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published on 30 June 2023

As a real estate agent, your online presence is critical to your success. In today's digital world, most people start their search for a new home or property online. If you don't have an attractive, user-friendly website to showcase your listings and services, you risk missing out on connecting with a huge portion of potential clients. However, building an effective real estate website requires significant time, money, and technical skills that you may lack. Using a real estate website design company can help address this challenge.

Why You Need a Professionally Made Real Estate Website

As a real estate agent, your website is one of your most important marketing tools. A professionally designed real estate website has many benefits:

  • Credibility. A polished, high-quality website signals to potential clients that you are a serious and professional agent. It establishes credibility and gives the impression you will provide skilled, expert service.
  • Lead generation. An attractive, user-friendly website, optimized for search engines, will help generate more leads and inquiries. People searching for properties will find your site, see your listings, and contact you for more information or to view homes.
  • Branding. Your website reinforces your brand as a real estate agent and helps to build name recognition. Using consistent branding, logos, colors, and messaging throughout your site and other marketing materials strengthens your brand in the minds of clients and potential customers.
  • Property showcasing. A well-designed site provides an ideal space to prominently showcase your property listings through professional photos and enticing descriptions. This exposure can attract more interest from motivated buyers.
  • Efficiency. A website that is simple to update yourself allows you to easily add and remove listings as needed, as well as update details like open house dates, price changes, or property statuses. This efficiency saves you valuable time and ensures your site is always providing the most current information.

In summary, a professionally crafted real estate website is essential for any agent wanting to build their business and brand. The investment in an attractive, user-friendly website will yield significant dividends through increased leads, credibility, and efficiency. For real estate success, a quality web presence is a must.

Key Elements of an Effective Real Estate Website Design

To be effective, a real estate website design must include several key elements.

First, an attractive yet simple layout. Avoid cluttered or distracting designs. Focus on clean lines, minimal text, large images, and empty space. This makes information easy to find and digest. For real estate, professionalism and trustworthiness are conveyed through a polished design.

Second, high-quality photos. Include a professional headshot of yourself or your team, photos of listings, community shots, and images of the local area. This gives visitors a sense of properties available and lifestyle associated with the location. Photos should be large, cover at least half the screen, and showcase the best features of listings or community.

Third, lead capture forms. Make it easy for visitors to provide their contact information by including lead forms for listing alerts, property notifications, newsletters, and contact requests. Offer an incentive like a buying or selling guide in exchange for their information. Lead capture allows you to build your contact database and nurture new leads.

Finally, calls to action. Include buttons for visitors to easily contact you, view listings, check their property value, or explore your services. Track how many people click each CTA to determine what is most effective and make improvements. Calls to action encourage visitors to take the next step, whether contacting you, viewing properties, or using tools and resources on your site.

With an attractive yet simple design, high-quality images, lead capture forms, and strategic calls to action, your real estate website will effectively engage visitors, build your contact database, and generate new business. Crafting a website with all the key elements of an impactful user experience will establish you as a professional resource for real estate needs.

For those who want to create a real estate website but lack coding skills, Unicorn Platform provides an easy solution. Their article No Coding Skills Needed: Make Real Estate-Blog-Landing Pages With Unicorn Platform explains how to create landing pages for real estate websites without any coding knowledge.

How a Real Estate Website Design Company Can Help You
How a Real Estate Website Design Company Can Help You

How a Real Estate Website Design Company Can Help You

Custom Design

A real estate website design company can create a custom website tailored to your specific needs and brand. They have web designers and developers on staff with experience building real estate websites. They can design an attractive, modern website that highlights your listings and makes it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need.

Optimized for Search Engines

Real estate website design companies optimize your website for search engines like Google so that it ranks higher in search results. This means using keywords related to your location and services, fast page load times, mobile-friendliness, and other best practices. As a result, your website will get more organic traffic from home buyers and sellers conducting online searches.

Integrated Tools

The company may also offer additional tools and features for your website to help streamline your business. For example, they can integrate a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage contacts and clients. They may provide a content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for you to update listings, blog posts, and other content on your website without needing technical skills. Some offer single sign-on (SSO) so users can access multiple tools with one login.

Ongoing Support

Real estate website design companies provide ongoing support to keep your website up and running. They handle software upgrades, security patches, and other technical maintenance required to operate the website. They also offer support if you have any issues editing content or using the website tools. Some companies provide regular website updates to keep the design and features up to date with current web standards and best practices.

Using a real estate website design company can save you time and ensure you have a professional digital presence to help grow your business. With their custom services, expertise, and ongoing support, your website will be an effective marketing tool to reach more clients.

Real Estate Website Builder - Unicorn Platform
Real Estate Website Builder - Unicorn Platform

Real Estate Website Builder - Unicorn Platform

Website Design For Real Estate

When considering a real estate website design company to build your firm’s online presence, it’s important to find a platform that provides an intuitive interface with powerful features tailored to your industry’s needs. Unicorn Platform offers an easy-to-use website builder with specialized functionality for real estate professionals.

Customizable Real Estate Templates

Unicorn Platform provides professional templates designed specifically for real estate companies, brokerages, and agents. The templates offer a clean, modern look and feel that you can customize with your brand colors, fonts, and logo. You have options for home pages, property listing pages, agent bio pages, and more.

Property Listing Management

One of the most useful features of Unicorn Platform for real estate is a full-featured property listing management tool. You can easily add listings for sales or rentals, including details like price, square footage, amenities, photos, and more. Listings are optimized for search engines like Google to help people find your properties. You can also enable interactive elements on listings like photo galleries, maps, and virtual tours.

Lead Generation & Capture

Unicorn Platform makes it simple to generate and capture leads from your website visitors. You can enable lead capture forms on your contact page, blog posts, and property listings. The lead information is stored in an integrated CRM system, allowing you to view and manage web leads in one place. The platform also has email marketing tools to help you stay in touch with leads and build lasting client relationships.

Search Engine Optimization

Unicorn Platform provides built-in SEO tools to help improve your website’s visibility in search results. The platform generates an XML sitemap to help search engines index your site. Property listings and blog posts are optimized with metadata for search rankings. The website builder also offers an SEO content analyzer to check that pages have enough words, internal links, headings, and keyword usage for the best SEO. With its specialized functionality and easy-to-use interface, Unicorn Platform is an ideal real estate website design company.

The platform makes it simple to build a professional online presence, manage your property listings, generate new leads, and improve your search rankings. For real estate professionals looking for an all-in-one website solution, Unicorn Platform's real estate agent website design article provides powerful features you need.

So Website Builder or Design Company?

Website Builder Pros

Using a website builder like Unicorn Platform has several advantages for real estate businesses.

  • Cost effective. Website builders are very budget-friendly, with many free and low-cost options available. You can easily build a professional site at a fraction of the cost of hiring a web design agency.
  • User-friendly. Drag and drop builders require no coding skills. You can quickly build a site through an intuitive interface.
  • Mobile-optimized. Website builders automatically create sites that are responsive and look great on all devices. This is crucial for real estate, as many home buyers browse on their phones.
  • Easy to update. Using a builder makes it simple to edit content, add new properties, change images, and tweak the design as needed. You have full control over updates to your site.
  • SEO-friendly. Builders help you create a site with solid search engine optimization basics in place, like page titles, URL structures, image alt text, and more. This will help your site rank higher in search results.

Web Design Agency Pros

Hiring a web design agency, on the other hand, also has advantages for real estate businesses. These include:

  • Custom design. An agency can create a completely unique website tailored to your brand. They have the skills and expertise to build a high-end, custom site.
  • Increased functionality. Agencies can develop advanced features like customized searches, interactive maps, customer portals, and backend management systems.
  • Expertise. Web designers stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. They know how to build sites that maximize lead generation and conversion.
  • Less work. Having an agency handle your web design frees up your time and resources. They take care of the entire process from start to finish.

For many real estate businesses, the ideal solution is using a website builder for a basic but professional site, and hiring a web design agency if more advanced features or custom work are needed. The options you choose depend on your budget, needs, and how much control you want over the end result. But with both builders and agencies available, you can find an approach that fits your unique priorities.


To wrap up, investing in professional real estate website design is well worth the cost. Your online presence is the first impression for many potential clients, so you need a website that inspires confidence and clearly conveys your brand. Rather than attempting to design a site yourself or using a basic template, work with experts who understand the real estate industry and can create a custom solution. A polished, high-quality website with beautiful images, an intuitive interface, and robust functionality will establish you as a reputable, tech-savvy agent or brokerage. In today's competitive market, you can't afford to cut corners when it comes to your digital footprint. With the help of a professional real estate website design company, you'll have an online home that attracts more high-quality leads and helps you stand out from the crowd.

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