Build Marketing Cloud Landing Pages in Minutes

updated on 05 April 2024

As a SaaS company, you know that a high-converting landing page is crucial to your success. However, creating an effective landing page can be time-consuming and require technical skills you may lack. With Unicorn Platform, you have an easy solution. This simple yet powerful landing page builder allows you to create stunning marketing cloud landing pages in just minutes without any coding required.

For example, you can use Unicorn Platform to create a Bootstrap app landing page without code and have a professional and attractive page up and running in no time.

What Is Unicorn Platform?

Unicorn Platform is an easy-to-use landing page builder that allows you to create customized landing pages in minutes without any coding required.

What exactly is a landing page? A landing page is a standalone web page designed specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It's where visitors "land" when they click on an ad or link. The goal of a landing page is to capture leads by having visitors fill out a form.

With Unicorn Platform, you can build beautiful landing pages for your business quickly and easily. Some of the key features include:

  • Drag and drop builder - No coding skills needed. Simply drag and drop elements like text, images, buttons and more.
  • Mobile-friendly - All landing pages are fully responsive and look great on any device.
  • Custom domains - Use your own domain or a free subdomain on
  • Lead generation - Easily add email opt-in forms, contact forms or other calls-to-action to generate more leads.
  • Templates - Choose from professionally designed landing page templates to get started even faster. Customize any template with the click of a button.
  • Integrations - Unicorn Platform integrates with all major email marketing and CRM tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Salesforce and more.
  • Analytics - View key metrics like page views, form submissions, conversion rates and see how your landing pages are performing. Make data-driven optimizations to improve results.
  • A/B testing - Create multiple versions of your landing page and A/B test them against each other to see which one has the highest conversion rate.

With an easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Unicorn Platform is the perfect solution for creating high-converting landing pages to grow your business. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and start building your landing pages today!

Create Marketing Cloud Landing Pages in 3 Simple Steps

To build marketing cloud landing pages in minutes, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a template. Choose from the dozens of mobile-optimized templates in our template library. Options include case study, ebook, webinar, and product landing pages. Simply drag and drop to customize the design to match your brand.
  2. Add your content. Include an attention-grabbing headline, compelling bullet points highlighting key benefits and features, dynamic visual media, testimonials, and a clear call-to-action like "Sign Up Now" or "Get Started." You can also embed video, slideshows, and interactive demos.
  3. Connect to your marketing cloud. Link your landing page to your marketing automation or email service provider to capture leads and nurture them into customers. Our native integrations make it easy to connect with platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, Adobe Campaign, and more.

In just a few minutes, you can build a customized landing page and connect it to your marketing cloud to generate and capture more high-quality leads. Our simple yet powerful page builder requires no coding or design skills to create stunning pages that drive real business results.

Stop wasting time and resources on complicated landing page tools. Unicorn Platform provides an intuitive solution to quickly launch and optimize landing pages at a fraction of the cost and effort. Say goodbye to developers and designers. Now anyone can build beautiful, high-converting landing pages to accelerate their marketing and sales.

100+ Landing Page Templates to Choose For Cloud CMA Landing Page

When building marketing cloud landing pages, you have over 100 templates to choose from within the Unicorn Platform. This provides you with an ample selection to find a template that aligns with your brand and campaign goals.

Elegant and Professional Templates

Unicorn Platform offers templates with a polished, high-end appearance suitable for many businesses. Options like the “Agency” and “Startup” templates feature minimalistic designs, clean typography, and ample white space. For consulting firms and professional service providers, these convey a sleek, modern image.

Colorful and Eye-Catching Templates

If you want to create marketing cloud landing pages with vibrant colors and graphics to capture attention, Unicorn Platform has vivid templates like “App Promo”, “Event”, and “Product Launch”. The bold colors and geometric shapes incorporated into these templates generate visual interest and highlight your key content and call-to-action buttons.

Mobile-Optimized Responsive Templates

All Unicorn Platform templates are fully responsive, meaning they automatically adapt to any screen size for an optimal viewing experience. Your marketing cloud landing pages will display beautifully on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. With more web traffic coming from mobile devices now, responsive design is crucial.

Easy Customization

While the templates provide a solid starting foundation, you can easily customize them to match your precise needs. Edit text, swap out images, change colors, and add or remove sections as needed using the simple drag and drop editor. There’s no need for any coding or web design skills. You have full control and flexibility over your marketing cloud landing pages.

A/B Testing

Not sure which template will convert the best? Run A/B tests to determine the highest-performing option. Make copies of your landing page and modify small elements on each version, such as the headline, hero image, or call-to-action button. Send traffic to the different pages and see which one has the highest conversion rate so you can make data-driven decisions about your marketing campaigns.

In summary, with a wide range of professional templates, full customizability, and A/B testing, Unicorn Platform gives you everything you need to build marketing cloud landing pages that meet your unique needs and optimize your results.

Embed Forms, Videos and More to Your Cloud CMA Landing Page
Embed Forms, Videos and More to Your Cloud CMA Landing Page

Embed Forms, Videos and More to Your Cloud CMA Landing Page

To enhance your Cloud CMA landing page and make it more interactive and engaging for visitors, consider embedding forms, videos, images, and other multimedia. Adding these elements helps to capture attention, explain your services in an easy to understand manner, and collect valuable information from interested leads.


Embedding contact or email signup forms on your landing page allows visitors to quickly provide their information if they want to learn more about your company or receive updates. Use a service like Typeform, JotForm, or Google Forms to easily create an eye-catching form to match your landing page design and embed it directly. Offer an incentive like a content upgrade, coupon, or trial to encourage form completions.


Explainer or product demo videos are an excellent way to showcase what your company offers in an engaging visual format. Keep videos under 2 minutes in length and embed them prominently on your landing page. You can create simple animated videos yourself using tools like Animoto, Biteable or Renderforest, or hire a freelance video editor to produce a high-quality video for you.


Relevant, high-quality images help to visually illustrate points and make your content more scannable. Look for images that emotionally resonate with your target audience and the benefits of your services. For the best results, use large images, varying in subject, color and angle. Ensure any images used are licensed for commercial use.

Other Options

  • Slide decks or presentations
  • Infographics
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ sections
  • Pricing tables
  • Blog excerpts
  • Portfolio examples

Embedding multimedia elements is key to creating an impactful landing page that drives visitors to take action. Curate a thoughtful mix of content that speaks to your ideal customers and helps build trust in your company and services. Keep your landing page uncluttered by balancing text, images and videos, using plenty of negative space. By designing an engaging landing page experience, you will capture more quality leads and move them further down your marketing funnel.

A/B Test Your Landing Pages

To optimize your landing pages and increase conversion rates, A/B testing different versions is essential. A/B testing involves creating multiple variants of the same page and then analyzing how visitors respond to each version to determine which one performs better.

Set up your A/B test

First, decide on the page elements you want to test, such as:

  • Headline copy
  • Button text
  • Page layout
  • Offer details

Create 2-3 versions of your landing page, changing only the elements you want to test. Give each version a unique name or number to track them.

Run your test

Once your A/B test pages have been created, you need to direct traffic to them. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Use a landing page testing tool to automatically split your traffic between variations. These tools will automatically detect the better performing page based on your goals.
  2. Manually split your traffic by directing half to one page and half to the other. Measure the performance of each page to determine a winner.
  3. If you have an email list, send half your subscribers to one page and the other half to the other page. See which version gets more clicks and conversions.

Analyze the results

After running your test for a statistically significant period of time (typically 2-4 weeks), analyze the results to determine a winner. Look at key metrics like:

  • Bounce rate: The percentage of visitors who left the page without taking action. A lower bounce rate is better.
  • Conversion rate: The percentage of visitors who took your desired action (e.g. clicked a CTA button). A higher conversion rate is better.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): The number of clicks on links or buttons divided by total page views. A higher CTR is better.

The page variation with the best overall performance based on your key metrics is your winner. Make that version your new live landing page and continue optimizing to improve results. A/B testing your landing pages is a proven way to increase traffic, leads, and sales. With regular testing and optimization, you'll achieve higher conversion rates and greater success.

Track How Visitors Interact With Your Landing Pages

Track Page Visits and Conversions

To optimize your landing pages, you need to know how visitors are interacting with them. Unicorn Platform’s analytics provide key insights into who is visiting your pages and how they are converting.

Monitor page visits to see how much traffic each landing page is receiving. Look for any significant changes or drops in visits that could indicate an issue with your page. See what sources and channels are driving the most traffic to determine where to focus your marketing efforts.

Track conversion rates to find out how well your landing pages are converting visitors into leads or customers. A low conversion rate may mean your page content or design needs improvement. Look for any pages with rates much lower than your average to diagnose and fix problems.

See what links and CTAs (calls to action) visitors are clicking. Find out if visitors are interacting with your pages as intended or if certain content and offers are not resonating. Make changes to highlight important content and test different CTAs to increase click-through rates.

Check how long visitors spend on each page. A high bounce rate and short time on page could indicate your content is not engaging enough or the page is not relevant to visitors. Strengthen your copy, use visuals, and ensure a clear message that speaks to your target audience.

Analyze visitor drop-off points to see where you are losing leads in the conversion process. Look for any technical issues or unclear next steps that could cause visitors to abandon your landing page. Provide clear direction and an intuitive user experience to guide visitors through to conversion.

Track which devices and browsers visitors are using to access your landing pages. Ensure your pages are optimized for viewing and interacting on mobile devices as much as desktop. Fix any issues that could prevent visitors from properly accessing or using your landing pages.

Constant monitoring and optimizing based on data-driven insights will enable you to make meaningful improvements to your landing pages over time. Small changes can have a big impact on your conversion rates and return on investment. Review analytics regularly and take action on opportunities to better engage visitors and turn them into customers.

For insights on how to use AI to revolutionize web development and build your website, check out this article on the Unicorn Platform blog: Revolutionizing Web Development: How to Use AI to Build Your Website. This resource explores how AI can transform the web development process and provides valuable information for optimizing your online presence while enhancing your SEO.

Boost Conversions With Popups and Countdown Timers

To boost conversion rates on your Marketing Cloud landing pages, utilize popups and countdown timers. These interactive elements create a sense of urgency and prompt visitors to take action before leaving the page.


Popups are modal windows that appear on top of the page content. They are eye-catching and effective at capturing attention. You can use popups to:

  • Offer a coupon or discount code for signing up
  • Highlight a key feature or benefit of your product
  • Promote a free trial or demo

For the best results, trigger the popup 3 to 5 seconds after the page loads. This gives visitors time to start scrolling and engaging with the content before the popup appears. Be sure to include an easy way to close the popup in case they are not interested.

Countdown Timers

Countdown timers display a clock counting down a limited time offer or availability. They instill a fear of missing out and encourage visitors to convert before the timer expires. Some examples of using countdown timers include:

  1. Offering a discount or coupon that is only valid for the next X minutes/hours.
  2. Promoting a free trial that will only be available for signups during the countdown period.
  3. Creating a false sense of scarcity for a product or service that is always available. The timer creates urgency even though the offer does not actually expire.

For countdown timers to be effective, the amount of time displayed should be relatively short, between 5 to 15 minutes. This provides enough time for visitors to sign up or purchase but still feels urgent. Be transparent in your copy that the offer or availability is for a limited time.

Utilizing interactive elements like popups and countdown timers on your landing pages in an authentic, value-driven way can significantly improve conversion rates. With a balance of urgency and transparency, these tools help motivate your visitors into becoming customers. Continually test different variations to find the optimal combination for your audience and business goals.

What is Unicorn Platform?
What is Unicorn Platform?

What is Unicorn Platform?

What is Unicorn Platform?

Unicorn Platform is an easy-to-use website builder that allows you to create professional marketing cloud landing pages and blogs without coding. The drag and drop editor provides pre-designed templates and elements that you can quickly customize to your needs.

Simple Drag and Drop Editor

The intuitive drag and drop editor makes it simple to add and arrange content elements like:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Testimonials
  • Pricing tables
  • FAQ sections
  • Email opt-in forms

You have full control over the look and feel by changing fonts, colors, and background designs with just a few clicks.

Mobile-Friendly responsive design

All pages built with Unicorn Platform are optimized to display beautifully on any device. The designs automatically scale and adapt to the screen size of smartphones, tablets, and desktops so your content is easy to read and navigate regardless of how visitors access your site.

Integrated blog platform

Unicorn Platform also includes a built-in blogging tool so you can share updates, insights, tips, and announcements with your audience. Simply create blog posts using the same drag and drop editor and add images, videos, tags, comments and more. Your blog is seamlessly integrated into your Unicorn Platform website.

SEO optimized

Unicorn Platform generates clean code and page titles, descriptions, and URL structures that search engines like Google prefer. This helps maximize your visibility in organic search results so more people can discover your content online.

In summary, Unicorn Platform is an intuitive website and blog builder that provides everything you need to create professional, mobile-friendly marketing pages and share your message with the world. The simple yet powerful features give you flexibility and control without requiring any coding or design skills.

FAQs: Marketing Cloud Landing Pages Made Easy with Unicorn Platform

With Unicorn Platform, creating marketing cloud landing pages is simple and intuitive. By following a few easy steps, you can build customized landing pages to capture leads and engage your audience.

What are Marketing Cloud Landing Pages?

Marketing cloud landing pages are focused web pages with a single goal: to capture contact information from visitors. They have minimal navigation and a prominent call-to-action like a signup form. Landing pages allow you to run targeted marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness.

Why Use Unicorn Platform?

Unicorn Platform's drag and drop builder makes it easy to create professional landing pages without technical skills. You have access to designer-made templates, blocks, and elements to quickly build an effective landing page. Features include:

  • Customizable templates for lead capture, email signup, and more
  • Form and signup block with spam protection and autoresponder integration
  • Video, image, text, and button blocks
  • Mobile-responsive - your landing pages will look great on any device
  • A/B testing to optimize conversions
  • Integrations with marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit

How Do I Create a Landing Page?

Follow these simple steps to build a landing page in minutes:

  1. Select a template or start with a blank page. The templates provide a styled starting point with pre-built sections.
  2. Add a headline, subheadline and hero image or video to capture attention. These elements should convey your key message or offer.
  3. Include bullet points or numbered lists highlighting the benefits and key features. Keep text concise and scannable.
  4. Add a signup or contact form for visitors to provide their information. Place the form prominently on the page.
  5. Include social proof like testimonials, case studies or media logos. Build trust and credibility.
  6. Add a clear call-to-action like "Sign Up Now" or "Get Started". Place the CTA button prominently near the signup form.
  7. Review and publish your landing page. Make any final tweaks to the content or design before making your page live.
  8. Drive targeted traffic to your landing page through social media, email marketing or search engine optimization.
  9. Analyze performance and make changes to optimize conversions. A/B test different elements on your page.

With some simple steps, you can build marketing cloud landing pages that capture leads and move visitors through your marketing funnel. Unicorn Platform's intuitive builder and designer-made templates make the process fast and easy.


In conclusion, Unicorn Platform offers an intuitive solution for quickly building customized landing pages to capture visitor information or drive conversions. With an easy drag-and-drop interface and pre-made templates to choose from, you can design an effective landing page in minutes without any coding required. Whether promoting a new mobile app, sharing details about your startup, or generating more SaaS signups, Unicorn Platform empowers you with the tools to create a professional landing page that matches your brand and goals. Stop wasting valuable time struggling with complex website builders and start engaging your audience with a custom landing page today. The possibilities are endless with Unicorn Platform.

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