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"Unicorn Platform allows us to spend time focusing on what we tell our customers while still having a nice and professional-looking landing page."
Thiago, Co-Founder @
"The Unicorn Platform by Alexander was such a huge help for Qlearly. It allowed us to focus on making sure the info was well presented instead of wasting hours working on the perfect design from scratch. Within a few hours, we had a beautiful home page which we felt excited to share."
Guillaume Bardet, founder @ on v1.0
"We tried many website builders, and would confidently say that Unicorn Platform is the most modern among all. Beautiful templates and well-designed pre-built blocks make Unicorn a great choice for all startups. We've got so many compliments on our website, thanks to the Unicorn Platform. We highly recommend everyone to try it out!"
Ruslan, founder @ on v1.0
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