How to Make an Effective Waitlist Landing Page for Launch

published on 03 August 2023

As an entrepreneur preparing to launch your startup, building an email list should be one of your top priorities. An effective landing page is key to capturing interested visitors and converting them into subscribers. When done right, a landing page can generate buzz, build credibility, and prime your audience for your product launch. However, creating an impactful landing page is easier said than done. With so many elements to consider including copy, design, and functionality, it can quickly become an overwhelming task. This article provides a step-by-step guide to designing a landing page that will capture attention and fuel the growth of your waitlist. By following these best practices, you'll be well on your way to amassing a targeted list of eager customers ready to experience your new offering.

Choose a Simple and Clean Design for Your Waitlist Landing Page on Unicorn Platform

Creating a waitlist landing page is a strategic move to generate early interest and build a customer base before your product or service launches. Utilizing Unicorn Platform's drag-and-drop builder, you can craft a waitlist landing page that not only captures attention but also converts visitors into potential customers.

Choose a Clean, Minimal Design

Start with a minimalistic design for your waitlist landing page. Opt for a layout with plenty of white space to avoid overwhelming visitors. This approach focuses their attention on your core message and makes navigation intuitive. A simple theme with limited font variations can significantly enhance the user experience.

Compelling Headline

Your waitlist landing page needs a headline that instantly grabs attention and clearly communicates the benefit of joining the waitlist. Phrases like “Be the first to experience [Product Name]” or “Secure your early access to [Service Name]” can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency.

Clear and Concise Content

In the body of your waitlist landing page, succinctly explain the unique benefits and features of your offering. Use an enthusiastic yet professional tone to describe the problem you’re addressing and how your solution stands out. Bullet points are effective for listing key features, and embedding images or graphics can help in visualizing your product or service.

Visible Call-to-Action (CTA)

The CTA on your waitlist landing page is crucial. Ensure it's prominently displayed and encourages visitors to submit their email addresses. CTAs like “Sign up for exclusive access” or “Join the waitlist now” can be effective. The design of the CTA button should be eye-catching, making it stand out on the page.

Social Proof and Testimonials

Adding social proof or testimonials to your waitlist landing page can significantly boost credibility. Include quotes from beta testers or industry experts, or display any awards or recognitions your product has received. This adds authenticity and can persuade more visitors to join the waitlist.

Optimize for All Devices

Ensure your waitlist landing page is responsive and looks great on all devices, particularly mobile. Many users will access your page on their smartphones, so a mobile-friendly design is non-negotiable.

Engage with Visuals and Multimedia

Incorporate engaging visuals, animations, or short videos to explain your product or service. This can make your waitlist landing page more interactive and memorable.

By following these guidelines, your waitlist landing page will not only clearly articulate the value of your upcoming product or service but will also start building anticipation and a sense of community among your future customers. Remember, the key is to keep your messaging optimistic, succinct, and consistent to maximize impact and conversion rates.

Have a Clear Headline and Subheadline

To launch an effective waitlist, you need a dedicated landing page to capture signups. Here are the key elements to include:

Launching an effective waitlist requires a strategically designed waitlist landing page that captivates and convinces your audience to sign up. Here's how you can create a waitlist landing page that not only looks great but also effectively converts visitors into eager waitlist subscribers:

Craft a Clear and Engaging Headline and Subheadline

Your waitlist landing page should feature a headline that immediately grabs attention and succinctly communicates the value of joining the waitlist. Use power words like “exclusive,” “early access,” or “VIP” to create a sense of urgency and privilege. The subheadline should provide additional details, elaborating on the unique features and benefits of your offering. For example:

Headline: "Secure Your VIP Spot for [Your Product Name]"

Subheadline: "Be among the elite first to experience the groundbreaking features of [Your Product] when we launch."

Detail Your Offering

Devote a section of your waitlist landing page to describing your product or service. In two to three short, engaging paragraphs, outline the key features and main benefits. Use bullet points to list 3-5 of the most compelling aspects, ensuring they're easy to scan and understand.

Highlight Waitlist Benefits

Make it clear why joining the waitlist is a beneficial decision. On your waitlist landing page, emphasize perks such as early access, exclusive discounts, and insider updates. This might include:

First access to the product before its public release

Special discounts and promotional offers for waitlist members

Regular behind-the-scenes updates and previews of upcoming features

Opportunities to provide feedback and influence the product's development

Implement a Strong Call-to-Action

The call-to-action (CTA) on your waitlist landing page is critical. Use a prominent button for visitors to submit their email addresses, with text that reinforces the exclusivity and value of joining the waitlist, like “Secure Your Early Access” or “Join the Exclusive Waitlist.” Below the button, add a brief note that reiterates the key benefits of signing up.

By focusing on these key elements, your waitlist landing page will not only articulate the unique value proposition of your product or service but will also build anticipation and excitement among your potential customers. Remember, the goal is to create a landing page that resonates with your target audience, encouraging them to join the waitlist and become part of your product's journey right from the start.

Showcase Your Product or Service on Waitlist Landing Page
Showcase Your Product or Service on Waitlist Landing Page

Showcase Your Product or Service on Waitlist Landing Page

To create a compelling waitlist landing page that effectively showcases your product or service, it's essential to highlight the key features and benefits in a way that resonates with your potential customers. Here are steps to make your waitlist landing page more engaging and informative:

Clearly Explain Your Offering

Start your waitlist landing page with a concise yet informative description of your product or service. In two to three sentences, provide a high-level overview, emphasizing what you’re offering and the specific problem it addresses. For example:

"Introducing [Product Name], a groundbreaking software solution designed for ecommerce businesses. Our AI-powered platform efficiently analyzes customer data to optimize digital marketing strategies, ensuring maximum sales impact."

Highlight Key Features with Bullet Points

Utilize bullet points on your waitlist landing page to underscore the most significant features of your product or service. Focus on aspects that set you apart from competitors and deliver substantial value to your customers. For instance:

AI-driven campaign optimization for peak performance

Real-time analytics of customer data for informed decision-making

Comprehensive keyword and content recommendation tools

User-friendly dashboard for streamlined campaign management

Emphasize Tangible Benefits

Detail the benefits and positive outcomes that customers can anticipate from using your product on your waitlist landing page. Address how it simplifies their tasks, solves problems, and provides value. For instance:

"With [Product Name], ecommerce businesses can anticipate:

Enhanced revenue generation across digital marketing channels

Significantly improved campaign efficiency and conversion rates

Time-saving automation in campaign optimization

In-depth insights into customer behaviors and preferences"

Incorporate Engaging Visuals

Visual elements can profoundly enhance your waitlist landing page. Include images or screenshots of your product interface, or examples of the results it delivers. Visuals provide a quick, intuitive understanding of your product’s functionality and appeal, making your offering more tangible to potential customers.

By focusing on these elements, your waitlist landing page will not only clearly communicate the unique aspects of your product or service but also build excitement and anticipation among your audience. A well-crafted waitlist landing page is a powerful tool to start building a base of interested customers eager to engage with your product upon its release.

Share the Key Benefits on Waitlist Landing Page

Creating a successful waitlist landing page involves more than just listing the features of your offering; it requires a compelling presentation of the benefits that resonate deeply with your target audience. Here are ways to make your waitlist landing page not only informative but also captivating and convincing:

Showcase Increased Productivity on Your Waitlist Landing Page

Your waitlist landing page should clearly demonstrate how your product or service boosts productivity or efficiency. For instance, if you're offering a project management tool, detail how it streamlines workflows, minimizes administrative tasks, and allows teams to focus on more meaningful work. Concrete examples and success stories can effectively illustrate these benefits.

Highlight Cost Savings on the Waitlist Landing Page

If your product or service offers financial benefits, make this a focal point on your waitlist landing page. Use real-life scenarios or case studies to show how, for example, your accounting software automates processes to reduce expenses. Including statistics or figures that quantify these savings can be particularly persuasive.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Discuss on your waitlist landing page how your offering improves the customer experience. If you're promoting a customer service platform, describe how it facilitates smoother support interactions with features like live chat and efficient ticket management. Demonstrating how your solution simplifies or enhances key touchpoints can significantly appeal to potential customers.

Promote Innovation

On your waitlist landing page, emphasize any innovative aspects of your offering. If your product incorporates cutting-edge technology, such as AI, highlight how this creates smarter, more intuitive user experiences. Previewing upcoming features or beta capabilities can also generate excitement and distinguish your offering from competitors.

Focus on Partnership Benefits

If your product or service encourages partnerships, emphasize these advantages on your waitlist landing page. Explain how partnering with your company provides access to a reliable and trusted platform. Detail the support you offer, like comprehensive documentation and personalized services, to help partners thrive. This approach can turn your waitlist landing page into a hub for building a community around your product.

Leverage Visual Elements

Incorporate engaging visuals and infographics on your waitlist landing page to illustrate your points more vividly. High-quality images, diagrams, and videos can make abstract benefits more tangible and understandable.

Social Proof and Testimonials

Adding testimonials and case studies to your waitlist landing page can lend credibility to your claims. Hearing from others who have benefited from your offering can significantly influence potential customers’ decisions to join the waitlist.

By strategically focusing on these elements, your waitlist landing page becomes a powerful tool in attracting and retaining the interest of potential customers. The key is to present clear, tangible benefits backed by evidence and engaging content, making your offering irresistible to those who land on your page.

Include Social Proof
Include Social Proof

Include Social Proof

To build trust and social proof on your landing page, include testimonials, case studies, media mentions, or statistics about your company’s success. People want to see that others have had a good experience with your product or service before signing up themselves.


Feature enthusiastic comments from current users describing their positive experience with your product or service. Testimonials should be attributed to a real customer along with their name, title and company to build credibility. Keep testimonials concise, around 1 to 3 sentences.

Case Studies

Case studies take testimonials a step further by showing how a customer overcame a challenge or achieved success using your solution. Include details about the customer’s situation, the problem they needed to solve, how your product helped solve it, and the results or benefits. Case studies with metrics or statistics are especially compelling. Keep case studies under 500 words for easy reading on a landing page.

Media Mentions

Don’t be shy about promoting media mentions or articles featuring your company. Post logos of publications that have covered your startup along with a snippet or quote from the article. The authority of the media organization lends credibility to your brand and product.

Usage Statistics

For a waitlist landing page, share statistics around the number of people currently on your waitlist or how fast it's growing. For example, you could say “Join over 10,000 people on the [Company Name] waitlist” or “The [Company Name] waitlist is growing by 500 people per month.” People want to join something popular and in-demand. Usage stats demonstrate that enthusiasm.

In summary, your landing page should not just describe how great your product or service is, but show visitors real evidence that others have had an equally great experience. By incorporating multiple types of social proof like testimonials, case studies, media mentions and usage statistics, you’ll turn visitors into eager customers ready to join your waitlist.

Have a Strong Call-to-Action

To convert visitors into subscribers, an effective call-to-action (CTA) on your landing page is essential. A CTA is an instruction to your visitors prompting them to take action, such as clicking a button to join your waitlist.

Make the CTA Prominent

Place your CTA front and center on the page where visitors can easily see and click it. Use a large, high-contrast button that stands out on the page. The CTA should be one of the first things visitors notice when the page loads.

Use Compelling Copy

The copy on and around your CTA button should motivate visitors to click. Explain the benefits and value of joining your waitlist. For example, “Join our waitlist to get early access to new features and a discount on your first month.” Keep your copy concise while highlighting the key benefits.

Offer an Incentive (Optional)

If needed, consider offering an incentive for visitors who join your waitlist like a discount, coupon, or free trial. The incentive gives visitors an extra reason to click your CTA and provides additional value. However, only use an incentive if it makes sense for your product or service.

Make it Easy to Sign Up

The action visitors take after clicking your CTA should be as simple as possible. Don’t require too many form fields or steps to join your waitlist. Ask only for essential information like an email address and name to minimize friction. The easier you make it to sign up, the more visitors will convert.

Thank You Message

After visitors join your waitlist, display a thank you message confirming their subscription. Thank them for their interest in your product and let them know what to expect next, such as when you will launch or contact them. A thank you message provides closure and keeps them engaged.

Following these best practices will help you design an effective call-to-action that converts your landing page visitors into waitlist subscribers. Continually test different CTAs and optimize based on the results to improve your conversion rates over time.

Keep Your Form Short and Simple

To maximize conversions, keep your signup form short and simple. Focus on capturing only the essential information from visitors to join your waitlist.

Ask for an Email Address

The bare minimum you need is an email address. This allows you to notify subscribers when your product launches and send them any important updates or offers in the meantime. Be sure to clearly state how often they can expect to hear from you so they know what they're signing up for.

Optional: First and Last Name

Including fields for first and last name is optional but can be helpful for personalization later on. However, requiring too much personal information upfront may deter some visitors from signing up. If you do ask for names, be sure to note that the fields are optional.

Avoid Asking for Too Much Information

Don't ask for information like phone numbers, company names, job titles, or addresses at this stage. Your goal is to capture potential customers' interest, not vet them or collect data. Requiring too much personal information too soon will likely reduce your signup rates.

Clearly Explain the Benefits

Tell visitors exactly what they'll gain by joining your waitlist such as early access, special offers, or discounts. Be specific about the benefits to motivate them to sign up. For example, say "Sign up today to get 25% off when we launch!" rather than the vague "Be the first to find out when we launch."

Make the Form Appealing and Easy to Fill Out

Use an attractive form that fits with your brand and is optimized for mobile devices. The fields should be clearly labeled and easy to fill in. Consider using a single field for first and last name rather than separate fields. The overall signup process should be seamless and take just a few seconds to complete.

Keeping your signup form simple, focused and appealing will convert more website visitors into loyal customers eager to use your product. Gather just enough information to identify and engage your potential users without creating any unnecessary friction. With a smooth signup experience, you'll build anticipation and gain valuable insights to better serve your customers once you launch.

Offer an Incentive or Giveaway (Optional)

An optional tactic to increase signups for your waitlist is offering an incentive or giveaway. This could be:

  • A discount on your product or service once it launches. For example, “Sign up for the waitlist and get 50% off your first month.” This gives people a reason to sign up now to lock in a good deal for later.
  • Early access to your product or service. Promising people the opportunity to be among the first to try your offering can be very enticing. For example, “Be one of the first 100 people to experience [Your Product]. Sign up for the waitlist today.”
  • A free trial of your product or service. If possible, offering a free trial period is an excellent incentive, as people can try before they buy. You may say something like, “Sign up for the waitlist and get a free 30-day trial as soon as we launch.”
  • Entry into a contest or giveaway. You can run a contest for people who sign up for your waitlist, with the prize being a free subscription to your product or service, a bundle of related products, or some other enticing reward. For example, “Sign up for the waitlist and be entered to win a free one-year subscription to [Your Product] (value $X).”
  • A free resource or gift. If offering a trial or contest isn’t feasible, providing a free resource, ebook, video course or other gift in exchange for joining the waitlist can work well. For example, “Sign up for the waitlist and get instant access to our free guide on [Topic Related to Your Product].”

Utilizing one of these tactics, or a combination of a few options, gives potential customers extra motivation to sign up for your waitlist. Be sure to prominently promote the incentive or giveaway on your landing page to capture people’s interest right away. The additional effort required to set up the offer will likely pay off by producing a longer, more engaged waitlist.

FAQs: How to Make an Effective Waitlist Landing Page for Launching Your Product or Service

Creating an effective waitlist landing page is a strategic step in building anticipation and capturing the interest of potential customers before your product launch. Here are some essential elements to consider:

Establish a Clear Value Proposition

Your waitlist landing page should start with a clear and concise value proposition. This section should articulate the core benefits and unique selling points of your product or service. Use bullet points to highlight these benefits, focusing on how your offering addresses customer needs and provides value. Keep this part brief but impactful, ideally within 2-3 sentences.

Detail Your Product or Service

Give visitors a comprehensive overview of what you're offering on your waitlist landing page. Utilize visuals, such as images or infographics, to illustrate key features and functionalities. Clearly explain the problem you're solving and how your solution stands out, making it beneficial for the customer.

Foster Trust and Credibility

Building trust is vital for any waitlist landing page. Include customer testimonials, media mentions, or credentials that lend credibility to your brand. Showcase your team's expertise and background briefly, and provide a way for visitors to reach out with questions, further enhancing trust and transparency.

Incentivize Joining the Waitlist

Offer a compelling reason for visitors to join your waitlist on your landing page. Incentives such as early access, exclusive discounts, or special perks can be highly motivating. Clearly state the advantages of joining the waitlist, like "Members of our waitlist will receive 25% off for life and priority access."

Maintain Simplicity in Design

Keep your waitlist landing page simple and focused. Avoid overloading it with excessive details or links that might distract from the main goal of gathering sign-ups. Opt for minimal navigation and strive to fit the content within a single scrolling screen.

Streamline the Sign-Up Process

Ensure the call-to-action (CTA) like “Join the Waitlist Now” is prominent and persuasive on your waitlist landing page. Use a straightforward form to collect essential contact information, reassuring visitors about the privacy and security of their data.

Incorporate an FAQ Section

A concise FAQ section on your waitlist landing page can address common inquiries, such as launch timelines or waitlist specifics. Keep the answers brief, aiming for 1-2 sentences. This not only provides additional clarity but also reinforces trust in your brand.

By focusing on these key aspects, your waitlist landing page can effectively generate excitement, build a customer base in anticipation of your launch, and ensure a group of interested and informed customers are ready when your product or service goes live. Remember, the aim is to create a landing page that compellingly conveys the value and benefits of your offering, encouraging visitors to join your waitlist with enthusiasm.


The key to building an effective landing page is to keep it simple and focused. With a clean design, clear call-to-action, and compelling copy that speaks to your target audience, you'll convert more visitors into subscribers. Using a tool like Unicorn Platform makes the process simple, allowing you to get your landing page up and running in no time. Keep testing and optimizing to improve your results over time. Remember, your landing page is the first impression for many potential customers. Put in the work to make it great and you'll be well on your way to a successful product launch and building buzz for your new venture.

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