Build High Converting Mobile Landing Pages in Minutes

published on 27 July 2023

As a business owner in today's digital age, having an effective online presence is critical to success. To boost your sales and gain new customers, you need a professionally designed website and high-converting landing pages. However, creating an attractive website and optimized landing pages requires technical skills and time that you may not have.

Fortunately, there are solutions that make it easy for anyone to build a great looking website and high-converting landing pages in just minutes. With an intuitive drag and drop website builder like Unicorn Platform, you have access to designer-made templates and elements to create an impactful online presence for your startup or business. In almost no time at all, you can have a custom mobile-friendly website and landing pages that turn visitors into customers.

Unicorn Platform also offers an AI-powered builder that helps you quickly create high-converting product landing pages. Check out our guide on how to use Unicorn Platform's AI to build a product landing page for more information.

What Are the Key Elements of a High Converting Landing Page?

To convert visitors into customers, your mobile landing page needs to be highly optimized. Here are the key elements of a high converting landing page:

Clear Headline

Your headline should capture attention and communicate your key benefit or offer clearly. Use an H1 tag for your headline to help with SEO.

Benefit-Focused Copy

Explain your product or service's main benefits and features clearly and concisely, focusing on the problems you can solve for customers. Use bullet points or numbered lists when possible.

Strong Call-to-Action

Place buttons or links prominently on your page encouraging visitors to sign up, subscribe, download or purchase. The CTA should stand out and use action-oriented language like “Get Started Now” or “Start Your Free Trial.”

Visual Elements

Include images, graphics, photos, explainer videos or gifs to visually demonstrate your product and help visitors better understand key benefits and features. However, don’t overload the page, as too many visual elements can distract from your message.

Social Proof

Add ratings, reviews, testimonials, case studies, media mentions or customer logos and quotes to build credibility and trust. Social proof shows visitors that others are happy customers.


With more people accessing the web via mobile devices, your landing page must be fully responsive and optimized for mobile viewing. Use large text, buttons and whitespace and keep forms short.

A/B Testing

Continuously test variations of your page to optimize conversion rates. Test different headlines, CTAs, form placements, images, copy, etc. to see what resonates most with your audience. Make data-driven decisions to improve your page.

Following these best practices will help you create a high-converting mobile landing page that turns more visitors into customers. Continually optimize your page over time based on key metrics to maximize conversions.

How to Choose the Right Page Template on Unicorn Platform

To create an effective landing page on Unicorn Platform, you must choose a template that aligns with your goals and target audience. The template you select will determine the overall layout, style, and content of your page.

Consider your product or service and the action you want visitors to take. For a simple contact form, select a basic template with sections for a header image, introductory text, form, and call-to-action button. If you're interested in learning more about how AI can help you build a website, our article provides valuable insights on this topic. Check out Build a Website with AI: What You Need to Know.

For an ecommerce site, choose a template highlighting product images, descriptions, and a bold “Shop Now” button.

Evaluate how visitors will access your page. For mobile-first designs, pick a responsive template that automatically adjusts for different screen sizes. Test the mobile version to ensure all content is easy to read and all interactive elements function properly. For desktop-focused pages, a standard template will work well but be sure to optimize it for mobile if needed.

Review available templates to find an ideal match for your brand and industry. Unicorn Platform offers templates for agencies, blogs, online courses, mobile apps, and more. Browse templates tagged for your specific business category or search by keywords related to your product, service, or industry like “app landing page” or “agency website template”.

Choose a high-converting template with proven results. Look for templates with a simple, uncluttered layout, emotive images, minimal text, clear call-to-action buttons, and social proof elements like ratings, reviews, logos, or testimonials. These components have been shown to increase conversion rates.

With an effective template as your foundation, you can then customize the page by revising text, adding media, and incorporating your brand elements. Build high-converting mobile landing pages that match your needs and resonate with your customers in just minutes.  

If you're looking to build an AI website, check out our article on tips and tricks to build an AI website with the Unicorn Platform builder for more information.  

Create High Converting Webpages with Unicorn Platform
Create High Converting Webpages with Unicorn Platform

Create High Converting Webpages with Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform offers an intuitive drag and drop builder to create high converting landing pages in minutes. By following a few simple steps, you can build mobile-friendly webpages that generate more leads and sales.

To build a high converting landing page with Unicorn Platform:

Select a template

Unicorn Platform provides professionally designed templates for a variety of industries and use cases. Choose a template that matches your brand and the goal of your landing page such as lead generation, ecommerce, or event promotion. Then customize the template by rearranging sections or modifying the content.

Craft a compelling headline

Your headline is the first thing visitors see and can make or break your conversion rates. Write a benefit-driven headline that speaks to your target audience and aligns with your page goal. Use power words to capture attention like “discover,” “secrets,” or “shortcuts.”

Highlight key benefits

Clearly state the top benefits of your offer or product on your landing page. Use bullet points or icons to make these benefits scannable. Explain how each benefit solves a pain point or desire of your audience.

Include social proof

Build trust by incorporating elements like customer testimonials, reviews, case studies or media mentions. Social proof shows potential customers that others have tried and benefited from your product.

Make a strong call-to-action

Your CTA should be prominently placed on the page, with a clear instruction for the next step such as “Get Started Now” or “Request a Demo.” The CTA should match your page goal, whether that is a free trial, contact form, or purchase.

Mobile optimization

With Unicorn Platform, your landing pages are automatically responsive so they display beautifully on any device. But you should still review how your page looks on mobile and make any needed tweaks to the content or design to ensure the best experience for mobile visitors.

Following these best practices will allow you to build high converting landing pages that turn more of your website traffic into leads and customers. The intuitive Unicorn Platform interface simplifies the process so you can launch new landing pages quickly and optimize them over time based on data-driven insights.

High Converting Mobile Landing Pages

To create a high converting mobile landing page, there are several elements you must include.

Clear Headline

Your headline should capture the visitor's attention immediately and clearly convey your key message or offer. Keep it to 5-7 words for maximum impact on smaller screens.

Eye-Catching Visuals

Include high-quality images and graphics that reinforce your headline and key points. On mobile, visuals are critical to capturing interest. Optimize all visuals for mobile viewing.

Value Proposition

State your value proposition—how your product or service will benefit the customer—prominently at the top of the page. Explain your key differentiators and competitive advantages. Keep this section concise, around 2 short paragraphs.

Social Proof

Include customer reviews, testimonials, ratings or other social proof that builds credibility and trust. Social proof is especially important for converting mobile visitors.

Clear Call-to-Action

Your primary call-to-action should be prominently placed, with a clear message, eye-catching design and link to your product or checkout page. Remove any distractions around the CTA.

Optimized for Mobile

Ensure your landing page loads quickly, has large tap targets, minimal clutter and is easy to navigate on a mobile device. Your page should be responsive or have a dedicated mobile version.

A/B Testing

Continuously test different elements on your page— headlines, images, CTAs, etc.—to optimize for the highest conversion rates. Even small changes can lead to major improvements.

Following these best practices will allow you to create high-converting mobile landing pages that capture attention, build trust and ultimately drive more conversions on mobile devices. By optimizing for the mobile experience and continuously testing and improving your page, you can achieve significantly higher conversion rates from mobile visitors.

Keep Your Message Clear and Concise
Keep Your Message Clear and Concise

Keep Your Message Clear and Concise

To create a high-converting mobile landing page, keep your message clear and concise. Focus on one goal or call to action for your visitors. State the key benefits and solutions simply and directly using visuals and minimal text.

1. Have a singular focus

Decide on one clear goal for your mobile landing page, such as getting email signups, promoting an event, or selling a product. All elements of your page should drive visitors to that single call to action. Avoid cluttering the page with too many options or links that could distract from your goal.

2. Use visuals to convey your message

On mobile, visuals are key. Use images, icons, graphics, and minimal text to demonstrate your key benefits and solutions. An image showing your product in use or an infographic displaying your service's impact will be more effective than paragraphs of text.

3. Keep copy short and scannable

With limited screen space, every word counts on mobile. Get to the point with short sentences and simple language at an 8th-grade reading level. Use bulleted lists and headings to break up sections and make copy easy to scan. Focus on the most important benefits and solutions for your audience.

4. Place your CTA prominently

Your call to action, whether it's to subscribe, buy now or learn more, should be easy to find and tap. Place it prominently above the fold on your mobile landing page, with a noticeable button or link. Make sure any additional clicks needed to complete the action are minimal. The easier you make it, the more conversions you'll gain.

5. Optimize for mobile

Use a mobile-friendly landing page builder to ensure your page displays properly on smartphones. Check that all images, videos, forms, and content are optimized for mobile viewing. Make buttons and links large enough to easily tap. Keep load times under 3 seconds by compressing images and limiting page size. Your high-converting mobile landing page should provide an excellent experience for visitors on the go.

By distilling your message down to its most important elements and optimizing for the mobile experience, you'll create landing pages that convert curious visitors into customers and clients. An easy, focused user experience is key to gaining trust and motivating action on mobile devices.

Include Striking Visuals and Graphics

To maximize conversions, your landing page should incorporate visual elements that immediately capture attention and convey your key message. Images, graphics, video, and multimedia are powerful tools for engaging your audience and helping them understand your offering.

Use High-Quality Hero Images

Feature a large, eye-catching photo at the top of your page that represents your product or brand. This “hero image” should give visitors an immediate understanding of what you do and the benefits you provide. For a mobile app, show your app in use on a device. For a physical product, feature a lifestyle image of your product enhancing someone’s life.

Include Informative Graphics

Graphics like charts, graphs, diagrams, and data visualizations help to display information in an easy-to-understand format. Use graphics to highlight key statistics, explain complex ideas, or show how your product works. For example, an infographic could illustrate your product’s key features and benefits. Keep graphics simple and minimal, with clean lines and muted colors that match your brand palette.

Embed Highlight Reels or Explainer Videos

Short videos are an engaging way to showcase your product in action and explain what you do. Embed a highlight reel of your product features or an explainer video that demonstrates how your product solves customer pain points. Keep videos under 90 seconds for maximum impact.

Use Minimal Stock Photography

If used, stock photography should be minimal and high quality. Only use stock photos that directly relate to and enhance your message. For authenticity, it is best to feature photos of your actual product and customers whenever possible.

Ensure a Consistent Visual Style

All images, graphics, and multimedia on your page should have a consistent style that aligns with your brand. Use the same color palette, fonts, and stylistic treatment across visual elements for a cohesive look and feel. This helps build trust in your brand and improves the user experience.

Following these best practices will result in a visually compelling landing page that captures attention, effectively communicates your message, and motivates visitors to convert. Striking visuals are key to crafting a high-performing landing page that drives action.

Insert Social Proof

To build credibility and trust with your visitors, insert social proof elements on your landing page. Social proof refers to evidence that shows your target audience that other people like and trust your product or service.


Include authentic testimonials from satisfied customers highlighting the benefits and results of using your product. Keep these brief, around 1 to 2 sentences. For photos, use casual headshots and list the customer's name, title, and company.

Case Studies

Share detailed case studies of how your product solved problems for clients. Describe the client's challenges, your solutions, and measurable results and outcomes. Keep case studies concise, around 150 to 250 words. Photos and visuals like charts help bring case studies to life.

Media Mentions

Showcase any media publications that have mentioned your company or product. This could include news articles, blog posts, podcasts, or videos. Provide screenshots, embeds, or snippets of the media along with links to the full pieces. The more authoritative and well-known the media source, the more credibility it will lend.

Social Following

Prominently display the number of followers and likes you have on major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The higher your numbers, the more popular and reputable you will appear. You can also show recent tweets, posts, or reviews mentioning your brand. But be transparent - do not buy fake followers or manipulate your social proof.

Awards and Recognition

If you have won any industry awards, highlight them on your landing page. Show images of the awards, list the award names and organizations, and share what the awards were for. Awards from highly-regarded institutions carry more weight.

Using multiple types of genuine social proof on your landing page establishes your authority and expertise. When visitors see others trusting and endorsing your brand, they will be far more likely to convert into customers. But be authentic and transparent with your social proof, or it can backfire.

Add a Prominent Call-to-Action

A prominent call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important elements of a high-converting landing page. Your CTA should be easy to find, visually compelling, and encourage visitors to take the desired action, such as signing up or purchasing a product.

To create an effective CTA on your mobile landing page:

Make it prominently visible.

Place your CTA front and center on the page where visitors can easily see it. Use a large button or image to draw attention. For mobile, put the CTA above the fold so no scrolling is required.

Choose action-oriented copy.

Use compelling words like “Get Started,” “Learn More,” or “Buy Now.” This type of direct, actionable copy conveys what the visitor will accomplish by clicking. Avoid weak phrases like “Submit” or “Continue.”

Use a contrasting color.

A CTA button should stand out from the rest of the page. A bright color like red, green or orange works well. You can also use a contrasting shade of your brand color. The color should be consistent across all CTAs on your site for consistency.

Keep it concise.

On mobile, less is more. A short, succinct CTA message works better than a long sentence or paragraph. Get your point across in 3 words or less if possible.

Make it tappable.

On a mobile landing page, use a large button or image for your CTA. Buttons and links that are at least 44px high and wide are ideal for tapping on touchscreen devices. Avoid small text links which can be hard to tap accurately.

Track and optimize.

Use analytics to see how visitors are interacting with your CTA. Look at click-through rates to determine what’s working and not working. Make changes to copy, design or placement to increase clicks and conversions. Continually optimizing your mobile CTA can significantly improve results over time.

An optimized call-to-action is key to turning mobile landing page visitors into leads and customers. Place your CTA prominently, use compelling copy and visuals, keep the message concise, and tap into analytics to make data-driven improvements. With the right CTA, you'll transform more of your mobile traffic into action.

Unicorn Platform FAQs: Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Unicorn Platform aims to provide helpful information and resources for our users. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about our platform below. Please note that some details may have changed since the publishing of this article.

What is Unicorn Platform?

Unicorn Platform is an easy-to-use website builder that allows you to create customized mobile landing pages and high-converting webpages in just a few minutes without any coding required. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can select professionally designed templates and elements to build impactful web experiences for your startup, app, or business.

How much does Unicorn Platform cost?

Unicorn Platform offers simple and affordable pricing plans for businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes. Plans start at $12 per month and include all core features like unlimited pages, leads, and bandwidth. Discounted annual billing and custom enterprise solutions are also available.

Do I need any technical skills to use Unicorn Platform?

No, technical expertise is not required to use Unicorn Platform. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly for people with no web development or design experience. With easy drag-and-drop tools, pre-made templates, and built-in features like image galleries, contact forms, and blogs, you can build a professional website in a short amount of time without coding.

How can I get started with Unicorn Platform?

Getting started with Unicorn Platform is simple:

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day trial. No credit card required.
  2. Choose a template to customize or start from scratch. We offer templates for landing pages, homepages, About pages, and more.
  3. Add images, text, buttons, contact forms, image sliders, and other elements. Everything is customizable.
  4. Preview and publish your page. Make any final edits then make your page live with the click of a button.
  5. Drive traffic to your page using social media, email marketing, SEO, and more. Track your page analytics and leads to optimize conversions.

Please visit our knowledge base or contact our support team if you have any other questions about how to use Unicorn Platform. We are happy to help you build a website that achieves your business goals.


In conclusion, Unicorn Platform provides a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for creating high converting landing pages in minutes. You have seen how their drag and drop builder, mobile-first design, and conversion optimization features can help you build web pages and marketing sites that drive real results. Whether you need a landing page for your startup, mobile app, or SaaS business, Unicorn Platform has you covered. Stop wasting time piecing together disjointed tools and services. Sign up for your free Unicorn Platform account today to start creating beautiful, optimized landing pages that convert visitors into customers. The power to grow your business is now at your fingertips.

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