Build a Zoom Webinar Landing Page in Minutes With Unicorn Platform

published on 30 June 2023

As an entrepreneur launching a new product or service, building an effective landing page is critical to capturing leads and converting customers. However, designing and developing a custom page can require technical skills and resources you may lack, especially when time is of the essence. Now there's an easy solution. With Unicorn Platform, you can create a high-converting Zoom webinar landing page in minutes without any coding required.

Why You Need a Dedicated Zoom Webinar Landing Page

As an entrepreneur hosting a Zoom webinar, you need a dedicated landing page to effectively promote your event and convert attendees. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Capture contact information. A custom landing page allows you to collect email addresses and other details from interested registrants so you can follow up with them after the webinar.
  • Build hype and excitement. A well-designed landing page helps to generate buzz about your upcoming webinar. You can include intriguing copy, eye-catching graphics, and social proof from past attendees to increase enthusiasm.
  • Simplify the registration process. Rather than directing people to register on the Zoom website, a dedicated landing page with an embedded registration form makes it easy for people to sign up for your webinar with a single click.
  • Target your messaging. A landing page gives you an opportunity to tailor your content and visuals to your specific audience. You can include details, examples, and benefits that resonate most with the people you want to attract.
  • Improve conversion rates. An optimized landing page, with compelling copy and a clear call-to-action, can significantly improve your webinar registration rates versus a generic event page. Well-placed social sharing buttons also make it easy for visitors to spread the word about your webinar to others.

In summary, creating a custom landing page for your Zoom webinar allows you to effectively promote your event, build excitement, simplify registration, target your messaging, and improve conversion rates. With an easy-to-use platform, you can build a professional landing page in minutes and start reaping the benefits.

Choose a Template to Get Started Fast

Creating an effective webinar landing page is crucial for attracting and engaging potential attendees. Using pre-made templates from platforms like Unicorn Platform can significantly streamline this process. These templates are specifically designed to cater to various webinar-related use cases, ensuring that your webinar landing page is not only visually appealing but also highly functional.

To enhance your webinar landing page further, consider the following steps:

Selecting the Right Template for Your Webinar Landing Page

Begin by choosing a template that aligns with the theme and objective of your webinar. Whether it’s a product launch, a virtual event, or an online course, selecting the right template ensures that your webinar landing page resonates with your intended audience.

Utilizing a Strong Visual Header

Upload a captivating header image that reflects the theme of your webinar. This image is the first thing visitors see on your webinar landing page, so choose one that is high-quality and relevant to your topic. A strong visual impression can significantly boost attendee interest.

Crafting Compelling Headlines and Subheadlines

The headline and subheadline on your webinar landing page should succinctly capture the essence of your webinar while sparking curiosity. Phrases like “Uncover the Secrets of Effective Marketing” or “Transform Your Financial Management Skills” immediately grab attention and encourage further reading.

Detailing Your Webinar’s Agenda and Unique Features

In the description section of your webinar landing page, provide a clear and detailed overview of what attendees can expect. Include information about the agenda, topics to be covered, speaker bios, and learning objectives. Highlighting what sets your webinar apart is key to convincing potential attendees of its value.

Optimizing the Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your CTA, such as “Register Now” or “Claim Your Spot,” should be prominent and persuasive. Link it directly to your registration page to facilitate an easy sign-up process. The CTA is a critical component of your webinar landing page, as it directly influences conversion rates.

By following these steps and utilizing a pre-designed template, you can quickly create a highly effective webinar landing page. A well-crafted page not only provides potential attendees with all the necessary information but also presents your webinar in a professional and enticing manner. With the right approach and tools, promoting and filling your webinar becomes a much more manageable and successful endeavor.

Customizing your webinar landing page
Customizing your webinar landing page

Customizing your webinar landing page

Customizing your webinar landing page is a crucial step in ensuring that it aligns with your brand's identity and effectively communicates your message. Once you've selected a suitable template for your Zoom webinar landing page on the Unicorn Platform, it's time to tailor the design to meet your specific needs.

Customizing Page Sections

Each section of your webinar landing page – the header, body, sidebar, and footer – offers an opportunity to reinforce your brand. Upload your company's logo to the header and choose a compelling image for the hero banner that reflects the theme of your webinar. Include essential details like the webinar title, date, and time prominently. In the body section, provide an engaging description of the webinar's topic, guest speakers, and the key takeaways for attendees. The sidebar is ideal for highlighting crucial information or a direct call-to-action, such as a registration link. Finally, the footer can house your social media icons, contact information, and additional links to your website.

Selecting Page Elements

The Unicorn Platform offers a variety of elements, including buttons, icons, images, text, and videos, which you can easily drag and drop onto your page. Choose elements that visually complement your webinar’s theme. For instance, you might include a video teaser of the webinar, an image carousel featuring guest speakers, or icons that succinctly illustrate the learning outcomes. Ensure that your call-to-action, such as a registration button or social media sharing options, is prominent and easily accessible.

Establishing a Style Guide

A consistent style guide is key to creating a cohesive and visually appealing webinar landing page. Choose a harmonious color palette and compatible fonts for different text elements such as headers and body text. Consider the layout carefully – decide on column structures, set margins for elements, and ensure adequate spacing for a clean and organized appearance. Adhering to a style guide will not only enhance the professional look of your page but also make it more memorable and distinctive.

Previewing and Publishing Your Page

The Unicorn Platform allows you to preview your webinar landing page on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that it is responsive and looks great on all screens. Check for alignment of elements, accuracy of information, functionality of links, and overall brand consistency. Once everything is in place and you’re satisfied with the design, you’re ready to publish your page. Share the link on social media, your website, and through email marketing to maximize exposure and drive registrations for your Zoom webinar.

By customizing your webinar landing page with careful attention to detail and a strong focus on brand consistency, you’ll be able to create a compelling and effective page that not only captures the attention of potential attendees but also encourages them to register. With the right tools and approach, your webinar landing page can significantly contribute to the success of your event.

Add Eye-Catching Images and Graphics
Add Eye-Catching Images and Graphics

Add Eye-Catching Images and Graphics

To create an eye-catching Zoom webinar landing page, include visually appealing images and graphics. High-quality visuals help capture visitors’ attention, convey important information, and bring your page to life.

Hero Image

Select a large, captivating hero image to feature prominently at the top of your page. This should represent the topic or theme of your webinar. For a webinar on building your online business, you might choose an image of a laptop with a graph showing growth. Add text over the image to prominently display the webinar title and a brief description.

Webinar Information

Include images to accompany details about the webinar, such as the date, time, speakers, and registration link. For example, feature photos of each speaker along with short bios. Icons or graphics help break up blocks of text and guide the reader's eye down the page.

Past Webinar Recordings

If you have recordings of previous webinars available, highlight them on your page using thumbnail images of the video covers. This shows visitors the type of content and value they can expect from your webinar.

Client Logos (optional)

For extra social proof, include logos of companies or clients who have attended your webinars. Make sure you have permission to use their logo on your site. Logos should link to the company's website.


The most important image on your page is the call-to-action, which should prompt visitors to register for your webinar. Use an attention-grabbing "Register Now" or "Save Your Seat" button, along with supporting text emphasizing the benefits of attending. For the best results, place your CTA prominently below the page's fold.

For an example of how to build a presale landing page without coding, check out The Simplest Way to Build a Presale Landing Page on Unicorn Platform's blog.

Visuals and graphics significantly impact your landing page's appearance and success. With an attractive hero image, useful icons and logos, and an persuasive call-to-action, your Zoom webinar landing page will capture interest and convert more visitors into registrants. Focus on high-quality, relevant images that visually represent your webinar topic and brand.

Write a Persuasive Headline and Subheading

To attract the right audience for your Zoom webinar, you need an attention-grabbing headline and subheading. These two elements are the first things visitors see, so make them count.

Write a Compelling Headline

Your headline should capture interest and convey the core benefit or most important takeaway of your webinar. Some examples include:

  • “The 3 Secrets to Running a Successful Zoom Webinar”
  • “How to Engage Your Audience and Increase Sales With Your Next Zoom Event”
  • “Zoom Webinar Best Practices: Drive More Registrations and Maximize Attendance”

Keep your headline concise yet compelling, around 6 to 12 words. Use an active verb and address the reader directly with “you” or “your.” Highlight the most valuable information or skills they will gain.

Craft a Persuasive Subheading

Your subheading expands on the headline and further persuades visitors to register. Some examples:

  • “Learn proven strategies to attract more registrants, keep attendees engaged, and generate new leads from your webinar marketing.”
  • “A 45-minute training with actionable takeaways you can implement right away to ensure a high-impact webinar experience.”
  • “An exclusive look at how top brands are using Zoom webinars to fuel their marketing and sales funnels. You’ll leave with a custom plan to do the same.”

A good subheading highlights additional details or benefits while reaffirming the promise made in the headline. Keep your subheading around 30 to 50 words to complement the length of your headline.

Using compelling and persuasive language in your headline and subheading is key to capturing interest and driving registrations for your Zoom webinar. Keep testing different options to find the combination that resonates most with your target audience. With an enticing headline and subheading, you'll gain valuable attendees and be well on your way to webinar marketing success.

Explain the Key Details and Benefits

To build an effective Zoom webinar landing page, there are several key details and benefits to convey to your audience.

Explain the Topic and Purpose

Briefly describe what the webinar will cover and your goals for the presentation. Keep this high-level to draw people in without giving away all the details. For example, “Join our expert panel for a discussion of the latest trends in software engineering and how to leverage them in your organization.”

Highlight the Speakers and Their Qualifications

Feature headshots and bios of the speakers to build credibility. Mention relevant experience, credentials, accomplishments, and other webinars or events they have participated in. For example, “Our panel includes:

  • Jill Smith, Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience leading agile development teams. Jill is a certified Scrum Master and frequent conference speaker.
  • John Doe, VP of Engineering with a proven track record of building high-performance development organizations. John has led digital transformation initiatives at several Fortune 500 companies.”

Share the Key Takeaways and Outcomes

Explain the key insights, actionable tips, lessons learned, or results attendees can expect to gain from the webinar. For example, “You'll walk away with a roadmap for implementing agile practices, recommendations for overcoming common challenges, and guidance on building a culture of continuous improvement.”

Include Logistical Details

A well-crafted Zoom webinar landing page should highlight the most compelling reasons for your target audience to attend while also addressing any logistical questions they may have. Following these best practices will maximize your registration and turnout rates, leading to an engaging and impactful webinar experience for all. For tips on how to build a beautiful and effective webinar landing page in just minutes, check out our article on building a gorgeous webinar landing page with Unicorn Platform.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action Button

To maximize the effectiveness of your Zoom webinar landing page, be sure to include a prominent call-to-action (CTA) button. A CTA button clearly tells visitors what action you want them to take, such as registering for the webinar or signing up for your email list.

Design an Eye-Catching CTA Button

Choose a color for your CTA button that contrasts well with your page background and complements your brand. For example, a bold red or bright blue button stands out on a white background.

  • Use action-oriented text on the button like “Register Now,” “Sign Up Today,” or “Save My Spot.”
  • Make the CTA button large enough to be easily clicked on mobile devices. A good size is around 200 to 300 pixels wide.
  • Place the CTA in an area with lots of empty space and minimal surrounding distractions. Center it horizontally on the page or align it to the left.

Drive Visitors to Click the CTA

  • Include compelling copy on the page highlighting the key benefits and value of attending the webinar to motivate visitors to take action.
  • Share details about the expert speaker(s), topics to be covered, types of strategies and advice attendees will come away with, and anything else persuasive or beneficial.
  • Use social proof like testimonials or reviews from past attendees to build trust and credibility.
  • Offer an incentive for people who sign up like a free resource or exclusive bonus content. Incentives can increase conversion rates by up to 100% or more.
  • Create scarcity by limiting available spots or implying the webinar may not be offered again. For example, say “Only 100 spots available - register today!”. Scarcity convinces people to act quickly so they don’t miss out.

Track and Optimize Your CTA Performance

Use an analytics tool to monitor how many people click your CTA button and sign up for the webinar. Look for ways to improve the page copy, design, incentive or scarcity technique to increase click-through and conversion rates over time. A/B test different CTAs and landing page layouts to see which combination performs the best. Continually optimizing your landing page can significantly impact your webinar attendance and success.

Add an Email Opt-in Form

To convert more visitors into leads with your Zoom webinar landing page, an email opt-in form is essential. Adding a form allows visitors to subscribe to receive more information about your webinar and build your email list.

Choose a Form Builder

Select a no-code form builder like JotForm, Typeform or Google Forms to easily create an email opt-in form. These tools offer:

  • Drag and drop form builders
  • Customizable form templates
  • Embeddable forms for your landing page

Design the Form

Choose a template that matches your landing page design. You'll want to include:

  • A brief form header explaining the purpose, e.g. "Register for our live webinar"
  • Name field
  • Email address field (required)
  • Any additional fields like company name or job title (optional)
  • A submit button like "Register Now"

Add an Incentive (Optional)

Consider offering an incentive for signing up like a coupon, ebook or other resource. Incentives can increase your conversion rates by up to 300%. However, an incentive is not required if your webinar topic is compelling enough.

Place the Form Prominently

Embed the form at the top of your page so visitors see it immediately. Explain that by entering their email, they will receive access details for the live webinar and any resources offered.

Double Opt-In

Enable double opt-in for your email list. This means subscribers must confirm their email to be added, reducing spam signups. Let subscribers know to check their inbox for a confirmation email.

Thank You Message

After a visitor submits the form, display a thank you message confirming their registration and restating any incentives or next steps. This reassuring message helps build trust and excitement for your webinar.

Adding an optimized email opt-in form is key to capturing leads with your Zoom webinar landing page. Follow these best practices to increase your sign up rates and build a targeted email list of interested attendees. Your webinar success depends on an effective landing page and lead generation strategy.

About Building a Zoom Webinar Landing Page With Unicorn Platform

An Easy-to-Use Landing Page Builder

Unicorn Platform makes it simple to build an effective Zoom webinar landing page in just a few minutes. With an intuitive drag and drop page builder, there's no need to know how to code. You can easily:

  • Add images, text, buttons and more with just a few clicks
  • Choose from professionally designed landing page templates
  • Customize the template to match your brand with custom colors, fonts and layouts
  • Connect your landing page to your Zoom webinar for easy registration

Mobile-Friendly and High Conversion

Unicorn Platform creates fully responsive landing pages that look great on any device. Your Zoom webinar page will display perfectly on smartphones, tablets and desktops so you can capture registrations from visitors on the go.

Unicorn Platform is also optimized for high conversion. With clear calls-to-action, social proof elements like testimonials, and an easy registration form, you'll turn more visitors into webinar registrants.

Integrations and Advanced Features

Unicorn Platform integrates with popular third-party services like Zoom to make the registration process seamless for your attendees. You can also:

  • Add custom HTML and embed media from YouTube, Vimeo and more
  • A/B test different versions of your landing page to see which one converts the best
  • View detailed analytics and see how your landing page is performing
  • Export and download your email list of registered attendees

Get Started for Free

You can build your first Zoom webinar landing page with Unicorn Platform for free. Plans start at $12/month as your needs grow. With an easy-to-use builder, high conversions and useful integrations, Unicorn Platform is the best way to create a landing page and start promoting your Zoom webinar today. Sign up now and get started - no credit card required.


In conclusion, creating an effective webinar landing page has never been easier. Unicorn Platform provides an intuitive drag and drop builder to design a professional page in a matter of minutes. With a library of pre-built templates and elements, you have everything at your fingertips to capture leads and promote your online event. Whether you want to highlight details about the webinar topic, speaker bios, or a registration form, you can customize the page to meet your specific needs. Best of all, no coding or design skills are required. You can build your page and drive more registrations for your next Zoom webinar with this simple yet powerful platform. The possibilities are endless when you leverage the right tools.

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