All the tools you need in one workspace

Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. Docs, wikis, tasks – a minimal & unified workspace for teams.

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Too many tools? Too much chaos?

Notes & Docs

A simple, beautiful writing experience, with 30+ media types.

Knowledge Base

Turn your tribal knowledge into easy-to-find answers.

Tasks & Projects

Kanban board, calendar, and list views. Lightweight yet flexible.

Spreadsheets & Databases

Keep records of everything. Capture your unique workflows.

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Bring Clarity to Your Team

With one tool, everyone sees the whole picture.

Central Source of Truth

  • Everything in one place
  • Your Favorite Embeds
  • Crossplatform

Simple workflow

  • Unlimited pages
  • Comment and collaborate
  • Slack integration
  • Drag and Drop anything

Stay Focused

  • Works offline
  • Real-time sync
  • Lightweight apps
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Supercharge Your Workflow Today

  • "This can legitimately replace your task management app (particularly Trello), your spreadsheet app (e.g. Airtable), your notes app (e.g. Evernote), your documents app (e.g. Dropbox Paper), Lists/Outliner (e.g. Workflowy) and it integrates them all incredibly elegantly - on desktop AND mobile."

    Zee M Kane
    Ex CEO @ The Next Web
  • "Notion is so powerful, it's the first thing since mind mapping to seem like a viable way to get out my rapid stream of thoughts and organize them! The new release, from my short view is just another step in a massive featureset that feels like the perfect mix of desktop wiki, notes app, markdown (or markdown-esque) editor, with collaborations and now tables."

    Rick Sheahan
    Software Engineer
  • "We've been using Notion at Canny on a daily basis for a while now. From our daily standups to our interview pipeline, Notion is the home for our docs. I was stoked to see the updates this morning—they add so much more power. Excited to see which tools I can stop using now. Congrats to the team, you're killing it!"

    Sarah Hum
    Founder of Canny
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