The Best Website Builder for Startups Makes Landing Pages a Breeze

published on 22 October 2023

Creating an effective online presence is essential for startups aiming to attract and engage potential customers in today's digital world. However, building a fully-functional website from scratch can be a major obstacle for resource-strapped founders focused on developing their core product. This is where leveraging the right website builder tailored specifically to meet startups' unique needs can make the process infinitely more achievable.

But with the sea of options out there, how do you determine the best website builder for startups? In this comprehensive guide, we'll compare the key features, pros and cons of the top solutions - Wix, Squarespace, Webflow and Unicorn Platform - to identify the ideal platform for launching your startup's website and landing pages with simplicity and speed.

Why Your Startup Needs a Website Builder Optimized for Your Goals

Having an online presence is no longer optional - for most startups, it's an imperative. 92% of people searching online for local businesses now expect to find a website. And a stunning 50% of startups fail within 5 years without having a website.

But creating an effective website from scratch requires significant time, money and technical skills most early-stage companies lack. This makes leveraging an intuitive website builder invaluable. The key is choosing one natively designed to help startups:

Achieve Core Business Goals

Startups have unique needs like converting visitors into leads, driving trials or demos, facilitating payments, and scheduling appointments. The ideal builder offers tailored templates and built-in tools to support these workflows.

Craft a Purpose-Driven Design

Conveying your value proposition visually is crucial. Startup-specific templates with strategic placement of elements like testimonials and benefits better communicate your mission.

Launch Quickly Without Coding

For non-technical founders, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor accelerates building a professional site without developer resources. Ease of use is essential.

Build Stunning Landing Pages

Optimized landing pages are vital for converting visitors into leads and customers. Having landing page templates and an editor that simplifies customization is invaluable.

Get Found Online & Track Performance

Driving traffic and leads is dependent on discoverability and analytics. SEO optimization, marketing integrations, and built-in tracking provide startups essential visibility.

The builder you choose can make or break your ability to create a site that fuels your startup's growth and goals. But how do you pinpoint the solution that offers all the above with the optimal balance of power and simplicity?

Key Criteria for Selecting the Best Website Builder for Your Startup

Intuitive Drag & Drop Editing

The foundation of any startup website builder must be an intuitive editor that allows full visual customization without coding expertise. Look for a WYSIWYG editor with drag and drop blocks for easily modifying design and content.

Templates Designed for Startups

Generic templates fail to convey startups' unique value propositions. Opt for a platform with beautiful, purpose-built templates for SaaS, agencies, and other startup verticals to accurately communicate your mission.

Integrations for Lead Gen, Payments & More

Natively integrated tools for capturing leads, accepting payments, scheduling meetings, forums and more vastly simplify growth workflows for startups without engineering resources.

Optimized for SEO & Marketing

Building an audience requires discoverability. Choose a platform with SEO best practices baked in, social media integration, email marketing capabilities, and analytics to amplify your reach.

Mobile Responsiveness

With over 50% of traffic now via mobile, your site must be optimized for smaller screens. Fully responsive templates that adapt across desktop and mobile are essential.


Limited budgets make free plans and reasonable scaling pricing ideal. Focus on value over lowest cost.

How the Top Website Builders Compare for Startups

Now let's examine the key distinctions of the most widely used startup website builders.


  • 500+ templates but few optimized specifically for startups
  • Decent drag and drop editor but still has learning curve
  • Some ecommerce and marketing features but lacks robust integrations
  • Overall better suited for simpler sites vs complex startup workflows


  • Beautiful minimalist templates but focused on creatives vs startups
  • Limited ability to modify templates beyond text/images
  • Very simple editor but less flexibility to customize
  • Solid marketing features but integration options not as extensive


  • Fully customizable but caters to expert users like designers and developers
  • Steep learning curve makes it ill-suited for non-technical founders
  • Powerful but overly complex for most startup needs

Unicorn Platform

  • Dozens of templates designed specifically for SaaS, agencies, and startups
  • Intuitive drag and drop editor for easy visual customization
  • Natively integrated tools for lead capture, payments, scheduling, forums, and more
  • SEO best practices built-in with marketing integrations
  • Optimized balance of simplicity and customization for startups

As you can see, Unicorn Platform emerges as the ideal website builder tailored to startup-specific needs. But how exactly does Unicorn Platform simplify creating high-converting startup websites and landing pages?

Why Unicorn Platform Stands Out As the Best Website Builder for Startups

Unicorn Platform makes it easy for startups to create stunning, functional sites themselves without relying on developers. Let's look at some of its standout benefits:

30+ Industry-Specific Website Templates

Unicorn Platform offers beautifully designed templates for SaaS, agency, startup, portfolio, and blog sites to perfectly convey your industry and brand.

Intuitive Drag & Drop Editor

No coding required. Unicorn Platform's intuitive block-based editor makes visually modifying templates effortless with drag and drop simplicity.

70+ Integrated Tools To Support Workflows

Capture more leads with Unicorn Platform's seamlessly integrated typeform and mailchimp forms. Accept payments easily with Stripe integration. Schedule meetings or demos with Calendly integration. And more.

One-Click Lead Capture Landing Pages

Convert more visitors into leads with Unicorn Platform's tailored landing page templates featuring seamless lead capture integration.

Built-in SEO Optimization

Get found faster with Unicorn Platform's schema markup, meta tags, SEO best practices and Google Analytics baked right in.

Complete Design Customizability

Tweak every element of Unicorn Platform's templates with customizable colors, fonts, layouts, and design settings so you can craft a unique style.

Unicorn Platform makes launching your startup's dream website intuitive. See for yourself with this guide to getting started with Unicorn Platform in just 5 minutes.

Key Takeaways - Choosing the Best Website Builder for Your Startup

  • Select a platform offering templates and functionality tailored specifically to startup needs, not generic options.

  • Prioritize an intuitive drag and drop editor for easy customization without coding expertise.

  • Integrations for lead capture, payments, scheduling and marketing are invaluable for growth.

  • Focus on the solution offering the optimal balance of power, simplicity and affordability.

  • For SaaS and startup websites with impact, Unicorn Platform emerges as the ideal choice.

Start Building Your Startup Website Today

A website is instrumental for startups seeking to attract and engage users online. But finding the right platform tailored to meet startups' unique needs is essential. With its beautifully designed industry templates, intuitive editor, and 75+ integrated tools, Unicorn Platform makes easy work of creating a stunning, functional site for any startup.

See for yourself what makes Unicorn Platform the best website builder for startups - get started today with a 5 minute quickstart guide. You'll be up and running with a powerful yet simple website to fuel your startup's growth in no time.

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