Building Your Travel Portal Design: Why Choose Unicorn Platform?

published on 21 July 2023

As an entrepreneur in the travel industry, you know how important it is to have an engaging website to attract customers and grow your business. However, building a custom site requires significant time, money, and technical expertise that could be better spent focusing on your core operations. Unicorn Platform offers an easy to use drag and drop builder to help you create a professional travel portal design without needing to code. Their simple yet powerful editor provides everything you need to showcase destinations, build an online booking system, start a blog to increase visibility, and drive more conversions. If you want to build your dream travel website without the hassle, check out Unicorn Platform's travel website design services. With beautiful templates, 24/7 support, and an affordable monthly plan, you'll have a stunning portal up and running in no time. Focus on what really matters - growing your travel business into an industry leader. Let Unicorn Platform handle the rest.

What Is a Travel Portal Design?

A travel portal design refers to the visual layout and user experience (UX) of a website dedicated to travel services and information. As a travel company, your digital presence is crucial to reaching new audiences and driving bookings. An attractive yet functional travel portal design is essential.

When building your travel portal, there are several factors to consider:

  • Mobile-friendliness. With the majority of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, your portal must be responsive and easy to navigate on smaller screens. Ensure buttons and links are large enough for fingers, and keep menus minimal.
  • Intuitive navigation. Users want to explore destinations and offerings with minimal effort. Employ a simple, uncluttered menu with sections for locations, accommodations, transportation, tours, and more. Use filters to help users find what they need.
  • Visual appeal. High-quality images, especially of destinations and properties, help bring your portal to life. Include image sliders and galleries to showcase the experiences you offer. Use consistent branding, with complementary colors and your logo prominently placed.
  • Valuable content. Provide information on locations, travel tips, trending destinations, and more. Blog posts, city guides, and resources help establish your company as an authority. Offer deals and highlight the best you have to offer.
  • Booking integration. Your portal should make the booking process as seamless as possible. Integrate booking forms and payment gateways so users can make reservations directly through your website. Offer package deals and upsells to increase revenue.
  • Search optimization. For users to find your portal, it needs to rank well in search engines like Google. Use important keywords related to your locations and services in page titles, headers, alt text, and content. A fast load speed, mobile-friendliness, and backlinks also help with search ranking.

Following these best practices will ensure you build an attractive, user-friendly travel portal that accomplishes your business goals. With the right portal design, you'll provide an exceptional experience for your customers and open up new opportunities for growth.

Why You Need a Dedicated Website for Your Travel Business

As a travel business owner, having a dedicated website is crucial to establishing your online presence and reaching new customers. Here are a few reasons why you need your own travel portal design:

  • Build your brand. A custom website allows you to showcase your unique brand identity through visuals, messaging, and an optimized user experience tailored to your target audience. You can highlight what makes your travel offerings special to attract the right customers.
  • Improve search visibility. By optimizing your website content with relevant keywords, you can improve your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic. This includes using location names, destination keywords, and phrases your ideal customers are searching for.
  • Provide a booking engine. Give customers a seamless booking experience right on your website. Offer booking forms, availability calendars, and payment gateways to convert visitors into customers with ease.
  • Share travel information. Educate potential customers by posting details about destinations, things to do, recommended itineraries, travel tips, and more. This establishes you as a trusted resource. You can also feature travel guides, blogs, photos, and videos.
  • Build an email list. Capture visitor emails through lead generation offers like ebooks, newsletters, and promotions. Then, stay in touch with customized email campaigns to inspire repeat bookings. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to directly reach and retain your customers.
  • Track analytics. Analyze how people are engaging with your website and optimize accordingly. See which content and calls-to-action are performing best to improve conversions and the overall user experience. Make data-driven decisions to scale your travel business.

With the right travel portal design and strategy, you can achieve sustainable growth and open up more opportunities to build lasting customer relationships. The investment in a dedicated website will be well worth the rewards.

Key Features to Include in Your Travel Portal

To build an effective travel portal, certain key features are essential to include. Focusing on these critical elements will ensure your site provides a comprehensive experience for users looking to book their next getaway.

User Profiles

Allowing customers to create customized profiles enables a personalized experience. Profiles should include options to save travel preferences, review and share past trips, follow other users, and stay up-to-date on deals matching their interests.

Destination Guides

In-depth destination guides offer a wealth of information for travelers exploring options. Include details on attractions, dining, nightlife, shopping, events, and seasonal highlights. Provide resources for getting around and any important travel tips. Allow users to save guides to their profiles for easy access during trip planning and while on the road.

Accommodation Search

A robust search for lodging accommodations is vital. Options should range from hotels to vacation rentals and everything in between. Important search filters include location, amenities, star rating, price, and availability. Travelers will appreciate the ability to compare options side-by-side to find the right place to stay within their budget.

  • Offer special rates and package deals with selected hotel partners to provide added value for your users.
  • Include informative listing details, high-quality photos, reviews from past guests, and maps showing the proximity to attractions.
  • Allow bookings directly on your site or provide easy links to complete reservations on partner websites.

An effective travel website relies on key features focused on inspiration, information, and bookings. By including elements like user profiles, destination guides, and an accommodation search, you will have created a portal that invites users to discover exciting new places and empowers them to craft memorable trips. Choose a simple yet versatile website builder, focus on an intuitive user experience, and your travel business will be soaring to new heights in no time.

How to Choose the Right Travel Website Builder

When choosing a website builder for your travel portal, several factors should be considered to determine the right solution for your needs.

Ease of Use

As a travel business owner, your time is valuable. Look for a builder with an intuitive drag and drop interface, predefined templates, and built-in features like booking forms, maps, and calendars to simplify the design process. Some highly-rated options for ease of use include:

  • Unicorn Platform: Drag and drop builder with designer-made templates. Integrates booking and payment functionality.
  • Wix: Simple drag and drop editor with 500+ designer templates. Easy to customize with no coding required.
  • Webflow: Powerful visual CMS for building responsive websites. Minimal learning curve with live design preview.


To stand out, your travel portal needs to reflect your unique brand. Consider builders that provide:

  1. Full design control: Choose fonts, colors, page layouts and add your own graphics and multimedia.
  2. Code access: For advanced customization, access to HTML, CSS and JavaScript is ideal. Some builders like Unicorn Platform and Webflow provide this access.
  3. Integrations: Look for options to integrate booking engines, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, email marketing services and more. The more integrations offered the better.


Cost is always a factor in any business decision. Website builders range from free to several hundred dollars per month. Compare your options based on:

  • Monthly subscription fees for advanced features and storage
  • Transaction fees for booking engine integrations and payments
  • Additional costs for premium templates, graphics and plugins

Finding a flexible, affordable website builder suited to the needs of travel companies will allow you to build a stunning portal to attract and engage visitors. With the right solution, you can have your travel website up and running quickly and within your budget.

Why Unicorn Platform Is the Best Travel Website Development Company

Unicorn Platform is the best travel website development company because we provide cutting-edge solutions to build visually stunning and highly functional travel portals.

Robust Features

Unicorn Platform offers an extensive selection of specialized features for travel websites, including:

  • Booking engines to accept reservations for hotels, flights, rental cars and activities
  • Payment gateways to securely process transactions
  • Review and rating systems to build trust
  • Advanced search with filters to easily find options
  • Wish lists and price alerts
  • Customized profiles and accounts to provide personalized experiences

Optimized for Conversions

Our platform is designed to maximize conversions and revenue. Elements like:

  • Eye-catching templates to capture attention
  • Strategic layouts that guide users to take action
  • Integrated marketing tools like pop-ups, coupons and email capture
  • SEO best practices built-in for higher search rankings and more traffic

Dedicated Support

We provide dedicated account managers and 24/7 customer support to ensure your travel portal is set up for success. Additional services include:

  • Custom development for unique needs
  • Content creation to make your website more engaging
  • Marketing consulting to increase traffic and conversions
  • Regular updates to the platform for new features and technologies

Affordable Pricing

Unicorn Platform is an extremely cost-effective solution. Plans start at only $29/month and include all core features, with additional services available at reasonable rates. There are no setup fees or long-term contracts.

In summary, Unicorn Platform offers innovative, full-featured technology, specialized tools for the travel industry, and affordable yet high-quality service and support. We make it easy to build a stunning travel website that will exceed your business goals and customer expectations. For these reasons, we are the best choice for travel portal design and development.

Unicorn Platform’s Drag and Drop Website Builder: An Overview

Unicorn Platform’s drag and drop website builder gives you an easy way to create and customize your travel portal design without any coding knowledge.

Simple to Use

Unicorn Platform’s intuitive interface allows you to build your travel website with ease. You can simply drag and drop elements like:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • Video
  • Etc.

onto your page and edit them instantly. No HTML or CSS skills required. Everything is visual and user-friendly.


Websites built with Unicorn Platform are fully responsive, meaning they automatically adapt to any screen size. Your travel portal design will look great on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops alike.

Templates to Get You Started

Choose from our collection of stylish templates to quickly get your travel website up and running. Then customize the design to match your brand with our theme customizer. Change colors, fonts, layouts and more with just a few clicks.

eCommerce Ready

Want to sell travel packages, tours or other products on your website? Unicorn Platform integrates with PayPal and Stripe so you can start accepting payments right away. Our eCommerce features make it easy to create an online store and take bookings.

SEO Optimized

Unicorn Platform generates clean code and includes built-in SEO tools to help improve your travel portal’s search ranking. Features like page titles, meta descriptions, alt image attributes, and more are optimized for search engines like Google.

24/7 Support

If you get stuck or have any questions while building your travel website, our dedicated support team is here to help. We offer 24/7 live chat support as well as an extensive Help Center with video tutorials, documentation and a community forum.

Unicorn Platform gives you everything you need to create a professional travel portal design in a simple, affordable and user-friendly way. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and start building your stunning travel website today.

Designing Your Travel Portal: Templates, Themes and More

When designing your travel portal, you have several options to choose from in Unicorn Platform. Selecting an appropriate template and theme will allow you to create an attractive yet functional website to best showcase your travel offerings.


Unicorn Platform offers a variety of templates tailored for the travel industry, including:

  • Tour operator template: For promoting guided tours and packages. Includes galleries, testimonials and call to action buttons.
  • Hotel template: Ideal for promoting accommodation offerings. Contains room galleries, amenities listings and an availability calendar.
  • Destination guide template: Perfect for highlighting points of interest in a specific location. Includes categories for dining, shopping, activities and events.


After choosing a template, select a complementary theme to give your portal a stylish appearance. Some recommended options include:

  • Adventure theme: Rustic design with natural wood and stone elements. Suited for active travel companies.
  • Tropical theme: Bright, vibrant theme with palm leaves and floral patterns. Works well for beach destinations.
  • Cultural theme: Elegant theme with geometric patterns and neutral colors. Appropriate for city travel portals.

Customizing Your Design

While templates and themes provide a solid foundation, you can customize various elements to match your brand. Options to modify include:

  1. Colors: Change background, text, button and highlight colors.
  2. Fonts: Select different fonts for headings, body text and navigation.
  3. Photos: Add your own gallery, slider and banner images.
  4. Logo: Upload your travel company logo which will appear prominently at the top of your portal.
  5. Call to action: Modify or replace the default call to action buttons to better convert visitors.

With the proper template, theme and customizations, you can craft an engaging travel portal in Unicorn Platform to attract and retain customers. Let your creative talent shine through and build a website that brings your travel offerings to life!

Integrations to Boost Your Travel Portal
Integrations to Boost Your Travel Portal

Integrations to Boost Your Travel Portal

To maximize the functionality and convenience of your travel portal, integrating third-party services is key. Some recommended integrations include:

Payment Gateways

Integrating a payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe or Braintree allows your customers to securely pay for bookings and services on your website. This provides a seamless booking experience for users without having to leave your site.

Email Marketing

Connecting an email service like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor gives you a way to stay in touch with your users and promote new offers or content. You can send booking confirmations, special deals, newsletters and more to keep your brand at the front of customers’ minds.

Live Chat

A live chat feature enables real-time communication between you and your site visitors. Services such as Intercom, Drift or Zendesk Chat allow customers to ask questions and get help right on your portal. This can help improve user experience and conversion rates.

Social Media

Integrating social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your travel portal allows users to easily share content or follow your social profiles. This boosts brand awareness and social engagement, and may drive referral traffic to your website. You can also embed social media streams or share updates directly on your portal.

TripAdvisor, Yelp & Google Reviews

Travelers often rely on review websites to determine what companies to book with. Integrating platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp or Google Reviews to display ratings and reviews on your website builds credibility and trust in your brand. Reviews and ratings should be authentic and not manipulated.

Leveraging various third-party integrations on your Unicorn Platform-built travel portal helps provide added value to your customers and amplifies your brand’s reach and influence. With the right integrations, you can boost engagement, drive more bookings and gain a competitive advantage.

Unicorn Platform Pricing FAQs: Plans and Costs Explained
Unicorn Platform Pricing FAQs: Plans and Costs Explained

Unicorn Platform Pricing FAQs: Plans and Costs Explained

When considering Unicorn Platform for your travel website design, you'll want to understand the pricing and plans to determine what best suits your needs. Unicorn Platform offers three main plans:

Free Plan

The Free Plan allows you to try Unicorn Platform for your landing page design with no cost or commitment. You get access to the drag and drop builder to create simple landing pages and blogs. However, there are limits on pages, storage, and features. The Free Plan is ideal for testing out the platform.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan starts at $24 per month when billed annually and includes everything in the Free Plan plus additional features like custom domains, Google Analytics integration, and email marketing. You get unlimited pages and storage. The Pro Plan is suited for small businesses and startups.

Business Plan

The Business Plan starts at $59 per month when billed annually. It has all the features of the Pro Plan plus extras targeted at larger companies like role-based access control, priority support, and API access. The Business Plan can accommodate the needs of medium-sized and enterprise businesses.

Unicorn Platform does not charge any setup fees or have long-term contracts. You can cancel your plan at any time. They frequently run promotions offering discounts of up to 50% off your first year. Unicorn Platform also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try any paid plan risk-free.

If you have additional questions about Unicorn Platform's pricing, plans, or costs, you can contact their support team directly through live chat on their website or by emailing Their team aims to respond within one business day.

Unicorn Platform wants your travel website design experience to be simple, affordable and risk-free so you can build a platform that meets your needs. Evaluating their pricing plans and options is an important first step to get started.


As you have seen, Unicorn Platform provides an array of powerful yet simple tools to help you build an attractive, high-converting travel website. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, sleek templates, and robust features, you can create a professional travel portal design without needing advanced technical skills. Whether you want to promote tour packages, hotels, flights or all of the above, Unicorn Platform gives you the flexibility and customization options to craft a unique user experience for your customers. By choosing this innovative platform, you are well on your way to establishing a profitable online presence in the competitive travel industry. The only limits are your imagination.

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