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published on 18 July 2023

As an entrepreneur launching a new dating site or mobile dating app, you want to make a stellar first impression. You need a professional landing page that conveys your brand and product to visitors in seconds. However, designing and coding an effective landing page can be time-consuming and require technical skills you may not have in-house.

With Unicorn Platform, you can build a custom dating site landing page in minutes without any coding required. This simple yet powerful drag and drop website builder gives you complete creative control to craft a landing page that matches your vision. Choose from stylish templates, upload your logo and images, add dynamic content, and connect the page to your product signup or launch email list. The end result will be a polished landing page you can proudly share and start converting visitors into new users and customers. Forget struggling with technical requirements and focus on what really matters - growing your business. Let Unicorn Platform handle the landing page so you can get back to developing your dating site or mobile dating app.

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Unicorn Platform: The Easiest Way to Build Dating Site Landing Page

With Unicorn Platform, building an attractive dating site landing page has never been easier. This user-friendly website builder provides everything you need to create a landing page that converts visitors into subscribers in just a few minutes.

Drag and Drop Simplicity

Unicorn Platform utilizes an intuitive drag and drop interface, allowing you to seamlessly add and arrange page elements like:

  • Images
  • Text sections
  • Videos
  • Email signup forms
  • Buttons
  • And more

Without any coding required, you can have a custom landing page up and running in practically no time.

Mobile-Friendly Templates

Unicorn Platform offers beautiful, mobile-optimized templates designed specifically for dating sites and apps. Choose from sleek, modern layouts and simply add your brand logo, images, and text to create a landing page that looks professional on any device.

Integrations and Analytics

Unicorn Platform integrates with popular third-party services like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more. Easily connect your landing page to collect leads, track conversions, monitor traffic sources, and gain key insights into visitor behavior.

For an easy, affordable way to launch your dating site or app, look no further than Unicorn Platform. This simple yet powerful website builder provides everything required to create a high-converting landing page and start growing your business. Sign up for a free trial today and see how easy it can be!

Choose From Beautiful Pre-Made Dating Site Templates on Unicorn Platform

As an entrepreneur looking to build a dating website, you want an intuitive platform that allows you to create a professional landing page with ease. Unicorn Platform offers elegant pre-made dating site templates to choose from, allowing you to launch your mobile dating app or website in minutes without technical skills.

To get started, simply select one of Unicorn Platform’s pre-made dating site templates. These professionally-designed templates feature modern layouts, eye-catching images, and persuasive copy tailored for dating sites and apps. With sleek designs to suit any brand, you can find a template that aligns with your vision.

Once you choose a template, customize it to match your brand. Change colors, fonts, images and add your company logo using Unicorn Platform’s intuitive drag and drop editor. No coding is required. Update text sections to communicate your dating site’s unique value proposition and highlight key features.

For dating sites promoting niche markets or specific interests, modify images and text to resonate with your target users. Unicorn Platform’s editor makes it easy to tailor any aspect of your template to your needs.

With your template customized, preview how it will appear on mobile and desktop. Then, with the click of a button, go live with your new landing page. There’s no need to install any software or deal with complicated hosting setups.

In minutes, you can have a sleek landing page for your dating website or mobile dating app thanks to Unicorn Platform’s simple yet robust set of tools and pre-made dating site templates. Launch your dating business faster and start connecting people today.

Drag and Drop Landing Page Sections on Unicorn Platform
Drag and Drop Landing Page Sections on Unicorn Platform

Drag and Drop Landing Page Sections on Unicorn Platform

Drag and Drop Page Sections

Unicorn Platform makes it simple to build a stylish landing page for your dating site in minutes using an intuitive drag and drop interface. No coding skills required.

Header Section

Select a header image or video to make a bold first impression. Add your company logo, site name and tagline. Customize the font, color and layout to match your brand.

About Section

Describe your dating site and highlight key features or benefits to capture interest. Share your mission and values to build trust. Use bullet points to make this section easy to scan. For example:

  • Connect singles based on location, interests and lifestyle
  • Secure messaging and profile verification for safety
  • Mobile-friendly for on-the-go matching and chatting

Features Section

Showcase what makes your dating site stand out. Some options to consider including:

  1. Matching algorithm - Explain how your technology helps make quality connections.
  2. Chat and messaging - Highlight communication features like private chat, photo sharing or voice messages.
  3. Success stories - Share reviews or stories from happy couples who met on your site.

Sign-Up Form

Add a sign-up form so visitors can join your dating site right away. Offer a free trial or discounted first month to encourage conversions. Capture essential information like name, email, location and areas of interest.

Additional Sections (Optional)

Add other sections like FAQs, Pricing, Blog or Contact as needed. Rearrange or delete sections with the drag and drop builder.

Unicorn Platform makes building an effective dating site landing page simple. With professional templates, customizable sections and a user-friendly editor, you can craft an engaging landing page for your dating site in minutes to start attracting new members. Focus on your content and mission, and let the platform handle the design.

Showcase Your Mobile Dating App Features

To attract users to your mobile dating app, you need to prominently showcase its key features on your landing page. Highlight what makes your app unique and the benefits it provides to users.

Curated Matches

Highlight how your algorithm provides curated matches based on location, interests, and other factors. Mention that users will receive a limited number of quality matches each day to review and connect with. For example, "Receive up to 10 curated matches each day based on your location and interests for meaningful connections."


Promote that your app shows matches based on a user's current location and allows them to adjust the radius. Note the ability to match with people nearby when traveling or in a new city. You might say something like: "Matches are based on your current location so you can connect with interesting people wherever you go."

Shared Interests

If your app matches people based on shared interests or values, convey that. For instance, "Get matched with people who share your passions for travel, dining out or staying active and fit." Mention any interest categories or tags that users can select from to find good matches.

Secure and Private

Highlight that user data and communications are kept secure and private. For example, "Your personal information and messages are encrypted and will never be shared with any third parties." Mention other security features like two-factor authentication or manual profile verification.

Additional Features

Promote other key features like instant messaging, video calls, real-time notifications and match recommendations. For example, "Seamlessly message, video chat and receive real-time updates from your matches. Get new match recommendations daily based on your feedback and activity in the app."

In summary, prominently displaying your mobile dating app's most important and useful features on your landing page will effectively demonstrate the benefits to users and compel them to download your app. Be sure to highlight what makes your app unique compared to competitors to stand out in the crowded dating app space. A well-designed landing page that prominently showcases key features is critical for user acquisition and onboarding.

Include Engaging Visuals and Videos
Include Engaging Visuals and Videos

Include Engaging Visuals and Videos

To maximize conversions on your dating site landing page, visually engaging elements are key. Potential members will form an impression of your service within a matter of seconds, so high-quality images and videos are essential to conveying your brand and value proposition.

Photos of Real People

Include photos of happy, attractive singles to give visitors an idea of the type of people they might meet on your site. Choose a diversity of ages, ethnicities and interests to appeal to a wide range of potential members. For the best results, use professional stock photos or hire models for a customized photo shoot.

Eye-Catching Graphics

Incorporating infographics, icons, and data visualizations is an easy way to make key points on your landing page and keep visitors engaged. For a dating site, you might include graphics on relationship statistics, success stories, or the process of how your matching algorithm works. Minimalist, contemporary designs in your brand colors will give your landing page a polished feel.

Authentic User Testimonials

Video testimonials from real couples who met on your site are tremendously persuasive. Keep videos under 90 seconds and be sure users give specific examples of their experience. You can also include quotes, stories and photos from happy members in written testimonial sections. This social proof helps build trust in your service and gives visitors confidence that you can deliver results.

Explainer Video

An animated explainer video is ideal for quickly demonstrating how your dating site works. Keep the video under 2 minutes and focus on the key steps of signing up, creating a profile, getting matched and meeting new people. Use visuals to walk through the user experience in an engaging way. Your video should highlight the most compelling features of your site and end with a strong call-to-action to sign up.

Following these best practices for visual elements and multimedia on your landing page will transform visitors into engaged users and paying members. With an attractive design and persuasive content, you'll be well on your way to building a successful dating community.

Share Customer Testimonials and Social Proof

To build trust and credibility for your dating site, share customer testimonials and social proof.

Real User Reviews

Feature reviews from active members discussing their experience using your dating site. Keep reviews concise but personable, around 2 to 3 sentences. For example:

  • “I was skeptical about online dating but gave this site a shot. Within a week, I met someone amazing and we really hit it off. Thank you for the great experience!” - Jenny S., Los Angeles
  • “As a busy professional, I don’t have time to waste. This dating site made it easy to find compatible matches and the quality of profiles was really impressive. I’m happily in a relationship now thanks to you!” - Tom B., New York

Social Media Mentions

If your dating site has been featured or mentioned in any media publications, blogs or podcasts, display their logos prominently on your landing page. For example, you might say:

As featured in:

[Publication Logo 1] [Publication Logo 2] [Publication Logo 3]

Total Members

Share the total number of active members currently using your dating site and the gender balance or mix to convey a lively, active community. For example, “Over 2 million quality singles – 70% women and 30% men.” This social proof will give visitors confidence that you have a substantial pool of potential matches.

Success Stories

Highlight a few anonymized success stories of couples who met through your dating site and have gone on to have meaningful relationships or even marriages. For example:

  • “After connecting on this site, we knew right away it was something special. Fast forward 2 years, and we just got married! We're living proof that true love can be found on this dating site.” - Michelle & John, Los Angeles
  • “Who knew I'd find my perfect match only a week after joining. From that first date, we were inseparable. A year later, we bought our first home together. This dating site led me to the love of my life, and for that I'll always be grateful.” - Emma & Lucas, Seattle

By prominently displaying persuasive social proof like customer reviews, media mentions, success stories and community size, you'll convert more visitors into members. Build trust and your dating site will thrive.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Points

To attract users to your dating site, you need to highlight what makes your offering unique. Focus on specific benefits and features that set you apart from major competitors.

Personalized Matchmaking

  • Mention any matchmaking algorithms you use to connect compatible singles. For example, “Our advanced matchmaking system uses a personality assessment with over 100 questions to match you with highly compatible dates.”
  • Discuss how you facilitate meaningful connections, not just casual encounters. For instance, “We focus on long-term relationship potential, not just physical attraction. Our intelligent matchmaking considers shared values, life goals, humor style, and other deeper elements of compatibility.”

Specialized Niche

  • If your site caters to a particular demographic or interest group, promote that niche targeting. For example, “We specialize in matching educated professionals over 40” or “Connect with other fitness enthusiasts and adventure seekers.”
  • Discuss how you cater to the specific needs and desires of that niche. For example, “We understand the dating challenges of single parents and have designed our site with your unique needs in mind.”

Premium Features

  • Highlight any paid features or subscription options that offer additional value. For example, “Unlock enhanced privacy controls, more advanced search filters, and messaging with our premium membership.”
  • Specify the key benefits and perks of upgrading to a paid plan. For instance, “Premium members enjoy ad-free browsing, anonymous browsing, and access to exclusive singles events in over 50 cities.”

Success Stories

  • Share any real-world examples of successful matches or marriages from your site. For example, “Over 500 couples have found their life partners through our service. Read their heartwarming success stories.”
  • Discuss your proven matching process and how you’ve helped others find meaningful relationships. For instance, "With over 15 years of experience, we have perfected the art of online matchmaking. Thousands of singles have found love through our time-tested system.”

In summary, highlight what makes your dating site unique to capture visitors' interest and motivate them to join. Focus on your specific strengths like personalized matching, niche targeting, premium features, and proven success helping people find meaningful connections. With the right landing page messaging, you'll attract high-quality users and build a loyal member base.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

To turn visitors into subscribers and customers, your dating site landing page needs a clear call-to-action (CTA). A CTA is an instruction to your readers to take an action, such as signing up for your mailing list or starting a free trial.

Make the CTA Prominent

Place your CTA button or link prominently on the page, such as at the top and in the sidebar. Use a color that contrasts with your page background to make it stand out. For example, a red button on a white background. You want it to grab attention and be impossible to miss.

Offer Value and Appeal to Your Audience

Your CTA should offer value to your target audience and speak to their interests or needs. For a dating site, suggest a free sign-up or trial period so visitors can experience your service at no cost. You might say something like:

  • Start your free 7-day trial
  • Sign up now and get 50% off your first month

Specify the Next Step Clearly

Tell visitors exactly what will happen when they click your CTA. For example:

  • Sign up now to create your profile and start matching with local singles!
  • Start your free trial today and browse thousands of profiles.

Keep the CTA Simple and Action-Oriented

Use clear, concise language in your CTA like “Sign up now,” “Get started today,” or “Join free.” Keep sentences short and avoid passive voice. You want to motivate your readers to take action.

Place Additional CTAs on the Page

Include CTAs in other areas of your landing page, such as:

  • At the end of your introductory paragraph
  • Below an informational section or video
  • In your page footer

Repeat your main CTA message using different words to reinforce it. The more prominent and persuasive your calls-to-action are, the more sign-ups and conversions you'll gain. With an effective CTA, your dating site landing page will turn curious visitors into engaged members.

FAQs About Mobile Dating App Launching

What are the main steps to build a dating app?

To build a successful dating app, you must follow a systematic process:

  1. Define your target audience. Who do you want to serve? Singles looking for casual dating, long-term relationships or niche communities? Conduct market research to find opportunities.

2.Determine core features. Common features include profile creation, search/discovery, messaging, liking, and matching. Consider what will differentiate your app. Chatbots? Video profiles? Matching algorithms?

3.Design the user experience (UX). The UX should be seamless and intuitive. Storyboard the user flow to map how people will navigate the app to accomplish key goals like setting up a profile or sending a message.

4.Develop the user interface (UI). The UI comprises the visual elements of your app like colors, fonts, and layouts. Ensure consistency and establish your branding through the UI. Test the UI with a sample of your target audience.

How much does it cost to build a dating app?

The cost to develop a dating app depends on several factors, including:

  • Features and complexity: More advanced features like geolocation, algorithms and in-app purchases will increase costs.
  • Platforms: Developing for both iOS and Android will be more expensive than just one platform.
  • Design: Custom designs, animations and branding will add to the total cost. Using templates can save money.
  • Developer rates: Rates vary significantly by location and experience. Expect to pay $50-$150/hour.
  • Maintenance: Plan for ongoing costs to maintain, update, improve and market your app.

You can build a basic dating app for $50,000 to $100,000. A robust, full-featured app may cost $200,000 to $500,000 or more. The key is defining a minimum viable product to launch with, then adding advanced features over time based on user feedback and engagement.

How long does it take to build a dating app?

The timeline to build a dating app typically ranges from 3 to 6 months for a small team:

  • Planning (1-2 months): Define features, UX, UI, technology stack, and costs.
  • Design (1 month): Create storyboards, wireframes, mockups, and visual designs. Get feedback from a sample audience.
  • Development (3-4 months): Code the front-end, back-end, and database. Integrate third-party services. Rigorously test for bugs and issues.
  • Launch and iterate (ongoing): Release a beta version to a small group, make improvements, then launch fully. Continue enhancing and optimizing based on user feedback.

The actual timeline will depend on the complexity of your app and availability of resources.


In conclusion, with a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder like Unicorn Platform, you can easily create a professional dating site landing page to attract new users and grow your business. Their simple yet powerful editor allows you to customize the design, add engaging content, embed signup forms, and more—all without needing any coding experience. Whether launching a new dating app or improving an existing site, Unicorn Platform gives you an affordable, no-code solution to build a landing page that converts visitors into subscribers and paying customers in just minutes. With beautiful templates, useful features, and helpful support, Unicorn Platform is a perfect tool for any dating business looking to streamline growth and boost revenue.

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