10 ways to make your personal blog page stand out

published on 05 November 2023


In today's crowded online space, creating an engaging personal blog that effectively represents your brand is crucial for connecting with your audience in a meaningful way. A customized, memorable blog design paired with compelling, high-value content enables you to share your unique perspective and voice while providing readers with an experience worth returning for. This post will explore creative tips and strategies to help make your personal blog page truly stand out - from fine-tuning visual elements to crafting optimized content that captivates. Implementing even a few of these suggestions can elevate your personal blog from a cookie-cutter site to a brand-defining platform that showcases your expertise and creativity.

Optimizing Your Blog's Visual Design

Your blog's visual aesthetics make a strong first impression on visitors. Putting thought and care into customizing the design beyond a basic template can transform your blog into an eye-catching representation of you and your brand.

Choosing an On-Brand Color Scheme

Colors strongly influence people's emotions and perceptions. Selecting a cohesive color palette that aligns with your brand personality gives your blog a customized look and feel. Aim for two to three complementary hues that reflect the image you want to project. Browse competitors' sites and influencers in your industry for inspiration. Leverage color psychology principles when deciding on shades. User-friendly site builders like Unicorn Platform make experimenting with color schemes quick and easy.

Finding Your Signature Fonts

Fonts speak volumes through their shapes, sizes and styles. Pairing contrasting fonts, such as a bold headline font with a relaxed, easy-to-read body text font, adds visual interest. Explore free font websites for unique typography options beyond standard system fonts. Review font combinations used by popular blogs in your niche for ideas. Don't be afraid to test out different font sizes, weights and formatting to discover your ideal pairings.

Sprinkling in Visual Elements

Relevant images, graphics and multimedia make content more eye-catching and digestible. Creating custom graphics and photos with Canva is a great option for adding visual flair. Use high-quality, relevant stock photos to break up text. Consider incorporating engaging elements like infographics, illustrations or icons. Be selective in adding visuals to avoid a cluttered look. Ensure accessibility by including alt text descriptions.

Crafting Blog Content That Captivates

While design sets the stage, your content is what keeps visitors engaged. Writing compelling headlines optimized for SEO, incorporating multimedia and emphasizing credibility through citations and data helps create content worth sharing and linking to.

Writing Magnetic Headlines

Powerful headlines draw readers in and entice them to continue reading. Research top-performing headlines in your industry for inspiration. Use tools like CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer to optimize them. Include keywords and phrases targeted to your audience's interests. Try out different headline styles and options through A/B testing to determine what resonates most.

Incorporating Multimedia

Mix up text-heavy posts with engaging video, audio clips and other media. Consider launching a podcast or video series to share your perspective. Embed slideshares, animations or GIFs to visually illustrate concepts. Include voice messages using tools like Unicorn to add personality. Multimedia elements make content more dynamic. Provide transcripts and descriptions for accessibility.

Establishing Content Authority

Demonstrate expertise by citing reputable sources and incorporating concrete details. Link to authoritative external references and highlight relevant credentials. Insert pertinent stats, case studies and testimonials that illustrate real-world impact. Quote respected industry experts and interview influencers for insider insights. Well-researched, data-driven content builds authority and trust.

Promoting Your Blog Effectively

Creating remarkable content is only half the battle - active promotion is crucial for getting your content found. Leverage social media, connect with influencers and participate in communities to expand your reach.

Leveraging Social Platforms

Promote new blog posts consistently across your social channels. Tailor content for each platform while maintaining your brand voice. Engage genuinely with others' content to build community. Consider promoted posts and ads for high-value content. Cross-promote new articles broadly across your profiles. Refer to platform-specific best practices for ideal text lengths and image sizes.

Reaching Out to Influencers

Influencer partnerships provide exposure to new audiences. Identify influencers relevant to your niche. Pitch mutually beneficial collaborations like co-created content, reviews or giveaways. Focus outreach on the value for their followers rather than on you. Invite respected influencers to guest post and share their expertise.

Engaging with Communities

Actively participate in relevant online communities and forums by providing value. Share your perspective and respond to questions thoughtfully. Recommend your blog content when relevant without overt self-promotion. Consistent, helpful engagement builds relationships and trust leading to organic shares.


Customizing your personal blog's design, crafting optimized content, and promoting it effectively are key strategies for making it stand out in a meaningful way. Tweaking visual elements, writing compelling headlines, and incorporating multimedia create an engaging experience for your audience. Sharing your content across social platforms, collaborating with influencers, and participating in communities will expand your reach. By implementing even a few of the tips covered in this article, you can transform your personal blog into a platform that authentically represents you while captivating readers. Ready to elevate your blog? Check out Unicorn Platform's user-friendly blog builder designed to help you create a stunning, customizable site easily.

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