How College Students Can Begin Creating Effective Landing Pages

published on 08 July 2024

Cultivating an interest and a skill in creating landing pages is a great way for a college student to differentiate themselves, showcase a personal brand, gain traction on a project or application, or attract prospective employers or acquaintances. A well-crafted landing page can make a world of difference on conveying your professionalism and opening the doors to securing that ideal job, group project, or business associate. A landing page may well be the window into your world that you’ve been searching for. 

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Here’s how to start crafting a landing page of your own.

Understanding the Purpose of a Landing Page

But before we dive into specifics – what is a landing page and what is it for? A landing page is a standalone web page created as part of a marketing or promotional campaign, with an objective to convert the visitor into a lead or customer by performing an action such as signing up for an email newsletter, downloading an ebook or registering for an online event.

When creating a landing page, keep in mind these essential elements:

  • Headline & Revised Subheadline. Write concise but compelling headlines that are on-topic and clearly communicate what your offer is about. The subheadline should elucidate the main benefit and explain the value proposition to your visitors.
  • One CTA: Choose one primary action you want users to take. This is your ultimate call to action (CTA), which can be anything from ‘Sign up now’, to ‘Get started’, to ‘Learn more’. The CTA needs to be clear and present so it can be easily seen.
  • Minimalist design: Keep it clean. You’ve got only a few seconds to catch people’s attention, so use whitespace well to emphasise your headline, your CTA button, and key benefits.
  • Mobile Optimise: When people land at your page, it needs to be functional and look attractive on every device – especially those with smaller screens, such as smartphones and tablets. That’s because mobile is king when it comes to online traffic – so when people come in from their phones, you need to be able to accommodate their visit and maximise conversions.

Crafting Compelling Copy: Speak Directly to Your Audience

Your landing page copy sways your visitors to do what you want. Here’s how to write it.

When crafting your copy:

  • Create Pain: Identify pains your audience has, and tell them how your offer will alleviate the pain. For example, if you are selling tutoring services, show how receiving personalised tutoring can help students enhance their grades.
  • Bottom line: Benefits bulleted here. Benefits of your offer: time, money, outcomes? Outcome benefits: skills, knowledge?
  • Testimonials or Social Proof: Quotes from customers or users can increase trust and credibility. They make potential visitors confident that your offer will deliver and provide value.
  • Keep It Simple: Keep sentences concise and clear. Do not use jargon or overly complex expressions when writing for the web. Use short, plain language that is easy to understand, even for readers who are unfamiliar with the topic.

Copywriting that is both informative and engaging requires a delicate balance. It's challenging to determine what information to include and what to exclude, especially when crafting content for diverse audiences. When seeking assistance, an online research paper service can provide valuable guidance on refining your message for maximum impact.

Comparison Table: Showcasing Features and Benefits

In some cases, including a comparison chart with your offer will allow your visitors to see the options and features that you offer at a glance, making it easier for them to make a decision. This is particularly effective for products with many options: A simple example of a comparison table for a tutoring service:

  • Basic Package

Sessions : 5 sessions/month
Duration : 1 hour/session
Access to Notes : Basic notes

$50 / month
  • Premium Package

Sessions : Unlimited sessions
Duration : 1.5 hours/session
Access to Notes : Comprehensive notes  

$100 / month

This table will help clients choose quickly among the 3 packages, depending on what they are looking for, compared with the budget they have. Keeping it simple and focused on key features important to your target audience, that's a must

Driving Traffic to Your Landing Page: Utilise Social Media and SEO

You also need people to see your landing page, because the more traffic you can generate, the more chance you’ll have of getting results; here’s how to do it:

  • Social-Media Sharing: Post your landing page link to your social-media ‘walls’. Use images and message headlines to grab people’s attention, then offer your product or service as a cure for the problems you’ve photosuasively illustrated. If you’re running a software package aimed at student government organisations, for instance, feature pictures of students in organisations who gained efficiencies from yours.
  • SEO: Keywords in headlines relating to your offer.Include targeted keywords throughout your landing page copy, in your headline and again in the body copy, to make sure that your page is found in the organic results on search engines. Do keyword research to begin to understand what terms your customers are searching for.

Example: for instance, if you offer a maths tutoring service, you might post testimonials from students who boosted their grade level after using your tutoring service. Highlight concrete grades or quotes that illustrate how your tutoring methods help students succeed.


Take time and pay attention to the details!Plan and design.Understand the purpose of a landing page, design your page with clarity and simplicity, craft attention-grabbing copy, deploy tables effectively, and then leverage the power of social media and search engine optimisation to drive traffic to your landing pages.Applying these skills and strategies will allow you to show off your work and/or offerings to a vast audience while taking you one step closer of achieving the intended outcomes you desire.Whether you want to launch your pest-control business, promote your new divorce coaching service for women going through midlife crisis, launch a website that share real-life stories about surviving difficult children, or create the next search engine technology, knowing how to create persuasive and effective landing pages will be one of the crucial skills you need to succeed in a competitive digital environment.

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