How to create a landing page for NFT project

published on 28 August 2023

If you want to sell NFT you need to do 2 things: mint NFTs and create a landing page to present them to the public.

There are 2 ways to create a landing page.

First, you can learn to code or hire a developer to build a fully custom website. This approach is quite expensive. Besides, it will take a lot of time to prototype, design and code the page.

A simpler way is to use a website builder. This approach is fast and relatively cheap but lacks uniqueness.

Whichever method you choose, the website still needs to do its main job – promote your NFTs and convert visitors into paying customers.

Unicorn Platform team analyzed over 100 landing pages of the most successful NFT project. All of them have something common in their page's structure.

This article contains a list of 8 crucial sections which every successful NFT project must have 👇

#1 Showcase your NFTs

Show off your beautiful assets in all their glory! People want to see what they're going to buy. Create an entire gallery section dedicated to your NFTs.

The more images you show the more memorable and unique your website will be.


#2 Use call to action

A call to action (CTA) button allows users to take action that you want them to take.

For NFT websites, the desired action is usually minting.

Add a bright, noticeable "Mint now" button to the very first section of your website. Add another button to the bottom of your website.

Make buying from you as easy as possible.


#3 Create lore

Add a short and memorable backstory.  Let your customers know that your project is deep and well-thought-out. People will dive deeper into your project if you will offer them a good story.


#4 Add rarity tiers

Some NFTs are more epic than the others. And people want the epic ones.

Show off your rare, epic, or even legendary tiers to make them thrill 😈


#5 Add roadmap

Tell your audience about the big future of your project to engage them. People want to know what is on your mind to follow you. How far will you go?

Add short-term plans like sales dates and giveaways. Share your long-term goals like new items, marketplace or even your own metaverse community!


#6 Present your team

Humans trust humans.

Show the great talents behind your project. Tell a little about everyone's role.

Don't forget to use your NFTs as avatars! This is a great opportunity to show them in action.


#7 Add Discord

Discord allows you to integrate your server to any website as a widget.

Adding a widget is an easy way to grow your community. And, as you know, community is everything.


#8 Add FAQ

Your customers might have questions and objections. Address them directly from your landing page to increase conversion rate.

You can even educate visitors about NFTs, minting, and blockchain. This will allow you to win a broader audience.


If you are looking for a simple landing builder for your NFT project, try Unicorn Platform.

Designed by crypto-geeks like yourself, it has everything an NFT project needs. This includes pre-designed components for all of the steps above and a free ready-to-use NFT landing page templates.

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