: (123) 456-7890


Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Closed on Sundays

24-Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance: (123) 456-7890

Social Media (Optional)

If your business has social media profiles, include links to your accounts on networks like Facebook, Instagram and Google. This allows customers to connect with your business through their preferred platform.

Staff Bios (Optional)

Include professional bios and photos of your shop’s owners, managers and lead technicians. This allows customers to become familiar with your staff and builds additional trust in your business. Keep bios concise, around 2 to 3 short sentences for each person.

Providing comprehensive information about your auto repair business including full contact details establishes your credibility and makes you accessible to customers. Be sure to keep all details up-to-date across your website and other marketing materials.

Including High-Quality Photos of Your Shop and Services
Including High-Quality Photos of Your Shop and Services

Including High-Quality Photos of Your Shop and Services

Including high-quality photos of your auto repair shop, services, and staff helps to build trust and credibility with potential customers visiting your website. Here are some tips for featuring images on your car repair website:

Showcase Your Shop

Include photos of your repair shop’s exterior, reception area, and work areas. This gives visitors an inside look at your facilities and helps them feel more comfortable bringing their vehicle to you. Be sure the images are well-lit, in focus, and show your shop looking clean and organized.

Highlight Your Services

Feature photos of your technicians performing various services like oil changes, brake jobs, tune-ups, and other common repairs. Action shots of your staff at work help to demonstrate your team’s experience and expertise. You can also include images of recently serviced vehicles to showcase the quality results your customers can expect.

Introduce Your Staff

Include headshots of your owner, managers, and lead technicians along with a brief bio for each. Putting a friendly face to the name helps to build rapport and trust with website visitors. The bios should highlight each staff member’s certifications, experience, and commitment to quality work.

Keep Images High-Resolution

Be sure to use high-resolution images that are a minimum of 1920x1080 pixels. Low-quality, pixelated photos will appear unprofessional and amateur. For the best results, use a digital camera to take photos, not a smartphone. You can also purchase stock photos of auto shops and repair services to use on your site.

Optimizing Images

When uploading photos to your website, be sure to optimize them by including alt text, a title, and meta description. The alt text should be a brief description of what’s in the image. The title and meta description provide more details and help with search engine ranking. Using optimized images along with related keywords on your page will make it more likely your site appears in image searches and Google searches for auto repair services in your area.

Writing Compelling Content for Your Car Repair Website

To create compelling content for your car repair website, focus on educating your audience and establishing your expertise.

Write Informative Blog Posts

Publish blog posts discussing common car issues in an authoritative yet easy to understand manner. Explain symptoms, causes and solutions for problems like engine knocking, brake squealing or warning light illumination. Use diagrams and images to supplement your explanations when needed. These types of posts establish your knowledge in the field and help website visitors by providing useful information and advice.

Create Video Content

In addition to blog posts, consider creating video content for your car repair website. Record short videos demonstrating how to perform basic maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations or air filter replacements. Walk through troubleshooting procedures for issues you cover in your blog posts. Videos are engaging and help establish your credibility as an expert in automotive repair.

Share Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials provide social proof that you run a reputable car repair business. Ask satisfied customers if they would be willing to provide a brief review of their experience with your shop. Share these reviews on your website, especially on service or location pages. Potential customers will appreciate hearing from others who have used your services.

Optimize for Search Engines

Use relevant keywords, internal links and semantic markup to optimize your car repair website content for search engines. Focus on terms and phrases your target audience is likely to search for, like “brake repair” or “check engine light diagnostics.” Internal links connect related content across your website. Semantic markup, like JSON-LD, provides additional context for search engines to better understand your content.

Optimizing your content and providing an informative, engaging experience will establish your car repair business as a knowledgeable, trustworthy resource for customers and search engines alike. Continually adding fresh content, updating old posts and encouraging customer reviews will help keep visitors coming back to your website.

Adding a Blog to Help Rank in Search Engines

Adding a blog to your car repair website design is one of the best ways to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and rank higher in search results.

Create Blog Posts Frequently

To rank well in search engines like Google, you need to publish new blog posts consistently and frequently, at least once a week or every other week. Blog posts should be informative and helpful for your target audience. Write posts about common car problems, how to diagnose issues, maintenance tips, news about your business, profiles of your staff, or other topics related to car repair and maintenance.

Optimize Blog Posts

When creating a new blog post, be sure to optimize it for search engines. Choose a title, header tags (H1, H2), and meta description that include important keywords related to your business and the topic. In the post content, use those keywords naturally in a way that flows and is engaging for readers. The first paragraph should be a summary with the most important information and keywords. Break up text with images and headers to make the content scannable.

Internal Linking

Include links to other relevant content on your website within your blog posts. This helps search engines discover all the great content on your site and boosts rankings. For example, if you have a post about brake replacement, link to other posts about brake pads, calipers, rotors, and related services you offer. You can also link to pages like your contact page or service area page.

Share and Promote

Once you’ve published a new blog post, share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase traffic. You can also email subscribers, promote it in your business, and encourage readers to share the post with others. The more people that read, share, and link to your content, the higher your search rankings will climb.

Blogging is a long-term strategy, but by posting helpful content regularly, optimizing it well, linking internally, and promoting posts, you'll establish yourself as an authority in your industry and local area. Your car repair website design and business will benefit from the exposure and higher search rankings. Stay dedicated, keep optimizing, and watch as more readers and customers find your site.

Car Repair Websites Designs: How to Build with Unicorn Platform

To design an effective car repair website without coding, the Unicorn Platform provides an intuitive drag and drop builder with customizable templates. By following a few simple steps, you can create a professional site to market your auto shop.

Choose a Template

Select a template that fits your brand and the overall look you want to achieve. Options include minimal, modern, creative, and more. Each template provides a balanced layout with designated sections for your business information, services, contact details, testimonials, and blog.

Add Your Content

Upload images, add your business name and contact information, service descriptions, staff bios, and other content using the drag and drop editor. You can easily rearrange sections as needed. Include keywords and phrases related to your location and the vehicle makes and models you service to improve your search ranking.

Highlight Your Services

Create dedicated pages to showcase the repair and maintenance services you offer. List details about brake inspections, oil changes, transmission flushes, diagnostics, and any specialty services. Explain the value and benefits to build trust in your expertise. Offer coupons or deals to increase customer loyalty.

Share Customer Reviews

Add social proof to your site by including testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients. Describe their experience with your shop and the quality service their vehicle received. New visitors will gain confidence in your abilities by reading the recommendations from current customers.

Launch Your Site

Once you have created your car repair website, make it live so people can find you online. Submit your URL to local business directories and auto-related websites. Announce the launch on your social media profiles and in your shop. Measure how visitors interact with your site using the built-in analytics to make improvements and get more customers through your digital doors.

With the Unicorn Platform, building an attractive yet uncomplicated website for your automotive repair shop does not require any coding or design skills. By following their simple step-by-step process, you can quickly get a professional site up and running to help grow your business.


In conclusion, creating an attractive car repair website design is now within reach for anyone without needing to learn how to code. By leveraging an intuitive drag and drop website builder like Unicorn Platform, you have a powerful yet simple solution to launch a professional website for your auto repair business. Focus on what really matters - providing great service to your customers and growing your business. Let the website builder handle the technical details so you can get back to running your company. A custom designed website will establish your brand, highlight your services, and ultimately drive more appointments and increase customer loyalty. Take advantage of these innovative tools to showcase your business in the best possible digital light. The road to success is open - start your journey today.

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