Build Landing Pages Without Code, Unlock Conversion

published on 13 November 2023

Creating effective landing pages is crucial for startups and SaaS companies to generate leads, demo signups, and sales. However, many founders and marketers struggle with building custom landing pages due to limited coding skills and website customization capabilities. Without tailored, conversion-optimized landing pages, you miss out on capturing potential leads and customers.

Fortunately, using tools like Unicorn Platform, you can now quickly build stunning, high-converting landing pages without writing any code.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to create landing pages that boost conversions for your startup or SaaS, including:

Leveraging Pre-Built Templates

The fastest way to build a professional, high-converting landing page is to start with a pre-made template. Unicorn Platform provides various templates designed for different goals like capturing emails, promoting features, launching products, and more.

For example, their value proposition template helps you quickly create a landing page focused on conveying your product's key benefits and value add. Their pricing page template enables you to showcase pricing tiers and drive signups.

Crafting Compelling Content

Your headline and content must draw readers in and convince them to convert. Follow these tips:

  • Research top-performing headlines from competitors
  • Focus on benefits and solutions for the reader
  • Test different headline variations using A/B testing
  • Use scannable content formatted with short paragraphs, bullet points and bold text

Optimizing Forms and CTAs

Calls-to-action and forms are critical for conversions.

  • Use action words like "Sign Up Now" in your CTAs
  • Reduce form fields to only essentials
  • Offer incentives like free trials to boost conversions

Continuous Optimization

Use Unicorn's built-in A/B testing to continuously test and improve your landing pages over time.

By leveraging Unicorn's drag and drop editor, templates, and optimization capabilities, you can quickly build high-converting landing pages to unlock growth and conversions without coding.

Learn more about how Unicorn's landing page builder can help your startup.

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