Build a Custom Skin Care Products Web Design in Minutes

published on 13 July 2023

As a skin care brand or product line owner, your website is the digital face of your business. It needs to convey your brand image and value proposition, showcase your products in an engaging way, and ultimately drive sales and customer loyalty. However, building an effective yet high-quality website requires technical skills, time, and money that you may not have access too as a small business owner.

Enter the no-code website builder. With an intuitive drag and drop builder, you can create a custom skincare website in minutes without any coding required. Choose from professionally designed templates tailored for skin care brands and customize the layout, images, text, and more to reflect your unique brand. Your DIY website will look like it was built by web design experts, all while saving you significant time and money. The end result is a platform to grow your business on your own terms. With the right tools, you have the power to build a stunning skincare website yourself.

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Why You Need a Custom Skin Care Products Web Design

As an emerging skin care brand, having a custom website designed specifically for your products is crucial. Here are a few reasons why you need a dedicated skin care web design:

  • Establish Credibility and Trust. A professionally designed website builds confidence in your brand and products. It shows you are serious and invested in your business. Customers will feel more comfortable purchasing from a legitimate company with a strong web presence.
  • Educate and Inform Customers. A website is the perfect platform to share details about your skin care products, ingredients, benefits, usage guidelines and more. Well-written content, high-quality images and an easy to navigate site help educate customers so they can make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking. An optimized website with relevant keywords, internal links, and high-quality content will rank higher in search engines like Google, allowing more people to discover your products. The higher your ranking, the more traffic and potential customers will find your site.
  • Enable eCommerce. A custom web design gives you the ability to sell your products directly on your website. Offering an online store makes shopping convenient for customers and is a significant source of revenue for many brands.
  • Build Your Mailing List. Collecting customer emails through your website allows you to stay in touch, promote new products and send special offers. An email list is a valuable way to remain engaged with your customer base and generate repeat sales.
  • Represent Your Brand. Your website is the digital face of your company and products. A custom skin care web design that reflects your brand's image, personality, and values will forge a memorable impression on anyone who visits. Consistent branding across all platforms is key to success.

In summary, investing in a tailored web design for your skin care brand is essential. It establishes your business, attracts customers, increases sales and helps build the foundation for long-term growth. The benefits of a custom website far outweigh the costs. Your products and customers deserve nothing less.

How to Choose the Right Skin Care Website Builder

When choosing a website builder for your custom skin care products site, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Ease of use. As a small business owner, you want a builder that is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing you to create a professional site quickly. Look for drag and drop functionality, pre-designed templates, and built-in features like online booking, ecommerce, blogs, and email marketing.
  • Mobile-friendly. In today's world, if your website isn't optimized for mobile devices, you'll miss out on a huge portion of potential customers. Select a builder with responsive templates that automatically resize and reformat to fit any screen.
  • Customizability. You'll want options to personalize your site to match your brand. Look for a wide selection of templates, fonts, color palettes and the ability to add your logo and brand images. Some builders allow HTML and CSS editing for advanced customization.
  • Affordability. Website builder pricing can range from free to $100/month or more. Consider how much you can budget for your site and look for a builder in that range that still provides the features you need. Some offer monthly or annual subscription plans, while others charge a one-time fee.
  • Customer support. As you build your site, questions may arise. Look for a website builder that provides helpful resources like knowledgebases, video tutorials, and live chat support. Some even offer 24/7 phone support for premium plans.

With the multitude of options available, take the time to evaluate different website builders against these key factors. The right choice for your skin care products business can help establish a professional online presence and drive more customers to your site. Focus on an easy, affordable and customizable builder so you can build a website you'll love in minutes.

Introducing Unicorn Platform: Choose Your Skin Care Landing Page Template

Choose a Customizable Skin Care Landing Page

To build your skin care products website in minutes, select one of Unicorn Platform’s pre-designed skin care landing page templates. These mobile-responsive templates were created by professional designers and can be fully customized to match your brand.

Edit Content

Replace the template content with your own text, images, and videos. You can easily add:

  • Product descriptions to showcase your offerings
  • Customer testimonials and reviews to build trust
  • An email signup form to capture leads
  • Social media icons to drive traffic and increase brand awareness

Customize the Design

Tweak the template design to reflect your brand identity. Options include:

  • Changing the color scheme to match your brand palette
  • Adding your logo for brand consistency
  • Modifying the layout by rearranging sections
  • Choosing different fonts to match your brand style

Integrate Additional Features (Optional)

To enhance your landing page, consider adding eCommerce functionality or other features like:

  • An online store to sell products directly on your site
  • A blog to publish helpful content for your customers
  • Live chat to provide quick support and answer questions
  • Email marketing to stay in touch with your subscribers

Launch Your Website

Once you’ve customized the content and design of your chosen skin care landing page template, simply publish your site to make it live. Your mobile-optimized skin care website will now be ready to attract new customers and grow your business.

With Unicorn Platform, designing and launching a customized skin care landing page has never been easier. Let your creativity shine through by crafting a website that reflects your unique brand. Your ideal customers are only a few clicks away.

Drag and Drop Skin Care Website Templates to Get Started Fast

To build a custom skin care products website quickly, use a drag and drop website builder with pre-made templates. Some options to consider:

Simple Landing Page Template

This basic template is ideal for a simple yet effective skin care landing page. It includes:

  • A large hero image at the top to showcase your brand
  • An about section to share your brand story and product benefits
  • A products section to feature your items
  • A contact form so visitors can get in touch
  • Social media links to connect your brand across channels

You can customize the template by uploading your own images, changing the color scheme, rearranging sections, and modifying the content. This versatile template works for many skin care brands.

Bundle Promo Page Template

For promoting product bundles and kits, this template is a great choice. It highlights:

  • Eye-catching bundle images at the top with descriptions and a call to action button
  • Additional details on each product in the bundle with photos, benefits and ingredients
  • Customer testimonials discussing the value and results of the bundles
  • A sense of urgency with time-limited offers to increase conversions

This template is ideal for seasonal promotions or new product launches. You can swap in images of your own bundles and tweak the content to match your brand voice.

Ingredient-Focused Template

For skin care brands that highlight natural, organic ingredients, this template focuses on what really matters to your customers. It includes:

  • A large background image of your high-quality ingredients at the top with a transparent product photo overlay
  • An about section discussing your brand philosophy and commitment to ingredient purity
  • A section on your star ingredients, their sources and skincare benefits
  • Product groupings organized by key ingredients so customers can easily find options with the extracts they want
  • Minimal design so the ingredients and products are the stars of the page

This nature-inspired template helps convey your brand’s focus on wholesome, botanical-based skin care products. Customize the content and images to feature your brand’s special ingredients and product range.

With easy-to-use templates like these, you can build a beautiful custom skin care website quickly and efficiently. Focus on showcasing what makes your brand unique, tweak the templates as needed, and get your new site live fast. Your customers will appreciate a tailored web experience that highlights your products and brand story.

Add Your Logo and Brand Colors for Consistency
Add Your Logo and Brand Colors for Consistency

Add Your Logo and Brand Colors for Consistency

Once you have selected your template and customized the content, it is time to brand your landing page. Adding your company logo and brand colors creates a cohesive look and helps build trust with visitors.

Upload Your Logo

Upload your company logo to the landing page builder. Select the logo image option and choose your logo file from your computer. Place the logo at the top of the page for maximum visibility.

Choose a Color Scheme

Select 2-3 brand colors to use throughout the page. You may want to choose colors that match your product packaging or company logo. In the landing page builder, you can input hex codes or select from color palettes to set your brand colors.

Apply Colors to Page Elements

Use your brand colors on key page elements to create a custom look. Change the background color of sections, headers, buttons, and form fields. You may also want to change the text color to provide sufficient contrast. For example, set header text to your primary brand color and change button backgrounds to your secondary brand color.

Use Color Consistently

Apply your selected brand colors uniformly throughout the page. Use the same colors for similar page elements on each section of the landing page. For example, make all header backgrounds the primary brand color and all button backgrounds the secondary brand color. This creates a cohesive and professional look for your brand.

Consider Accessibility

When choosing and applying brand colors, keep accessibility in mind. Make sure there is plenty of contrast between text and background colors so the content is readable by visitors with low vision. You may need to adjust color choices or add additional styling, like drop shadows, to improve accessibility.

Following these best practices for adding your logo and brand colors will result in a custom landing page design that builds trust and recognition with your target audience. A cohesive, professional brand presence is key to converting visitors into customers. Be sure to get feedback from others to ensure your color choices and styling are appealing and accessible before launching your landing page.

Show Off Your Skin Care Products With Elegant Galleries

To showcase your skin care products in an elegant way, incorporate product galleries into your website. Product galleries allow customers to view high-quality images of your products from multiple angles, helping them evaluate which items they may want to purchase.

Include Professional Product Photos

Include 4 to 6 high-resolution product photos for each item, showing the product packaging from the front, back and sides. Also include photos of the product outside of its packaging. For skin care products like serums, lotions and creams, include photos of a small amount of the product on someone’s hand to demonstrate its texture. These types of visuals help customers understand exactly what they will receive.

Group Products Logically

Organize your product galleries in a logical manner that makes it easy for customers to find what they need. You may group products by:

  • Product type: serums, cleansers, moisturizers, masks, etc.
  • Skin type: normal, oily, dry, sensitive, combination, etc.
  • Product line: group together products meant to be used together as a system or regimen

Provide Detailed Product Descriptions

Include a robust product description for each item in your gallery. Specify the product’s key ingredients, functions and benefits. Mention the product’s suitability for different skin types. Provide clear directions for usage. Product descriptions, combined with professional photos, enable your customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

A well-designed product gallery is a key component of an effective skin care ecommerce website. By including professional photos, thoughtful organization and detailed descriptions, you make it easy for customers to discover which of your products will best suit their needs. Your product galleries demonstrate your brand’s high quality and help convert casual website visitors into paying customers.

Share Your Brand Story and Connect With Customers

To build trust and loyalty with your customers, share your brand’s story and mission. Explain your values and passion for creating natural, eco-friendly skin care products.

Your Origin Story

Share how you started your business and why you're passionate about this niche. For example:

"After years of struggling with sensitive skin and harsh products, I was determined to create a natural skin care line using organic ingredients. I spent years researching and formulating the perfect products to nourish skin and promote health from within. My mission is to provide effective yet gentle solutions for all skin types."

Your Products and Ingredients

Highlight what makes your products unique and the high-quality ingredients you use. For example:

"We handcraft all our products using organic aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils. No parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. Just pure, natural ingredients your skin will love."

Your Customer Service Philosophy

Explain your commitment to excellent customer service and support. For example:

"We believe self-care should be an enjoyable experience. Our team is dedicated to providing you with guidance and recommendations tailored to your skin's needs. We're here to answer any questions about our natural products and help you establish a daily routine for healthier, happier skin."

Social Proof and Customer Testimonials

Share positive reviews and testimonials from your happy customers. For example:

“I have extremely sensitive skin and have tried so many products that irritated my skin. I'm in love with this line - so gentle yet effective. My skin has never felt better. I highly recommend for anyone with skin sensitivities or just looking for a natural skin care option.” - Amanda T., Loyal Customer

By telling your brand story in an authentic, compelling way, you can build trust and connection with website visitors. Be open, honest and passionate about your mission to help guide customers to the natural skin care solutions they need.

Take Payments and Sell Products Right on Your Website
Take Payments and Sell Products Right on Your Website

Take Payments and Sell Products Right on Your Website

To start selling your custom skin care products on your website, you'll need to set up a payment gateway to securely process customer payments. Unicorn Platform integrates with Stripe, a popular payment processor, to make it easy to accept payments on your site.

Connect a Stripe account

To use Stripe with Unicorn Platform, you'll first need to create a Stripe account. Stripe offers competitive processing rates for small businesses. Once your account is set up, connect it to your Unicorn Platform website by entering your Stripe API keys in the Settings.

Enable product sales

Next, you'll want to enable ecommerce on your site so customers can purchase your products. Go to Settings → Ecommerce and turn on "Enable sales". You can then add your product details including photos, pricing, variants, and more. For a skin care line, be sure to specify details for each product like key ingredients, size, usage instructions, and any cautions.

Set a payment method

With Stripe connected and products added, choose which payment methods you want to accept, such as credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. In Settings → Payments, select all payment methods you want to enable. Customers will then be able to securely pay for your products using their preferred method.

Track and fulfill orders

As customers purchase your skin care products, their orders will appear on your Unicorn Platform dashboard for you to review, process, and ship. You'll receive the customer's name, address, email, and order details to fulfill each order. Once shipped, mark the order as "Completed" to keep your records up to date.

Using a simple yet powerful website builder like Unicorn Platform combined with a payment gateway like Stripe allows you to quickly and easily set up an ecommerce store to sell your custom skin care products online. Your customers will appreciate the seamless shopping experience, and you'll benefit from the ability to sell your products around the clock and gain useful insights into your sales and revenue.

Skin Care Website FAQs: Get Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

As you build your custom skin care products website, certain questions may arise regarding best practices and optimizing your site. The following FAQs aim to address common concerns to help you create an effective digital presence:

You may be wondering about the ideal platform for an ecommerce store selling skin care products. We recommend a drag and drop website builder with built-in ecommerce functionality, like Unicorn Platform. These no-code tools allow you to quickly build a professional store with an integrated shopping cart and payment processor, without any technical skills required.

What elements should you include on your skin care landing page? Essential components involve:

  • High-quality product images. Showcase your items with professional photos.
  • Engaging product descriptions. Provide details on ingredients, benefits, usage, and suitable skin types for each product.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials. Build trust by displaying positive feedback from real clients. Obtain consent before publishing any reviews.
  • A clear call-to-action. Add buttons like “Shop Now” or “Learn More” to prompt visitors to make a purchase or browse your store.
  • An opt-in form. Offer a coupon or free sample in exchange for an email address to grow your mailing list.
  • Social proof. Include metrics like number of sales, followers or pageviews to demonstrate your brand's popularity and success. But only cite accurate, up-to-date figures.

You'll want to optimize your skin care website for search engines to increase organic traffic. Useful tactics involve:

  • Conduct keyword research to find terms your target audience uses, then incorporate those keywords into your page content, page titles, image alt text and meta descriptions.
  • Create a mobile-friendly responsive design. Over half of web traffic now comes from mobile devices.
  • Load pages quickly. Keep images compressed and code clean to enable fast load times, as slow sites negatively impact search ranking and user experience.
  • Build high quality backlinks. Earn links from authoritative websites in your industry to signal to search engines that your site is a trusted resource. But avoid "black hat" link building tactics.
  • Provide an exceptional user experience. Offer useful content, valuable resources and a seamless customer journey to keep visitors engaged on your site. Happy customers will return and refer others.

Continuously improving your skin care website and optimizing for search can help establish your brand as a leader in the field. Please let us know if you have any other questions!


In today's fast-paced digital world, creating an engaging web presence is key to success for any business. Unicorn Platform makes it incredibly simple for you to build a custom landing page to help you reach your target audience and drive more sales of your skin care products. With a library of professionally designed templates, an intuitive drag and drop interface, and powerful integrations, you'll have a high-converting website up and running in no time. Stop wasting time struggling with complicated web design tools. Unicorn Platform gives you an easy solution to showcase your brand and products, allowing you to focus on what really matters - growing your business. Start your free trial today. In minutes, you'll see why Unicorn Platform is the best landing page builder for skin care brands and beyond.

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