The Easy Way to Create Fashion Landing Page

published on 06 July 2023

As an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, you know how important it is to have an eye-catching yet straightforward landing page to capture the interest of your target customers. However, between managing your supply chain, keeping up with the latest trends, and growing your customer base, finding the time to design an effective landing page can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, tools now exist to make the process simple. With a no-code website builder like Unicorn Platform, you can quickly create a fashion landing page that highlights your products and brand in minutes. By providing pre-designed blocks and a drag and drop interface, Unicorn Platform allows you to choose from stylish layouts and elements to build your landing page without needing any coding or design experience. Focus on what you do best - running your fashion business - and let Unicorn Platform handle the technical details of your landing page creation. Creating a landing page to boost your sales and brand visibility has never been easier.

If you're looking for inspiration or pre-designed templates for your fashion landing page, check out Fashion Landing Page Templates to Launch Your Brand.

Why You Need a Fashion Landing Page

As an online fashion retailer, having an attractive yet functional landing page is crucial to converting visitors into customers. Here are a few reasons why you need a dedicated fashion landing page:

  • Catch visitors’ attention. A fashion landing page allows you to make a great first impression with eye-catching images of your products and a clean, stylish design. This helps to capture visitors’ interest right away and keep them engaged.
  • Highlight your products. A landing page gives you space to prominently feature photos of your latest styles, collections, or sales items. You can spotlight your products to increase desire and drive purchases.
  • Build your brand. An effective landing page helps to strengthen your brand identity by incorporating your logo, brand colors, and a consistent style across your site. This familiarizes visitors with your brand and makes you appear more reputable and professional.
  • Capture leads. Include an email signup form on your landing page so you can capture visitor emails and build your mailing list. This allows you to stay in touch with interested visitors and market to them again in the future.
  • Improve conversions. A dedicated landing page, optimized for conversions, makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for and complete a purchase. This can translate into higher sales and revenue for your fashion business.

With an attractive, user-friendly fashion landing page, you’ll give your visitors a great experience, strengthen your brand, build your email list, and boost your conversions and sales. Implementing a custom landing page is one of the best investments you can make in your online fashion store.

Choosing the Right Fashion Landing Page Design

When designing a fashion landing page, choosing an eye-catching yet functional layout is key. As the first impression for visitors, your page design directly impacts your conversion rates. Consider the following factors:

  • Visual Style: Select a minimalist, modern design with plenty of white space. This puts the focus on your products. Include stylish fonts, a cohesive color palette, and high-quality product images. Ensure all elements align for a polished look.
  • Clear Call-to-Actions: Add prominent call-to-action buttons, like “Shop Now” or “See Latest Collection.” Place them above the fold and make them stand out. This makes it easy for visitors to take the next step.
  • Organized Layout: Group similar products together and list them in a logical order. For example, you might organize summer clothing by tops, bottoms, dresses, and swimwear. This intuitive structure leads visitors to what they want.
  • Mobile-Friendly: With mobile shopping increasing, your landing page must display well on smartphones and tablets. Use a responsive design or separate mobile version to provide an optimal experience for all visitors.
  • Valuable Content: Include content like style guides, capsule wardrobe tips, and behind-the-scenes footage. This engaging content gives visitors a reason to stay on your page longer and builds credibility as a fashion authority.

By focusing on these elements, you can craft a high-converting fashion landing page. Continue testing and optimizing your page to better serve your customers and drive more sales. With an attractive yet purposeful design, you'll turn curious visitors into loyal customers in no time.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Fashion Landing Page Header

To create an eye-catching fashion landing page header, follow these best practices:

Choose High-Quality Images

Select 2-3 high-resolution photos that showcase your fashion designs or products. Images are the focal point of any landing page, so use professional photos with complementary color schemes and lighting. For an online fashion store, product images or lifestyle shots work well.

Pick an Engaging Header

The header text introduces visitors to your brand and offerings. Some options include:

  • “Modern Designs for the Fashion-Conscious Woman”
  • “Ethically-Made Clothing for a Stylish Wardrobe”
  • “Luxury Fashion Crafted to Last”

Keep the header concise while highlighting your unique value proposition. Use an attention-grabbing font in a size large enough to stand out, around 48 to 72 points.

Add a Brief Slogan (Optional)

A 3 to 5 word slogan can capture your brand essence. For example, “Style That Empowers” or “Responsibly Made. Ridiculously Stylish.” is short but impactful. The slogan should complement your header and image choices.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action

End your header with a clear call-to-action like:

  • Shop the Collection
  • Learn More
  • Explore Our Designs

A call-to-action gives visitors a next step to take and leads them into your fashion landing page. Use an action-oriented button that stands out from the other elements.

  • An eye-catching fashion landing page header with professional images, an engaging header, memorable slogan, and strong call-to-action will capture attention and encourage visitors to explore your fashion brand further. Optimizing each element and maintaining cohesion across the design will result in a high-converting fashion landing page.

Showcase Your Products on the Fashion Landing Page

To effectively showcase products on your fashion landing page, several key steps should be taken. By following these recommendations, you can create an engaging experience for visitors that highlights your offerings.

Choose High-Quality Product Images

Selecting visually compelling product images is essential for a fashion landing page. Use professionally photographed images that are crisp, clear, and show the product from different angles. For clothing, include images of the item being worn to demonstrate fit and style.

Write Concise but Descriptive Product Descriptions

Write copy that is succinct yet provides important details about the product. Include information such as:

  • Fabric and materials
  • Sizing/fit details
  • Unique features or attributes
  • suggested ways to style the item

Keep descriptions to 2-3 short sentences for a landing page. You want to inform visitors without overwhelming them with too much text.

Feature New or Popular Products Prominently

On a fashion landing page, you have limited space to showcase products. Prioritize by featuring popular products that drive the most revenue or highlighting new arrivals to generate interest. Place these prominently at the top of the page to capture attention. You can create sections titled “New Arrivals” or “Bestsellers” to feature these products.

Offer Clear Calls-to-Action

Include obvious calls-to-action (CTAs) next to each product such as “Shop Now” or “See Details.” The CTAs should link directly to the product page so visitors can easily learn more or make a purchase. For new products, consider using “Learn More” or similar phrasing for the CTA.

Group Products by Category or Style

To make it easier for visitors to browse products, organize them into logical categories or by style on your fashion landing page. For example, group dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, accessories, etc. into separate sections. Or cluster products by style such as casual, athletic, formal, bohemian, etc. Adding category headers and images will visually differentiate the groupings.

By following these key recommendations, you can design an impactful fashion landing page that effectively showcases your products and encourages visitors to shop. Crafting a stellar customer experience will turn interested shoppers into loyal brand advocates and boost your sales and revenue over time.

Adding Engaging Visuals to Your Fashion Landing Page


Adding high-quality images to your fashion landing page is key to capturing visitors’ interest. Feature eye-catching photos of your products prominently on the page. For the best results:

  • Use large, high-resolution product images that show the item clearly. Images should be at least 1000x1000 pixels.
  • Include lifestyle images of your target customers wearing or using the products. This helps visitors visualize how the products fit into their lives.
  • Use complementary stock photos to decorate empty space on the page and create visual interest. Look for free stock photos of related items like accessories, textures, or the target lifestyle.
  • Keep text on images minimal. Only include a short product name or tagline. Let the photos speak for themselves.


Video is an engaging way to showcase your brand and products. Add a video to your fashion landing page to:

  • Demonstrate how products work or how they're used. This is especially useful for visually-focused products like clothing, jewelry or handbags.
  • Share your brand story and mission. A short video discussing your design process or company values helps build an emotional connection with visitors.
  • Include customer testimonials. Letting real customers share their experience with your products in their own words is highly persuasive. Keep customer videos under 30 seconds for the best effect.


Simple yet eye-catching graphics also help bring visual interest to your page. Consider adding:

  • Icons or illustrations to break up sections of text and draw attention. Look for graphics related to your products or brand.
  • Product badges or labels to highlight key features or specifications. For example, “organic cotton” or “hand wash only”.
  • Infographics to succinctly share information like sizing charts, style guides or product comparisons. Infographics make data easy to understand at a glance.
  • Photo frames, dividers or borders for an upscale look. Subtle design elements like these polish the overall appearance.

Using a combination of quality images, video and complementary graphics gives your fashion landing page a sleek, visual style that resonates with style-focused customers. Keep the page uncluttered and let each visual element shine through for the best result. With an emphasis on visuals, your page is sure to make a fashionable first impression.

Writing Persuasive Copy for Your Fashion Landing Page
Writing Persuasive Copy for Your Fashion Landing Page

Writing Persuasive Copy for Your Fashion Landing Page

To create an effective fashion landing page, persuasive copy is essential. Your copy should convince visitors that your products or services can meet their needs. Here are some tips for writing persuasive copy:

Focus on Benefits

Describe how your offerings will benefit the customer, not just features or specifications. Discuss how your products make their lives easier or solve their problems. For example, say “Our comfortable yet stylish shoes will make you feel like you’re walking on air all day.” rather than just listing materials and colors.

Use an Engaging Tone

Adopt a friendly yet professional tone to connect with your audience. Ask questions to engage readers or speak directly to them with “you” and “your.” For example, say “Are you tired of uncomfortable heels hurting your feet?” or “Our handbags are designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.” An engaging tone helps build rapport and trust.

Include Social Proof

Social proof like customer reviews, testimonials, ratings or media mentions boost your credibility. For example, say “Rated 5 stars by over 1,000 satisfied customers” or “As featured in Vogue and Elle magazines.” Quotes from happy customers are especially persuasive.

Issue a Strong Call-to-Action

End your copy with a clear call-to-action, like “Shop now” or “Learn more.” Provide links to your product pages or contact form to make the next step obvious. A strong CTA gives visitors direction and prompts them to take action.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Include keywords related to your fashion niche, products and brand throughout your copy. Not only does this help you rank higher in search results, but it also makes your page more findable for people searching for terms like “stylish shoes” or “designer handbags.”

Persuasive copy is key to converting visitors into customers. By focusing on benefits, using an engaging tone, incorporating social proof, adding a strong call-to-action, and optimizing for search, you’ll create a fashion landing page with high conversion rates. Best of luck!

Keep Your Fashion Landing Page Mobile-Friendly
Keep Your Fashion Landing Page Mobile-Friendly

Keep Your Fashion Landing Page Mobile-Friendly

To create an effective fashion landing page, it is crucial to optimize it for mobile devices. Studies show that over 60% of web traffic now comes from mobile phones and tablets. If your landing page is not mobile-friendly, you risk losing a large portion of your potential customers.

Responsive Design

A responsive design automatically adjusts to different screen sizes. It ensures your landing page looks good on all devices. Use a website builder with responsive design capabilities or hire a web designer to create a custom responsive theme.

Large Text and Buttons

On mobile screens, larger text, buttons, and other tap targets are easier to read and interact with. Font sizes of at least 16px are recommended. Make call-to-action buttons and links prominent so visitors can easily click or tap them.

Streamlined Content

Keep content concise on mobile. Use bullet points instead of paragraphs when possible. Have a clear page hierarchy to make the most important information instantly visible. Remove any unnecessary elements that clutter the page.

Fast Loading

If your fashion landing page takes too long to load on mobile, visitors will leave. Optimize images by compressing them and using smaller file sizes suitable for mobile screens. Minimize redirects. Choose a reliable hosting provider to ensure fast loading times.

Easy Navigation

On a small screen, simple and intuitive navigation is key. Use a minimal design with all main links visible in a header. Avoid nested menus that require tapping multiple times. The checkout and purchasing process should be straightforward with a minimum number of steps.

Mobile Forms

Forms on a fashion landing page, like email opt-ins, work best when optimized for mobile input. Use large input fields, make labels clearly visible, and keep the number of form fields minimal. Use a mobile-friendly CAPTCHA method.

Creating a fashion landing page tailored to mobile visitors will improve user experience and increase conversions. Following responsive design principles and optimizing content, navigation, speed, and forms for small touchscreens are the keys to mobile success. Staying on the cutting edge of web design trends will ensure your fashion brand makes the best first impression.

Optimizing Your Fashion Landing Page for SEO

To optimize your fashion landing page for search engine optimization (SEO), there are several best practices you should follow:

Choose a Keyword-Rich Page Title

The page title is the first element search engines evaluate. Select a title that includes your target keywords, ideally within the first 65 characters. For a fashion page, you might use “Affordable Women’s Clothing and Accessories” or “Designer Men’s Shoes and Apparel.”

Include Your Keywords in the Page URL

If possible, incorporate keywords into your page URL. For example, use “” rather than “” Search engines favor URLs with keywords.

Use Your Keywords in the Page Header

Place your target keywords in the H1 header at the top of your page. The H1 header is second only to the page title in importance for SEO. For a fashion page, you might use “Affordable Designer Fashion and Style” as the H1 header.

Include Keyword-Rich Content

The content on your page is the most significant element for search ranking. Aim for at least 300 to 500 words focused on your target keywords and topics. Discuss products, services, latest fashion and seasonal trends. Share style guides and outfit ideas. The more comprehensive and helpful your content is, the higher it will rank.

Optimize Image Alt Attributes###

Choose file names and alt text for images that include your keywords. The alt attributes describe the images for search engines and should be as keyword-rich as possible. For example, use “women's red cocktail dress” rather than “dress 1.”

Internal Linking###

Link to other relevant content on your site. Internal links pass authority to linked pages, improving their search rank. Link to product pages, style guides, trend reports, and other fashion-related content.

Technical SEO###

Ensure your fashion landing page and website meet technical SEO best practices. This includes having a mobile-optimized design, fast loading speeds, SSL encryption, friendly URL structures, image alt attributes, and semantic HTML markup. Technical SEO creates an optimal environment for search engines to crawl and index your content.

Following these key tips for optimizing your fashion landing page will help boost your rankings in search results and increase organic traffic to your website. Continuous improvements to content and technical elements on an ongoing basis will further enhance your page's search engine optimization.

Fashion Landing Page FAQs: Using Unicorn Platform

To utilize Unicorn Platform for your fashion ecommerce store landing page, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

Choosing a Template

Select a template from the fashion category that fits your brand esthetic. There are minimalist options as well as bold choices featuring large product images and vibrant colors. Preview the templates to find one that resonates with your target customers.

Customizing the Design

Once you have selected a template, customize it to match your brand. You can change font styles, upload your logo, choose a color palette, and add other brand elements. Keep the overall look cohesive and aligned with your brand guidelines.

Highlighting Products

The product section is the focal point of your fashion landing page. Upload high-quality product images and write compelling descriptions that make visitors want to click through to the product page. You may choose to feature your latest products, best sellers, or products in a specific collection. Group the products in a visually appealing way that is easy to scan and shop.

Including Additional Content

While product images and descriptions are key, adding other content helps to better engage visitors. You might include an “About Us” section with your brand story and mission. A “Latest News” section could feature recent press coverage or new product launches. An email signup lets visitors join your mailing list to receive news and promotions.

Optimizing for Mobile

With the majority of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, your fashion landing page must be fully optimized for smaller screens. Unicorn Platform’s mobile-first design approach makes this easy. Review how your landing page looks on mobile and make any changes needed to the layout or content to ensure an optimal experience for visitors.

By following these best practices, you can create an impactful fashion landing page using Unicorn Platform’s simple drag and drop builder. Visitors will be impressed with your well-designed landing page and inspired to shop the latest styles from your fashion brand. Please let us know if you have any other questions!


And there you have it, a simple step-by-step process for creating an eye-catching fashion landing page using Unicorn Platform. In just a few minutes, you've built a custom landing page to help promote your latest fashion collection or brand. With beautiful templates, an intuitive drag and drop builder, and powerful marketing features, Unicorn Platform gives fashion brands and designers an easy way to create landing pages that turn visitors into customers. Now that your landing page is ready to go live, start driving traffic and watch those conversions roll in. Creating high-converting landing pages for your fashion brand has never been easier.

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