Build a Stunning Safari Lodge Website Design in Minutes

published on 25 July 2023

As an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, you know how important a visually stunning and highly functional website is to attracting new customers and building your brand. However, between managing daily operations, staff, and ensuring an amazing experience for your guests, finding the time to build a custom website from scratch seems nearly impossible.

Fortunately, with the right tools, you can create a gorgeous, professional safari lodge website design in just minutes. Unicorn Platform is an intuitive drag and drop website builder made specifically for startups, SaaS companies, and tourism brands like yours. With designer-made blocks, elements, and layouts created for the hospitality industry, you'll have a mobile-optimized website ready to showcase your lodge and start booking more guests in practically no time at all. Stop juggling multiple tools and apps and start using the all-in-one platform trusted by over 50,000 businesses worldwide.

See how easy and powerful building your new safari website can be. Check out our article on boosting user experience for travel websites for more tips and insights. Sign up for your free Unicorn Platform trial today and start wowing your future guests.

Why Choose Unicorn Platform for Your Safari Lodge Website Design?

Why Choose Unicorn Platform for Your Safari Lodge Website Design?

Unicorn Platform is the perfect solution for creating a stunning website for your safari lodge business. Our easy-to-use platform requires no coding knowledge to build a professional site. You can have an incredible safari lodge website design up and running in minutes.

Intuitive Drag and Drop Builder

With our drag and drop website builder, you can create your dream safari lodge site with zero web design experience. Simply select pre-designed sections and elements to instantly build pages for your accommodation, activities, location info, contact details, and more. Change colors, fonts, and layouts in a click.

Professionally Designed Templates

Start with one of our professionally designed safari lodge templates. Our modern templates are created by web design experts and optimized for visual impact and lead generation. Choose a template and make it your own by customizing anything from the layout, images, text, and styling.

booking system Integration

Seamlessly integrate an online booking system into your Unicorn Platform safari lodge site. Accept direct bookings and payments to provide visitors with an easy booking experience. Manage rates, availability, and reservations from one place.

SEO Optimized

Unicorn Platform generates semantic, SEO-friendly code to help your safari lodge website rank higher in search engines like Google. Your site is also optimized for mobile devices, so visitors will have an incredible experience on any screen size.

With the right safari lodge website design, you can inspire visitors and generate more bookings. Let Unicorn Platform provide you with an affordable, all-in-one solution to build a stunning website for your tourism business. Create your Unicorn Platform account today and launch your new safari lodge site within the week!

Select a Template to Get Started with Tourism Webpage Design
Select a Template to Get Started with Tourism Webpage Design

Select a Template to Get Started with Tourism Webpage Design

To build an attractive safari lodge website design, selecting an appropriate template is key. As a tourism business, you want a template tailored to promoting exotic getaways and adventures.

Choose a Template with Striking Images

For a safari lodge, visually stunning templates featuring large background images of the African landscape are ideal. Templates with an image slider or gallery on the homepage are impactful, allowing you to showcase captivating photos of wildlife and nature.

Focus on Visual Consistency

Select a template with a consistent visual style, including complementary colors, fonts, and graphical elements that evoke a rugged yet relaxing vibe. For a rustic feel, incorporate natural textures, earthy tones, and simple, organic shapes into your template choice.

Emphasize Key Information

Your template should make essential information about your lodge obvious to visitors. This includes details on location, available accommodation, activities, dining, facilities, and nearby attractions. A template with designated sections or modules for highlighting this information is useful.

Include Interactive Elements

Interactive elements like maps, calendars, and booking forms improve user experience. Choose a template that offers these features or the ability to easily integrate them. An interactive map showing your lodge's location and proximity to wildlife reserves or a booking calendar are especially helpful for tourists planning an African safari getaway.

With a well-designed template tailored to your needs, building an appealing safari lodge website can be straightforward. Keep your content concise yet compelling, with visuals that capture the essence of a luxurious escape in nature. Your website will soon be attracting wildlife and adventure enthusiasts seeking their next big trip.

Add Your Branding With Colors and Fonts to Your Tourism Webpage Design

To establish your safari lodge’s brand, select colors and fonts that evoke the natural surroundings. The color palette should draw from the landscape—earthy tones of green, brown and tan are ideal for a safari esthetic.

For fonts, consider:

  • Serif fonts like Times New Roman or Georgia, which convey tradition and exploration.
  • Rounded fonts such as Arial or Calibri to suggest adventure.
  • Handwritten-style fonts to give an authentic, personal touch.

On your webpage, apply your color palette and 2-3 complementary fonts for headings, subheadings, body text and calls to action. For example:


  • Heading: Brown Bear (handwritten style)
  • Subheading: Georgia (serif)
  • Body: Calibri (rounded)

Color Palette:

  • Dark Olive Green: #35530A
  • Khaki: #ADA96E
  • Sepia: #704214

With a cohesive branding style established through colors and fonts, you can now design additional visual elements to complete your safari lodge website. Some suggestions:

  • High-quality nature photography of local wildlife, landscapes and natural surroundings. Images should take center stage.
  • Infographics or icons to represent amenities like guided game drives, walking safaris, spa treatments, etc.
  • An interactive map of the lodge grounds and nearby attractions.
  • Videos to bring the sights and sounds of your location to life.

By thoughtfully choosing colors, fonts, images, and other visuals that reflect your natural surroundings, you can build an authentic safari lodge brand and evocative website experience for your guests. With the Unicorn Platform’s simple yet powerful editor, designing a stunning website for your tourism business has never been easier. You can have a fully customized site ready to launch in a matter of hours.

Showcase Stunning Images on Your Safari Lodge Website Design

Images are critical for any tourism website, and a safari lodge design demands stunning visuals to showcase the destination experience. High-quality photos of scenic vistas, wildlife, accommodations and activities should be prominently featured on your landing page.

Include Photos of the Natural Surroundings and Local Wildlife

Prominently display scenic landscape shots of the area surrounding your lodge, as well as photos of native wildlife in their natural habitat. These types of visuals give visitors an instant sense of the destination’s environment and what types of animals they may encounter. For a safari lodge, photos of the African savanna, watering holes and wildlife like elephants, giraffes, lions and rhinos are ideal.

Highlight the Accommodations and Amenities

Include photos of your lodge’s rooms, cabins, tents or other accommodations. Also, feature images of amenities like dining areas, lounges, pools, game drive vehicles and activity equipment. These types of photos allow potential guests to visualize the experience of staying at your property and the facilities available to them during their visit.

Show Visitors Participating in Excursions and Activities

Incorporate photos of guests actively engaging in the excursions and activities you offer, such as game drives, walking safaris, cultural tours, hot air balloon rides or bird watching. Images of visitors enjoying experiences unique to your destination will entice others to want to visit and partake in similar adventures.

Use Large, High-Resolution Photos

With a safari lodge website, bigger is better when it comes to photos. Use large, high-resolution images that dominate the screen to give visitors a sense of immersion. For the home page, feature one massive “hero” photo that captures the essence of your lodge and location. Keep the design simple and uncluttered, allowing the photos to make an impact.

Following these tips will result in a stunning safari lodge website design that visualizes the destination experience for visitors in an authentic, inspiring way. Powerful images have the ability to immediately transport users to your location and are key to converting them from viewers into guests.

Highlight Your Amenities and Activities
Highlight Your Amenities and Activities

Highlight Your Amenities and Activities

To attract visitors and guests to your safari lodge, you must prominently feature the amenities, activities, and experiences you offer. Highlight what makes your property unique to stand out from competitors.


Describe your luxurious accommodations in detail. Mention the number of rooms or cabins, their sizes and layouts, any amenities like en suite bathrooms, balconies overlooking the wildlife, etc. For example, you might say:

“Our eco-friendly safari lodge offers 20 private luxury tents with en suite bathrooms, king-sized beds, and private verandas where you can spot wildlife at sunrise.”


Discuss the dining options at your lodge. Note if you offer fine dining, cuisine with local ingredients, meals served in an open-air boma, etc. For example:

“Savor gourmet meals inspired by traditional African cuisine and made from locally-sourced organic ingredients. Dine in our open-air boma under a blanket of stars, or enjoy a private, candlelit dinner in your room.”


Highlight the types of safaris, tours, and activities available from your lodge. Mention options like:

  • Game drives to spot the Big Five and other wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Walking safaris guided by experienced trackers.
  • Bird watching tours to spot rare and exotic birds.
  • Cultural village visits to experience the local heritage.
  • Stargazing the brilliant night sky unimpeded by city lights.

“We offer exciting game drives, walking safaris, bird watching tours, village visits, and stargazing. Our experienced guides provide unparalleled opportunities to view wildlife and learn about the local culture.”

With stunning photos and compelling copy describing your amenities, activities and unique experiences, visitors will be eager to book their luxury African escape at your safari lodge. Highlight what you do best to make their trip unforgettable!

Share the Best Spots for Wildlife Viewing

To maximize wildlife viewing opportunities at your safari lodge, recommend the finest locations in the surrounding area. Some of the top spots for glimpsing creatures in their native habitat include:

Watering Holes

Animals congregate at sources of water, especially during the dry season. Advise visitors to stake out watering holes at dawn and dusk when wildlife is most active and searching for hydration. Position vehicles at a distance to avoid disturbing the animals. With patience, guests may spot elephants, giraffes, antelope, zebra, and a dazzling array of birds.

Salt Licks

Mineral licks attract animals seeking salts and other nutrients. Set up cameras at these locations to capture footage of creatures that may visit during the night like porcupines. Salt licks also offer an ideal vantage point for photographing colorful birds perching on branches.

Rivers and Streams

Waterways provide habitat for birds, crocodiles, and hippos. Rivers winding through the bush often have worn paths along the banks, evidence of heavy wildlife traffic. Station vehicles along these routes for optimal viewing. At dawn, guests can spot animals coming to drink and bathe.

Game Trails

Winding paths through the brush are frequented by animals moving between foraging spots or traveling to and from water. Position vehicles along major game trails, especially those leading to feeding grounds. With luck, you may encounter lions, leopards or hyenas on the prowl.

Promoting the finest wildlife viewing areas will enhance your visitors' safari experience. By staking out prime locations at the optimal times, their chances of witnessing creatures in their native environment are greatly increased. Your lodge can build a reputation for exceptional game viewing by consistently delivering sightings of a wide range of animals in the wild.

Promote Your Most Popular Safari Packages

Promoting your most popular safari packages on your website is key to attracting customers and boosting bookings. List your premier multi-day safari tours prominently on the homepage and package pages of your site.

Highlight Your Signature Safaris

Feature your signature 2-3 day safari tours that visit multiple national parks and reserves. Describe the highlights and unique experiences in each one. For example:

  • Our Epic Safari Tour visits 3 of Kenya’s finest game reserves over 4 days. Spot the Big Five in the Masai Mara, see rhinos in Lake Nakuru National Park and camp under the stars in Amboseli with views of Kilimanjaro. This is our most thrilling safari adventure for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.
  • Our Luxury Tsavo Safari offers 5-star accommodation in the Tsavo West National Park. Go on guided game drives to see lions, leopards and cheetahs in their natural habitat. Relax at your luxury camp between drives and dine under the stars. This 3-day safari is ideal for those seeking an indulgent bush escape.

Promote Add-On Activities

Suggest popular add-on activities to enhance your customers’ safari experience like hot air balloon rides, village visits or beach excursions. For example:

  • Take a magical hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara at dawn. Gently float over the plains as animals awaken below. Land to a champagne breakfast in the bush. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is available as an add-on to our Epic Safari Tour.
  • Extend your stay with 3 nights at an Indian Ocean beach resort. Relax on the pristine shores of Diani Beach after your safari. Available as an add-on after any of our multi-day tours. The perfect combination of safari adventure and tropical beach bliss!

By highlighting your signature safaris and most coveted add-on activities prominently on your site, you make it easy for customers to find your premier packages and book an unforgettable Kenyan holiday. Promoting your most popular offerings will drive more sales and establish your company as a leading luxury safari provider.

Provide Helpful Information for Visitors

To provide the most helpful information for potential visitors to your safari lodge website, focus on key details about your location, accommodations, activities, and amenities.


Give the specific location of your lodge, including the country, region and nearest major city or town. Pinpoint the exact coordinates so visitors can easily find you on a map. List the closest airport or airstrip and specify if transportation to/from the lodge is provided. Mention any noteworthy natural landmarks or terrain surrounding the location, e.g. scenic mountain vistas or proximity to a national park.


Describe the type of rooms or cabins available, e.g. deluxe tents, private chalets. Provide images and specify the maximum occupancy for each room. Note any special features like en suite bathrooms, balconies, or wildlife viewing decks. List essential amenities such as beds, linens, lighting, and climate control. Mention if meals are included and specify options for any dietary needs or restrictions.


Highlight popular activities to experience wildlife and explore the local area, such as game drives, walking safaris, birdwatching, hiking, cultural village tours. Briefly describe what each activity entails and if they are guided or self-guided. Note any seasonal restrictions or requirements. This helps set the right expectations for visitors and allows them to choose activities that match their interests and fitness levels.


Call out amenities that enhance visitors’ comfort and enjoyment, such as lounges, dining areas, swimming pools, spas, gyms, Wi-Fi access. Specify if the amenities are communal or also available in each room. Note any additional fees that may apply. Listing amenities, especially those not typically found at a safari lodge, helps give your establishment a competitive advantage.

Providing helpful information in an organized, easy-to-read format allows potential visitors to determine if your safari lodge suits their needs and expectations for an unforgettable wildlife adventure.

FAQ: How Can Unicorn Platform Benefit My Tourism Business?

Unicorn Platform can benefit your safari lodge tourism business in several key ways:

Save Time and Money

Unicorn Platform’s drag and drop website builder allows you to quickly and easily create a stunning website for your safari lodge without any coding required. You can choose from professionally designed templates and customize the content, images, and layout in minutes. This eliminates the need to hire an expensive web designer and helps you get your website up and running right away so you can start promoting your business.

Showcase Your Property and Services

Your website is your online business card. Unicorn Platform gives you an opportunity to highlight the features and amenities of your safari lodge through eye-catching images and descriptions. You can create pages to promote available accommodations, dining options, recreational activities, wildlife viewing, and any other experiences you offer guests. Help visitors visualize the beauty and adventure that awaits them at your destination.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Unicorn Platform utilizes SEO best practices to help improve your search ranking and visibility. By optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, alt image text, and content, you can increase the chances of people finding your safari lodge website on search engines like Google. The platform also allows you to create a blog to frequently publish informative content related to your location and the broader tourism industry. Fresh, high-quality content is one of the best ways to boost SEO and attract more organic traffic.

Provide a Responsive Mobile Experience

Over half of all website traffic now comes from mobile devices. Unicorn Platform designs websites that are fully responsive, meaning they automatically adjust to fit any screen size for optimal viewing on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Your visitors will have an easy, enjoyable experience navigating your safari lodge website no matter what device they are using.

Unicorn Platform incorporates many benefits that can help establish an engaging web presence for your safari tourism business. By saving you time and money, showcasing your property, improving SEO, and providing a responsive mobile experience, this website builder is an ideal solution for destinations looking to reach more potential guests online.


So in summary, with Unicorn Platform you have an easy to use drag and drop website builder that can help you create a stunning safari lodge website design in minutes. Their professional templates, custom fonts, and photo galleries make it simple to showcase your unique safari experience. You can easily add booking functionality, share inspiring stories from your guests, highlight your eco-friendly values, and bring your exotic destination to life. For tourism businesses, your website is your digital storefront. With Unicorn Platform, you have an affordable solution to create a memorable web experience that will have visitors longing to embark on an unforgettable African adventure at your safari lodge. Start your free trial today and see how easy it is to build your dream website. The wild awaits!

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