Meet The V2.0

published on 28 August 2023

The v2.0 of Unicorn Platform is released! Congratulations!

So what is new?

I’ve started preparing this update 388 days ago. It is really that huge. Actually, the v2.0 of Unicorn Platform is not an update, it is a separate project with its own codebase made from scratch. Let’s see what is new in this version.


As you may remember, the v1.0 of Unicorn Platform has limitations. Users could not edit content and host pages online. The websites were to be exported in an HTML format.

The v2.0 now offers an in-browser content editor and pages hosting (on a subdomain or on your own custom domain). Thus anyone, even complete beginners, can create a stunning landing page.

Finally, you can add custom code, select font pairs, pick among 12 color palettes and use form integrations. Every website is powered with a free SSL certificate, you do not need to do anything to get it.


Unicorn Platform Color Palettes

A lot of work has been done to prepare a solid and flexible foundation that will allow the product to scale. So expect more features such as HTML code export, in-page widgets, A/B testing, multi-level access, new integrations, built-in illustrations, pre-designed templates and much more components to use.

If you are curious about what exactly has been done, here you can see the full changelog.

Unicorn Platform is here to become the best landing page builder for startups. I do not plan to aim at other markets (portfolio websites, personal websites, e-commerce etc) for now. The builder will stay startup-oriented. And will stay such until it fulfills all startups needs in a landing page in the most possibly outstanding way.

So if you are a startup owner or a designer who works in a startup or an agency who often creates landing pages for startups, stick to Unicorn Platform and you will be happy.

What about v1.0?

The first version will stay operational until the last Pro subscription is active. Tech support and critical bug fixing are included as promised. All the existing v1.0 Pro users can transfer their Pro subscription to the v2.0 if they want to.

New users can not buy a Pro account for v1.0 and are welcome in the v2.0.

Special credits

This update was possible because of 50 early adopters who trusted me and invested in Unicorn Platform a year ago. Thank you very much! I believe you will be satisfied with the investment 🙂

There is a person who made the most significant influence on the project – Kostya. Kostya is a top-tier web developer with over a decade of experience developing high-load web projects and managing teams. He generously advised me a lot of technical stuff. His wisdom helped me to ship the product 20-50% faster. Incredible. Can’t thank enough this man! 🙏

If you ever need a magician in your project, hire Kostya.

Miloslav alone gave me more feedback on the product than all the feedback received from other guys in total. I do not want to belittle the voice of users of Unicorn Platform. No! Even the smallest feedback is always carefully listened because it matters. I just want to thank Miloslav for his solid input.

There are much more people who helped and contributed. I remember you all and will honor you in a “credits” page.

What is next?

As said above, the product is fully prepared for the active improving phase. I will collect your feedback and implement requested features one by one. Take a look at the roadmap and vote for features or suggest your own.

So, there is no time for celebration, it’s time to back to work.

The nearest event is publishing the horsie on Product Hunt. All aboard the PH Ship! Ahoy!

Btw, please do not hunt the v2.0 of Unicorn Platform. It’s not ready for Product Hunt yet.

Link to the v2.0:

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